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Interview with Poland based Death Metal Band Christhole

Before we begin we will like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2015. We are starting our year with
 Interview. They are one killer Death Metal band from Radom Poland.  Since the interview is given by the entire members so we have colored as per the band members.  Special thanks to Iiona for the translation.Red – all voice.
Green – Rzeczy (drummer)
Blue – Pasut (vocalist)

Greetings how are you guys doing in Radom? 
Hi people. Like what are we doing? We’re sharply playing, drinking, taking drugs, fucking and living.
And we want to present little history, because we’re write from very far away ... in the end  from Poland to Nepal we dont have a direct freeway;] What a pity!
We are from Radom - city is famous in Poland thanks to "Radom Weapon Factory" - which produced weapons before Second War Of The Worlds , the city also known for the manufacture of cigarettes - the so-called "Radomskie" (don’t produce them anymore). The city also known for riots of June 1976. When was start a rebellion in our country because government radically raised food prices and the workers got pissed off and went to the streets and fight with the militia (rebellion is  in our blood, hehe!) Radom is now known for cunning woman  in Poland and named as ‘The Queen of Polish Internet’. 
A little geography? You have to look in the middle of Europe. About 100 miles on south of the Polish capital city- Warsaw, Christhole's have a den. Look at a map to find us!

Christhole how did the journey begin?
This is a such a long story so we won’t write to much about this. Generally, it was that all of us had a musical past and were idle "doing nothing" and after a long time when we all meet in the bar we came up with the idea to start over again and we started CHRISTHOLE.

Christhole what does the band name mean?
Rzeczy – drummer) Hmm ..... it probably sounds pretty clearly. Right? The interpretation by which a hole comes on and for further elaboration, we leave that to our fans ;-)
(Pasut – vocalist) The best interpretation of our band name I've ever heard is that the name of our band is supposed to symbolize "The Stigmata" xD

Tell us about the bands lineup?
Actually the band lineup is a little bit different then at the beginning. Every band knows that you need to develop, improve. Not all member know how to do it  or have priorities and leave the band. In our case, the bands guitar player and later a vocalist left . The new guitar player is Jacek Dwojak and vocalist  Patryk ‘Pasut’ Płokita. The other musicians are : Krzysztof ‘ Kylo’ Graczyk – guitar, Roman Piotrowski – bass and Marcin ‘Rzeczy’ Rzeczycki – drums.

Recently on 21st Nov you guys played at POLMETAL FEST 2014 and 22nd Nov at Thrash Attack Lublin #7 tell us how was the gig?
- POLMETAL FEST 2014 is one of a kind music festival that we our self organize with our own conception and own forces. It turned out that it was a shot in the 'ten', because people were waiting for that event for a long time in our sad and gray city.  Bands from Polish cities like „Pravia” from Warsaw, „Youdash” – Rzeszów, „Infernal Bizarre” – Łowicz, „R.O.D”. – Lublin and from our city - „Fractal”played in the gig. It was one of the best concert that Radom witnessed. The playing bands were satisfied with the event too. There was a massive crowd response that Radom witnessed in long time. In short the event was successful and the event will have its sequal in 2015. The gig in Lublin was great but we are a little bit ‘tired’.
Regarding „Thrash Attack Lublin #7” This band from Belarus ‘Posthumous Blasphemer’ they played very well they were killer. You must observe the local Belarusian scene they stands a good level of technical death-metal.

-Any new updates of gigs?
-Of course we have a plan for spring, as our drummer is expecting a child so . He needs to spend more time in home with his baby and wife. When the child grows up, we will go to play somewhere and finally make a record.

As we all know that the scene of Poland is well renowned for its extreme scene and have killer bands like Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated tell us what inspired you guys to start death/grind band?
Hmmm… music which one we play as you know isn’t really mainstream and not really popular. This is music for ‘Chosen’, so what can be the inspiration to play that type of music? Real love for this. It’s In our hearts.
When it comes to lyrics inspire "traumatic stories", encompassing the brutality and severe social topics. Abortion, Irish ghosts, the current dominance of Islam in the world (Middle East, ISIS, terrorism), the new world order, the story on the facts as gay raped and then ate his lover - these are just examples. What's better - as one of the few bands of this caliber and species in Poland. We often sing in their native language than in English. We believe that this will quickly reach the public what they want to convey. Sometimes in talks over with the people someone says something like: ‘This piece sounds like Suicide Silence on vocal ‘, ‘oh… and this drums as’ Morbid Angel ‘’,’ it's like an old school thrash metal’. This doesn’t mean that following the examples on someone - the music comes out of our chaos ragged minds. Each one of us brings something of themselves - doing it with passion. Is a only confirms that we play from the depths of the soul and the brutal beating hearts. This is particularly apparent in the fact that our playing is hard to classify.
Have you heard about death / grind. Some people define our music as deathcore. We aren't interested in the discrimination - the important thing is that it's power, it's brutally and bloodily.

Tell us guys how your journey in Metal Music begun?
That’s such a long story…. 
- Firstly I will tell you my story… In the beginning it was a chaos… something like a disco… pop and power metal shit. A turn came in  my taste when  I was heard “Metal Heart” –  I was crazy. After that was „Reign in Blood by  Slayer” then  I gave my soul for Devil!
-As for me… my story started about old ’Sepultura’ at the aged 15 and it opened my eyes to what I am doing now. It all began with 3 albums: ‘Chaos AD’, ‘Arise’, ‘Roots’. Then everything goes on and I was fascinated. I wanted to (shout? call? noise?) and I’m fulfilling my dreams  for about 6 years. People who are reading this - if someone wants to make life difficult by saying that,  you sound like a shit and even though you really want to reach your goal in (shout? call? noise?)  - from my experience i will say that there are a lot of tutorials of vocals on  youtube!  and I would recommend "The zen of screaming." I learned some techniques from this tutorial .

Apart from Christhole what do you guys do?
- Each of us has a professional career that gives you less or more satisfaction. Vocalist is studying history and it sounds strange, but ... also writes poetry. ... anyway ... it's just like in the first question.

You guys belong to one of the most healthy metal scene in the world, and being a Death/grind band tell us how hard is it for the upcoming bands like Christhole in Poland?
No it isn't easy, because it isn't "popular" music. Besides, you have to be as original to stand out in our country, which I hope comes to us in small steps. Of course, these days thanks to online music applications, social networks, it is much easier to stand out from the underground, than a dozen years ago .... for us playing CHRISTHOLE however, is primarily a fucking great fun and enjoyment of music. We dont want to make a total committed career in metal music, Yet, deep inside everyone's dream about it.

So any message to the metal community beyond Poland?
-Thank you very much for the interview. 

Lastly a space for Christhole to say or ask anything that we SNRMB team has forgotten to ask feel free to ask.. Space all yours.
- It is rare for us to give an interview to people in "severe climates" from the other end of the world! We have one request: greet the Mount Everest from us! 

Thank you guys for your precious time…
-There isn’t any problem. Alavidā!

Useful links:

Video relation with “Polmetalfest”. 
Christhole - “brutalna aborcja” ->”brutal abortion” in yt 
Christhole - “Banshee screaming” <English only number we have ;] -> mp3 with myspace 

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