Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Interview With Shaxul From Manzer

We Had a short talk with Shaxul from Manzer a thrash/black metal band from France. Without any delay here we go.

Greetings Shaxul how are you guys doing?
Infernal hails, mate! We're preparing for the Pictavian Invasion in India and Nepal, making sure that no survivors will be left alive!!!

Before go further we would like to know about the updates of the French underground scene?
There's not so much to say, the real underground scene is small here. Most French bands that are well-known abroad are pure trend. Let me recommend some valuable bands : KILLERS (gods), PERFECTÖ, GOATVERMIN, NUCLEAR ABOMINATION, THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND, TORTURE THRONE, THE LAST TOMB, SILVER MACHINE, DESILLUSION, SANCTUAIRE...

MANZER, tell us how the journey begin?
We started in 2008, with a strong will to play 80's Black Metal, influenced by Heavy Metal, Rock'n'Roll and Punk as well. We are a power-trio ready to make your ears bleed to death!

Recently you guys were supposed to play in Italy but you guys cancelled playing can you tell us why?
We didn't cancel, man! We had no other choice. 3 gigs were planned but one of them got cancelled because of extremely bad weather in the north of Italy. There has been some flooding in Milano where the first gig was supposed to take place, and the venue was filled with water, so the organizers had to cancel, obviously, as it became impossible to play there. We are very disappointed but nobody is responsible, except the fucking heavy rain and storm! Fortunately we could ravage Roma and Firenze.

So how is the preparation going for India and Nepal Pictavian tour? You guys are playing in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Tell us how you guys are feeling?
We prepared a crazy set-list for the Nepalese gigs, as we'll play around 1h30. We can't wait to meet Nepalese maniaks but also discover many things in your country, like culture and history! Before this, we'll play 4 shows in India, this should be awesome as well!

Shaxul apart from handling duty on Drums you even own a record label LEGION OF DEATH tell us about your Label as well along with that tell us how hard is it to run a record label?
Indeed, I've created LEGION OF DEATH Records in 2001. I release non-western bands only, on vinyl format. In 2009, I've created a parallel label called ARMEE DE LA MORT Records so I can also release CD's, focusing on French bands I want to support. The label became my full time job but it's really hard as you can guess, because I live in and for the underground, which doesn't pay well but it's all about the passion and philosophy around the Metal genre, I feel I'm very lucky.

Pictavian Bastards, Underage Witch, MANZER are some of my favorite track of MANZER.
Thanx for the kind words. "Pictavian Bastards" became a classic so to speak, it's from our demo tape. "Underage Witch" is a simple but catchy tune from our first full length album called "Light of the Wreckers". "Manzer" became our hymn, it's the closing track on the album, and easy to sing/scream along. Don't miss these songs live in Nepal, my friend!

Coming beyond MANZER Shaxul tell us how your journey in metal begin?
That was around 1989 when I've discovered the almighty IRON MAIDEN. I wanted to discover more and more Metal bands, classic ones of course but I quickly wanted to go deeper and since the early 90's, my life is in the underground.

Apart from MANZER what do you guys do apart from MANZER cause its pretty obvious that the band doesn’t pay enough for your livelihood bills.
You guessed it right again! Well, as I've said before, I'm very lucky as I run a label for a living. Fëarann is a bagpiper and can get money by playing live with professional music groups. Hylde is a freelance web/graphic designer. Those jobs don't pay well at all and we're seen as marginal by "normal" people in this society, but at least it allows us to find time to satisfy our needs for Metal and tour the world with MANZER. The band is extremely important to us, we make many sacrifices but it's totally worth it.

I am pretty sure you guys are aware of our Nepalese scene as Ugrakarma is under LOD records and I am quite sure Sunil has recommended you to hear some Nepalese bands.
UGRA KARMA is a godly band, all hails to the mountain grinders! I've discovered them when the demo got released. After a long silence, I got in touch with Sunil again some years ago and I am so proud that the band re-formed and is working on an exclusive 7"EP for LEGION OF DEATH Records! The recordings are ready by the way, there's still some work to do but we hope it will be released in early 2015. Up till now, I've discovered ARACHNIDS, ANTIM GRAHAN and 72 HRS, as I've distributed their CD's in my shop thanx to Sunil. Oh and I'm in touch with Saurab from BIDROHA, hail! We hope to discover more on your scene directly in Nepal.

So we are almost at the end now. Any message to the Nepalese fan who are waiting for MANZER’s brutal assault in Pokhara at 18th Dec and on 20th Dec here in Kathmandu?
We really count on you guys! Be there or regret it for the rest of your life!!! For the brave ones who will show up : your neck will be destroyed!!! For those interested, we'll have merch available, at low prices : CD's, T-shirts, patch, back patch, and buttons.

Lastly a space for you to ask us if we SNRMB team has forgotten to ask MANZER, Space all yours?
That's all fine for now, mate! For any forgotten question, we'll be very happy to talk with maniaks directly before and after our gigs. See you soon in the mighty land of the Himalayas!!!
A çhés fàetes,
Shaxul (01/12/2014)

MANZER Pictavian Black Metal :
Snail Mail : LOD Records / BP 21 / 86210 Bonneuil-Matours / France.

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