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Review regarding Show No Mercy III

So finally we are back with the review column.. This is going to be the 1st review in the past few months. Before we start off we will like to wish you all a happy belated Shiva Ratri.  I hope you guys had an amazing time enjoying Baba jee’s Prashad.. Well talking about the event Show No Mercy is Sangeet Pathshala's Annual gig...
Featuring bands like UgraKarma Elemental (India) Binaash Vomiting snake(s) kaal(POKHARA) Horny Monks Breach not Broken ATROCITY Fragments the event  held on 17th Feb 2015 i.e day before yesterday in Purple Haze Rock bar..

First of all a round of applauds to the entire Sangeet Pathsala team for setting off a gig… We all are aware that SHOW NO MERCY is the annual gig of Sangeet Pathshala which happens every year in Shiva Ratri and this was the 3rd installment of the gig..  We would also like to thank Pathsala for launching title track of RAKTAPYAS – III(ASURA SAMRAJYA) Feel free to Annihilate from the mighty Ronie Olson (Ex-Vomitory/Gehennah, currently Turbocharged) solo project Private war.

Well before we start off we will like to make you guys aware that this was the 3rd gig in the period of 15 days. Must say that February is full of activities in the Nepalese Underground scene..

Well now starting off with the review. Yet having an awesome lineup the gig was just satisfactory.. It could have been much better then what happened. Way lots off flaws which we will talk about it below..

Starting up, the show was around 2 hours late which has been a normal thing in our scene resulting 2 bands Binaash and Ugrakarma couldn't play. But hey the organizers did one awesome thing. They announced HELL AWAITS gig which will constitute of Ugrakarma and Binaash on lineup and one more thing that made a wise announcement that those people who shall bring the ticket of Show no Mercy in that gig will have free entrance.. A round of applause to the entire team for this announcement.. Seriously you guys have earned my respect.  This is one good sign which clearly reflects professionalism and as well as the sign of scene getting more systematic day by day.. There were some things that annoyed me but the one that almost let me to leave the show was the sound system.. Probably one of the most annoying sound arrangements I have ever witnessed. I should be honest in this thing cause it was what everybody felt. I am not going to talk much about this and I hope the concerned people got what I am trying to say..

Starting up with the gig like I mention it was almost 2 hours delay, this has been the common thing in our scene. The gig was supposed to start at 11 but started around 2 pm.. 

Starting up with Fragments they opened the show.. Young band and also the winners of 11th KcmICMC more practice and devotion is needed. I just want to say live up with your achievements. Mark my words you guys have potential and I am expecting much intensity from you guys in coming future.

The second band to play was ATROCITY a hardcore band fronted by former HATEBOOK’s frontman Navin. I really love this bands song Jhim Jhim sanu. The song I AM MOTE dedicated to Navin a.k.a mote himself is the bands new track … The band played 5 songs. They had Strangles former drummer Bikrant as guest drummer in their last 2  songs.. The thing that attracted me most about this band is Navin’s stage presence and interaction with the crowds. The thing that I didn't like was that the guitarist throwing his guitarist and leaving the stage. The guitarist was not able to hear properly in the monitor I can understand how annoying it becomes when you can’t hear what your bandmates are playing but throwing your gadgets and leaving the stage means you are insulting your instrument as well as the art of music. I just want to comment 2 things “Learn to tame your anger” and “Be prepared to play at any conditions if not simply leave the stage rather than throwing your equipments.” You guys need to be regular in practice “Ajja practice garnu paro dherai thau ma almalaiae ra chiplako thyo bajauda”. I hope you guys take my word seriously.

The third band of the show was Breach Not Broken.. You guys were amazing although I am not much in new age of metal but being honest I loved you guys stage presence.. The only thing I want to comment is Please don’t consume much time on adjustments every extra minute consumed affects the bands who will be playing later.. I hope you guys will consider this things in coming days..

After Breach Not Broken, Horny Monks hit the stage.. I really loved this band and they were pretty amazing. Manil was not playing as he was on Australia tour with Underside so Pranoya from Vomiting Snakes served the duty of bass for Horny Monks.. No comments for them I just loved them. Niroj man no one can predict you on stage. Keep that rocking moves going on..

The band that I was waiting finally came on stage my all time favorite Pokhara based Death Metal band Kaal I have been following this band from quite a long time. Being a fan of the band I felt upset that the band left the stage after they played 3 songs. They were supposed to play 5 songs. The band was continuously asking the sound person to adjust their sound in monitors but the sound crews were not able to work on it. I could easily see the irritation on the bandmates face.. The band tried their level best to cope but every thing has a limit and the band left as soon as they played their 3rd track. Kaal is one of the elite death metal band of Nepal and every one were pissed off with the sound while returning home I heard some of our senior also commenting Worst Sound arrangements for one of the best Death Metal band of the country. I just want to comment one thing to the organizer; Guys please put some professionals on sound.

After kaal, Vomiting snakes entered the stage. One tight Post thrash metal band and one of my favorite band. This was probably the last show of their guitarist Rozan as soon he is going abroad in a matter of a month . The band members are also the organizers of the show.. Massive response from the crowd we could feel meat everywhere in the pit.. I don’t want to comment anything to the band performance. The only thing that hit me was that being the organizer themselves it would have been awesome if they could have canceled there set or have squeezed their set least one of the two bands who were unable to play could have played.. Even though the band was pretty amazing, the band could have earned much respect if they had done it. Talking about there set they always urge me to hit the pit..

Since it was almost 6.25 the other band was the final one. Elemental from India was the last band to perform. Recently they had played in BIG69 and we could see the shows impact on the bands performance as well. Bad blood is one of my favorite track of Elemental. To be honest they ripped my heads off. Amazing stage performance, my jaws were open witnessing Anchal the bands frontman moshing and singing. I was shocked hearing his vocal range. Everyone were moshing and even their music urged me to pack my things and enter the pit. This guys do have amazing stage presence and were constantly communicating with the crowds which is pretty amazing.. I just want to say loved them..

Since it was already 7 so Binaash and Ugrakarma set had to be cancelled. In short two bands were not able to play.. This has been a common problem in here in Nepal from past few years. It’s been a long time since the entire lineup has not been able to play on the shows. Sometimes the venues time limit is the problem and sometimes security officials. Well in SHOW NO MERCY the situation was in the organizers favor and they were not able to grab this opportunities.

The some of the plus points of the show were

·         Opportunity to young bands.
·         Variation of genre in the lineup.
·         Announcement of HELL AWAITS gig which will constitute of Ugrakarma and Binaash in lineup as they were unable to play due to time limit.
·         Organizers made a wise announcement that those people who will bring the ticket of Show no Mercy in HELL AWAITS will have free entrance.

Drawbacks were

·         Annoying sound system.
·         Wrong attitude of ATROCITY’s guitarist throwing his guitars.
·         Bands consuming way lot of time on sound adjustment.
·         Crowds were also talking that the show has lost its charm.
·         Binaash and Ugrakarma were not able to play there slot

·         Allocation of time frame must be done to every band.
·         A trained sound engineer is a must to handle sounds.

Now rating the gig personally I am also not happy cause I had an instance headache after I came back home and I assume many of us had the same problem. So rating the gig.

We are expecting much from you guys I hope you guys live up to it.

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