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Silence Festival - V Article

So the wait after 11 long months is finally over. Silence Entertainment is back with the next slot of Nepal’s biggest Open Air Festival “SILENCE FESTIVAL-V”. I am pretty sure that you guys will be bashing your heads and moshing in the entire arena on 17th & 18th October where as I shall be on a complete bed rest after my surgery that’s happening tomorrow i.e. 13th Oct. I had made a decision not to write anything and just mentally prepare myself for my treatment but my heart as well as my brain urged me to write this article for the Festival. I was really excited to attend this gig mainly because the gig has been extended to 2 days and its pretty sure something Grand gonna happen, the other reason I had talked with guys of SIKTH and had made a plan to meet them, had worked with Guido from Mahadev Cometo on his 2 projects Derrick and Near Death Condition. Many other factors were there which made my desire to attend the gig grow much bigger, but as you know Health is wealth sure gonna miss this epic gig.

            Well coming beyond my interest and desire lets talk about Silence Festival. We all know that Silence Entertainment does this gig every year in mouth of Dashai and Tihar which are the biggest festivals of Nepal and every year they have tried to come up with some killer lineups. The 1st edition was Headlined by Enigmatik in 2010 from Switzerland, 2nd edition was Headlined by non other than the mighty Polish Death Metal Giant Vader in 2011, 3rd edition was Headlined by non other than Textures from Netherlands in 2012, 4th edition was headlined by non other than the Mighty Polish Giant BEHEMOTH and the 5th edition which is going to be a 2 days chaos headlined by MAHADEV COMETO on the 1st day and SIKTH on 2nd day co-headlined by non other than by The Algorithm a trance DJ Djent band from France featuring Mike Malayan on drums. The lineup is killer though i  feel that it would have been much better if Underside, Kalodin and Jindabaad would have not neen repeated as they had already performed in the previous edition. It would have been much better if bands were not repeated. However its up to  the organizers they might have talked about it while setting the lineup or else the lineup is awesome.

            As per the lineup 13 bands are going to play on the festival i.e 8 bands from Nepal, 2 Bands from India and 1 each from Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom.

The fifth edition of "Silence Festival-V” is going to be held on October 17th and 18th, 2014. With much demand, this year’s festival will commence for two days straight. Introducing five International bands and our very own eight talented local acts will amount to 13 bands in total. Music knows no boundaries, whether it’s rock, pop or metal. It speaks the universal language. Keeping this in mind Silence Festival targets not only the music lovers but to recognize our country in International arena and to promote tourism and spreading awareness of “Environment Health” to the people through this year’s festival.

Performing Bands and Line up:
• SikTh (official) from United Kingdom 
• The Algorithm from Perpignan, France.
 Mahadev Cometo ( Al Comet )from Switzerland.
• DamagEra(Damage Era) from Gangtok, India.
• Cheisrah from North East India
• JINDABAAD!!!!! from Nepal 
• Kalodin From Nepal
• Underside from Nepal
• Tumbleweed Inc. from Nepal 
• Antyesti from Nepal
• The Exorcist from Nepal
• Breach not Broken from Nepal
• Divine Influence from Nepal

I am sure you guys gonna enjoy this 2 days epic festival. For Details:-

And yeah i almost forgot to give you the link of Sikth Interview link...
Here is a short talk that we had with Dan from Sikth

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