Monday, September 7, 2015

Wake Up And Raise Your Horns Its September

Well this month September is perhaps the most active month in the Nepalese Underground scene.. While starting this article i hear my little one chanting one song of GREEN DAY about September. What i want to say is Wake up lads its September. If you still want to stay on hibernation that's for sure going to be the biggest mistake of their life. Here are the list of dates of 11 gig that has been finalized this September..

5th September 2015 :- METAL FOR NEPAL

The month started off with an earthquake relief gig Metal For Nepal. The gig happened in 25 countries featuring more than 100 bands.The final leg was on 5th of September here in Kathmandu featuring some promising acts from India and Nepal. Indian powerhouse Demonic Resurrection played here in Nepal for the 1st time i am sorry Sahil man i was totally knockout and i had no clue of what i did sorry buddy hoping to bang head soon in coming days and i hope you got my mail.

All i want to say is that this show proved we don't just need some heavy weight bands to make a show a kickass. Vomiting Snakes you guys were awesome loved it. Child wife no words for you guys loved it. Vishal, Sushil and chitiz i am waiting to witness you guys live soon. Underside although there was some technical error in sound, no words my jaws are still open man must admit one of the most intense response from the crowd to a local band i have no words to say.. I have to be honest on what i write after Undersides slot i was completely blackout booze did show their effect. A big round of applause to Randy, Ben, Guido and Bikrant for this epic project..  This single picture portrays the entire story of how intense the show was.

We will talk more about Metal  for Nepal soon in near future when we publish interview with Randy the real man behind Metal For Nepal.

Regarding videos we will post it as soon as possible..

6th September 2015:- Suchronicity prelims:- 

For the 1st time in history, India's one of the biggest rock festival done by Sychronicity college from Kanpur, did there prelims in Nepal. To be honest i was not aware of this prelims until today afternoon. The show happened today at purple haze. I think the organizers should have given a bit effort in promoting the event cause being a promoter i myself was not aware of this event. Recently i had talked with one of the participating band and i was informed that there is a chance of another show happening again this weekend. We will come up with more of this events detail as soon as possible after we get more detail facts about this event.

9th September 2015:- POKHARA METAL GATHERING Feat. FUNERUS (USA), and Rip off and Pisakas  Buy 1 GET 1 Tour  Nepal tour begins, Obliterating Vortex tours Nepal.

The mighty american heavy weight FUNERUS is touring Nepal. Yes what you are reading now is a fact FUNERUS live in Nepal. The band featuring non other than John from INCANTATION. The band is playing two shows here in Nepal. As per my talk with the guys, the band is landing here on 9th Sep on 1300hrs and have a direct connecting flight to Pokhara at 1500hrs. Here, Obliterating Vortex from Darjeeling India will be co-headlining the event. This is one of a kind show which you must not miss at all. I assure you all you get to witness some kick ass American death metal Flavours. Followed by technical death metal and Grindcore assults. With this gig Soul Destroyer will be doing their 1st gig in Pokhara. The show will be hosted by Non other than VIshal VOF from WAKK THUU.

This gig also starts Banglore based Rip off's and Pisakas 10 days extensive Nepal tour named  Buy 1 GET 1 Tour. A few moments back i had a small chit with Pramod from Rip off and he had notified me that the band is already in Siluguri a city almost 20 Miles away from Nepal's border. As per my talk with the guys they will start the their journey tomorrow (8th September) 2pm from Kakarbhitta border and will be on Pokhara by 9th morning.

Here you go pramod on his own words.

"We are looking forward to grinding with our extended families in Nepal. We love all you guys for giving us such a welcome, be ready for some obscene grind and be ready to piss everyone off.. We really feel like we belong there.. Rip off and Pisakas are truly in awe of the phenomenal support from all across Nepal, thank you to everyone in advance. Ripofforfuckoff"

Both Rip off and Pisakas will be launching their releases during this event.

Pramod with Buy 1 Get 1 tour tees

10th September 2015:- FUNERUS live in kathmandu ( भ्रष्ट मानव )

So the 2nd date of Funerus live in Nepal. They will be playing their last show of their Nepal tour this particular day.  The gig is going to be co headlined by non other than Nepalese death Metal Gods UGRAKARMA. Here PISAKAS will be playing their 1st show in Nepal. The show's lineup is as below.

And here you go FUNERUS NEPAL tour video message as well as promotional message from non other than John and Jill from Funerus. I urge all metal heads from the woods to attend this gig and be the parto of one of the biggest Death Metal bands tour in Nepal.

FUNERUS LIVE IN NEPAL i am sure to see you all in the pit and make it much more intense..

See you all in the pit fellaws.

12th September 2015: Slaughter House Death Fest 3
Extreme Underground hetauda is back with the 3rd installment of Slaughter House Death Fest. The show is being headlined by Obliterating Vortex, and co headlined by pisakas. Giardia a Newly formed Grindcore band will be touring beyond kathmandu for the 1st time as well as Zombie X Incest will be issuing their E.P do grab yours. It is one killer powerviolence gem.

15th September 2015- Grind & Mosh Vol. 1
A very special and first ever TOTAL GRINDCORE Show in east Nepal. The show is happening in Dharan and is headlined by non other than our bacon dealers thats right Rip off. Giardia will be supporting them during their east Nepal invasion. Guys from Jhapa, Sunsari and nearby districts and cities i urge you all to terrorize the entire eastern region with some killer bombardment of Grindcore music. 

17th September 2015 - This Is Not A Show
Good to see that Jamsthan is coming in action with this grind/ punk party featuring 4 bands brothers who will be playing a special set inside a cozy room. this event is more than just a gig. It is even considered by many as a grind core/punk summit. See you guys there cause this is not a show.

19th September 2015 - 
Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 4 and Baula Jatra
And how can we forget about the 4th installment of Brutal Lunch Box. This is one of the most awaited gig in the extreme metal scene. BLB 4 may be the last gig of Rip off and Pisakas Nepal tour. The lineup is not yet fixed for the gig so we will come up with details about the information as soon as we are provided with the lineup of the gig along with this another gig is also happening the very same day called Baula Jatra. The final lineup of this event is yet not revealed but while going through the event page i found out new band Fools Of Paradise i think the band is Slam and i am keen to hear this new band in town will come out with details asap we are provided with the final lineup..

26th September 2015 - Blackout Pride Pokhara Edition
So far this is the last gig of the month. The gig is the sequel of blackout pride that happened recently in August. Glad to see that Psycotive Knerve is back live after quite a long time. Along with this Narsamhaar will be playing live after few months of Hiatus. A new band Cumsyrup will be opening for Narsamhaar who will be headlining this event.

So guys think before you make plan either to sleep or wake up this entire September 2015!!!

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