Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Festival Split Vol.02 officially released

Let me start up with some dashai rhymes which we all sang back in the days when we were kids
Dashai Ayo
khaula piula
ka bata leula
chori mari leula
dhatta papai ho 
timar bata tadai basaula
If you belong to Nepalese community you guys might have been well known of this rhyme.. We
Support Neplease Rock And Metal Band's crew will like you all a very happy Bijaya Dashami. 
We will like to welcome the biggest festival of the Nepalese people with Festival Split Vol.02. A harmony split album between Nepal, India and Bangladesh to welcome the biggest festival of the country.

4 bands/artist from Nepal 
2 from India 
2 from Bangladesh

download limit available upto 15 days from now or else until the limit is over.. We will not be providing beyond 200 copies..
You can share by any means we dont have problems until and unless its freely distributed but if reproduced or placed the album in any other portal for any economic benifit then get prepared cause if we (SNRMB crew or the band) find out we will file a case for violation of copyright.
Have a wonderful dashai with your love ones..
Stay safe and drink responsibly..
Here is the download link of the album :-

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