Thursday, June 5, 2014

Interview with Dip from Abominable Carnivore

I guess i don't have to say about them. Abominable Carnivore Blackened Death Metal act from Bangladesh. They toured in Nepal in 2013 so many of you are aware of them. We had a short talk with Dip their frontman. TO know much about them you can go their page
Before we begin we would like to know how are you guys doing these days.
Hey bro. Not much really, working with new songs mostly. Also gearing up for some local gigs

It’s been a long time that we have talked so how are things going back their in Bangladesh?
Going pretty good .Though there are no significant gigs taking place here currently, extreme metal acts are busy making their originals and gigging around outside Dhaka. In May, there will be a huge gig taking place in Khulna including acts like Homicide, Grimorium Verum, Dissector, Abaddon and last but not the least Abominable Carnivore. We are very excited about it actually.

Mim from HOMICIDE had notified me about that coming to Abominable Carnivore last year in Valentine massacre you guys toured Nepal how was your experience with the Nepalese crowd?
It was insane. We toured Ktm and Pokhara, shared stages with Dying Out Flame, Wakk Thuu, Narsamhaar, sick days man! We all pretty much miss that tour as we had so much fun with these bands, sick guys, sick music, insane mosh-pit and support. That’s what Nepal is all about. JAY NEPAL!!!!!
So coming to the initial days how has the journey of AC been until date?
It seems almost the same to me. Haha!! Just kidding. So far, the journey seems great. Though we had faced a lot of problems regarding our drumming section but thanks to Muktadir from Dissector for joining the horde, we played a pretty wild show last month with him at louder than hell gig and he sounds great with the band as well!

As far as i know Muktadir is one of the best drummer from Bangladesh. A few months you were about to tour India but later on you guys came with a problem that it was canceled can you lighten it up for AC fans from India who were disappointed by it?
Don’t know about whether he is one of the best or not, but he surely is talented! So far, the rehearsal sessions went well with him and we are happy about the output. About the tour, we were really hyped up, ready to perform for the first time in front of the Indian metal heads. But later, due to some shitty visa thing, we couldn’t. We are grateful to Ajaya Bhat from incanned productions for inviting us on that gig. We can assure the fans that it won’t happen again. AC will give a visit to India very soon!

Yeah for sure, a friend of mine from GMA told me that you guys are soon entering studio for a full length can you say us about it?
We are planning to record our new materials from May. Structures are ready and we hope the recording session will go well. From May, we have also planned to give our fans some new songs in the gigs too!

Keeping aside AC besides your musical aspects what are you guys doing?
We all are doing our undergrad from various universities, belonging to different disciplines.

So Dip we will like to know what are you listening nowadays?
Mostly Marduk and Krisiun. The old albums of Marduk are classics! Also some classics of Chopin!

Yeah for sure they are.

So apart from the gigs that happened in Khulna any updates?
Apart from Khulna, some local gigs are being scheduled to perform. Also there will be some surprises for the fans too. I am not revealing anything early, our fans just have to wait and watch!

So when can we expect the album?
Hopefully, by the end of this year.

Looking forward for it
This album will be something worth waiting for after all! I can at least assure you that.

So Dip, I guess i am done cause in our previous talk with dissector we already have everything what i was going to ask here so. Thus coming to an end any thing that we forgot to ask you?

Thank you dip for your time
It’s a pleasure brother. Thanks for being with us, supporting from the very beginning and keep supporting true metal!

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