Tuesday, September 10, 2013


BRUTAL POKHARA and EXTREME UNDERGROUND METAL SOCIETY OF NEPAL jointly brings the inaugural NEPAL DEATH FEST this January 11, 2014. This fest is a dual effort of two of the most highly rated Metal promoting houses in Nepal. The date may change if there is some obstacles.

In its first year the fest will see at least 6 Death Metal acts from the South-Asian region come and play together. The band selection for the event is based on EP/Album releases done by the bands i.e bands with at least an EP or an album released on physical format (irrespective of the label on which they are released) will be considered for a slot. Interested bands can send their digital demos to the address stated at the end of this press release.Until now Ugrakarma is revealed and we are pretty sure that some  extreme death metal bands will be there to force all all to break our neck. 

The fest will be extensively promoted in the underground circle around the world with a visualization to provide a good platform for the involved bands and with this we urge all the underground media houses to support this extreme fest with a little place in their blog or pages and help us make this event a success.As per the organizers only death metal bands with the fulfillment of the given criteria are urged to send there details

NEPAL DEATH FEST is scheduled to happen in Kathmandu, Nepal at above mentioned date and is dedicated to bring some of the most accomplished and intense Death Metal acts from the sub continent together at a place. The event was planned with a vision of need to have an extreme event in this part of the world where similar extreme heads can come together, discuss and venerate this glorious genre we all adore and live for.



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