Friday, July 3, 2015

Album Review Turbocharged - Militant

So we are thinking of doing some more stuffs so starting off with album reviews as well. This is our 1st review on album. We are starting up with  Forshaga/Deje/Kil, Sweden based 3 piece deathpunk metal band Turbocharged founded in March 2000 by members from: Nekrok├╝lt, Domination, Decapitate, (ex-) Vomitory and Gehennah, constituting of Fredrik Hultman on Drums, Nicklas de Melo on Guitar and non other than Ronnie "Ripper" Olson on bass and vocals. The band is currently under Germany based record label GO FUCK YOURSELF PRODUCTION.

Well we feel that we are done with the information of the band now coming straight to the point. Militiant is one of the finest piece releasing this year. The recording and mixing is done by the band themselves in their own studio and the mastering is done by non other than Rikard Lofgern who have worked with the might death metal gods VOMITORY, RAM to name few. Militant is the bands 3rd full length album which is releasing globally via GO FUCK YOURSELF PRODUCTION this 9th of July 2015

The album constitutes of 12 tracks
1. Dark era
2. Aura of flies
3. Popecleaver
4. Where the sodomites never burned
5. Demonization
6. Dead flesh monument
7. Massive worldwide Armageddon
8. Militant
9. Battered and crucified
10. Extreme dechristianization
11. Blood red rain (over the white plains of heaven)
12. Left hand psychopath

Bonus track Crosshating Punks 

If i am asked about my favourite tracks from the album i would pick up 5 tracks Popecleaver, Blood red rain, Left hand Psychopath, Where the sodomites never burned and Militant are the best tracks in my view. You will find mix flavour of Death/Punk and thrash metal. Going through the album i can assure you that they are one skull crushing album which you will keep in your top priority. Nothing has been compromised in terms of quality as well as brutality. What i feel is that they have taken a wise decision gambling with their music which have paid off. If you are aware with the bands music then i can assure that there is the mix of thrash, death metal and hardcore/punk attitude which will sink you in such a way that you will not realize how fast the entire 40 minutes passed. Trust me you will go on and on with the album that you will go through the album again and again and still you wont not be done yet, If you are seeking for the mix of punk/death/thrash i urge you to grab Militant. in my view this album can be considered one of the bands best release so far. 

Now coming to the rating keeping the overall factors i will like to rate the album 9/10. We will like to request the guys from their label to make there global distribution much effective as  this album is a gem. I hope the fans have the similar response as ours..

To place order of your copy, you can contact their label  Go Fuck Yourself Productions or visit there website

The album will be out in C.D / L.P / M.C versions.

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