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Interview with MADAM X guitarist Maxine Petrucci

Madam X Formed in 1984 the band is one of the respected act on heavy metal act in the U.S. We had interviewed Maxine Petrucci a.k.a Rock Goddess. Here is a short talk that we had with Maxine Petrucci.

Before we begin Mam it is an honor that we are interviewing you the legendary rock goddess Maxine Petrucci. Tell us how has this journey of almost 33 years with Madam X been?
Its been the most awesome journey being able to play with Madam X at different times , where it has reached this point of just playing Sweden Rock Fest and now recording a new album  We had our ups and downs and we've all played in our own solo bands etc, but coming together and doing what we were meant to do together is over the top fantastic!!

From 1981-1988 the band was active then suddenly you went inactive until 1991. Later that year the band split and was inactive for almost 23 years. Last week at the Sweden Rock Fest the band reunited and with the original lineup, how was your experience with Madam X in Sweden playing live after that long time?
We were all thrilled and felt just like we did back then but even more and now that we are more mature and  are able to put anything from the past aside and make great music again and actually enjoy the ride .The chemistry never went away, its here to stay.

Maxine Madam X how did the band start? As far as I know Roxy and you started the band in the late 1970's and soon Chris Doliber and Bret Kaiser were recruited for Bass and vocals. How did you and Roxy come up with starting a Glam band featuring you as a guitarist especially at that point of time where there were few women in the metal scene back there in U.S?
We were two girls and two guys with naturally lots of hair. We were glam without trying.  We didn't care what others thought, we wanted to rock and make music. We were so hungry to be rock stars at that time and we owned our own huge PA system lights stage semi tractor trailer and we toured ourselves with no label etc at the time. We worked our way for a couple of years on the road to Hollywood where we were discovered and signed by Don Arden and Jet records.

Maxine tell us how did your journey in music begin. Also tell us how was the feedback when you were handling the guitar duties for Madam X at that point of time when the scene in US was totally dominated by male ?
Roxy and I caught the all girl rock band Fanny live on some rock show when we were pre teens and I looked over at Roxy and asked her if she wanted to learn drums or bass for our own future band  and the rest is history. We were exposed to Black Sabbath Humble Pie Hendrix Zeppelin from my older brother Remo who led us through this since he was a musician too.

You even released your 3rd Solo Album in 2013 say us about it?
Its titled 'Back to the Garden" my solo band is "MaXine" it is available through CD baby along with my other solo works. I also have 2 videos on YouTube titled 'Assassinate' and 'Lost Girls'

"Rock Goddess" how does it feel when people give you this title?
It’s cool but doesn't really register since most girls in rock are labeled with the same goddess thing.

Coming back to Madam X a full length album "We Reserve the Right" was released in 1984 and a Demo was released in 1986. And if I am not wrong "We reserve the right" is re-releasing via JET records. Is that correct?
I don't know of any labels re-releasing it but since we wrote the songs and are playing them we will re-release ourselves with some extra surprises.

High in High School , Stand Up And Fight , Cat's Got Your Tongue are some of my favorite can we expect some new songs  of Madam X?
I'll name a couple new ones: 1 is Die Trying, 2 is Good Stuff, and 3rd is Wish You Away.

Any tour updates of Madam X?
Not as of yet. As soon as we got back from playing Sweden Rock Fest, we went right into writing and recording new album. We have a Madam X single titled "Another 80's Rock Song" available thru CD baby currently.

If I am not wrong, you are also playing in Roxy's all female glam band Vixen on bass can you say us in brief of this project as well?
That was back in 98. It was fun and really set me up for playing bass on my last 3 solo albums outside from my special guests

Almost at the end now, any message to the fans from this part of the world?
A special thank you for being so loyal and supportive for both my bands MaXine and Madam X. Couldn't do all this with out you! As long as you keep caring and  appreciating our works we will try to keep working hard and delivering the goods Thank you forever you all rock!!!!!!

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