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Interview with Jonas Stålhammar from God Macabre

God Macabre was one of the first death metal bands in Sweden. The band formed in the end of the 80's under the name Macabre End. In 1991 they changed their name to God Macabre and released one song for the Pantalgia compilation and an album through the small German label Mangled Beyond Recognition Records before splitting up. In the year 2002 the album was remastered, remixed and re-released through the American Relapse Records.
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Before we begin we would like to know how was your experience at Maryland Death Fest?
MDF was really killer this year! Can't say I’m disappointed with anything. Great people, great atmosphere, cool venues and we did a great show. Will play there again any day
We would love to hear you guys again. God Macabre how has the journey been so far. As far as i know you joined the band later. Tell us how the journey was?
Well, the initial journey for the band wasn't that long. First formed in 1988 under a different name and changed to Macabre End in 1989. I joined the band in early 1990. Then we did our first demo and then changed name again in 1991 to God Macabre, recorded our album in late 1991 to split up in March 1992.

The bands initial days i.e 1998-1989 the band was named Botten Pa Burken , 1989-1991 as Macabre End and later in 1991 as God Macabre . What does the band name mean. Tell us about it?
Yeah, 1988-89 it was BPB which means Botten på Burken (Bottom of the jar in English). The style was more punk/grindcore then, in 1989-1991 as Macabre End and the final 10 months or so as God Macabre. That name came from a song I wrote with my old band Abhoth. It fitted the newer more dark lyrics better

Actually i was about to ask you the question regarding why you guys switched your genre from Punk/Grindcore to Death Metal. Also why was the band inactive for almost 21 years?
The switch to death metal came because that's what we wanted to play. As simple as that. The inactivity was because we split up the band back in 1992 mainly because we couldn't find a suitable drummer and bass player. But, i have to point out that we are not recording a new album now! We will do shows this year and then we'll see if we will continue with that in the future. We are all busy with our other bands you know

Well going beyond God Macabre Jonas tell us how your journey in Metal music begin?
Well, got into hardrock like Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Kiss and Black Sabbath back in the late 70's when I was a kid which later progressed with stuff like Motörhead, Venom, Voivod, Slayer, Metallica, Bathory, Celtic Frost and a lot if hardcore/punk stuff which then led me to the tape trading death metal scene around 1987.

Coming back to the band September 1990 a demo CONSUMED BY DARKNESS was released. 3years later after the band split up the debut album The Winterlong was released consisting of 7 tracks out of which two were instrumental tracks. The album was re-released in 19th Feb 2002 including 3 tracks. In 2008 Relapse Version of the album was released on Vinyl for 1st time by the Swedish Label Bloodharvest Record. Again in June 10 the album is re-released by Relapse. A bit curious how excited are you guys about the re-release?
Always, was excited about re-releasing "The Winterlong". Relapses are doing a great job promoting it

Well we can see that in various social media and as well as Relapse website as well. By the way tell us how was the response of fans when you guys decided to re-unite after 21 years?
The response has been amazing so far. It's very cool to able to play the album live now for fans in so many different places around the world.

Any tour updates after the re-release?
No new dates added so far

I was having a short talk with one of my cousins he witnessed you guys recently in MDF . He is one of the die hard fan of God Macabre he has requested me to ask you this question. Will there be a studio version of the live album Eve Of Souls Forsaken?
Well, all those songs, except the Carnage cover, are already available in studio versions on the album.

For sure, i will convey him the message. So Jonas, any message to the bands from Nepal and other parts of the world as well as the fans?
Just do what you believe in and try not to follow trends to much. Thank you very much for the support during these re-union days and beyond. "The Winterlong" is out once again on Relapse records
And also check out our other bands Bombs of Hades, Mordbrand, Space Probe Taurus and Torture Division

I am pretty sure that they will follow God Macabre's families other projects as well. Lastly a space for you to ask if we SNRMB team have forgotten to ask. Feel free to ask. Space all yours
Thanks for the interview and for the support!!

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