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Interview with Peter Hobbs From Hobbs Angel Of Death

If you are much in extreme music then i am pretty much sure you have heard about this Kvlt Thrash Metal Band from Australia. Yes, i am talking about the Mighty Hobbs Angel of Death . Formed in the  early 1987. The band is also considered one of the pioneering Thrash Metal Band from Australia. We had a short talk with Peter Hobbs the man behind the Band. Recently the guys from Violentor (Italy based thrash metal) are backing him up as the permanent crew for the band. A few days back their World tour started off along with that they have started their album recording as well which is to be released by the end of this year. Talking about Peter he is active in the Global metal scene for almost 36 years now. To know much about him and Hobbs Angel of Death you can check them out in their page .

Greetings Peter before we begin we would like to know how the preparation is going on for the Europe tour. If i am not wrong you will start the journey from the 1st week of June?
Hello there, yes that’s true, The Euro kick off starts in June and all has fallen very well into place.

I have also found that the band was formed in 1987 and was previously named TYRUS from then until now how has your journey been?
Yeah it was Tyrus the great band back then which led me to create Hobbs Angle Of Death the journey has been a 34 year plus adventure and luckily I am still there now with the opportunity to play all over the world, no career is an easy path we have faced many hurdles and brick walls but we have always punched through.

So Peter i want to talk about your recent tour in Europe in Dec/Jan. How was the tour?
It was the best tour I have ever had the line up with the Violentor boys was just awesome, great musicians and great people to work with we had a chemistry that worked extremely well on the road and off the road a real team effort by all.

Yeah recently we had interview with Alessio and he had mentioned about them being a fixed lineup of Angel of Death , Coming Back to the tour during your tour in Sweden were robbed on road have you got any details of your lost gadgets especially your costumed BROCK guitars? 
We will never see our things again, a shock at 8am in the morning but we had Commitments and had to be executed so we fort on to the end and succeeded I’m very proud to say that we made it.

So Peter coming to the Name of the Band Hobbes Angel of death i heard that you guys were inspired by Slayer and converted the name to Angel of Death from TYRUS?
I loved Slayer, still do today and was happy to play with Slayer last year, it was a great way to finally show in Finland that Hobbs is not a cover band which they heard. It was great talking with Kerry a 30 year wait that night.

Peter you are considered one of the pioneers of the Australian Thrash Metal Scene and 34 years is a way long time. How do you see the scene back then and now?
 I am still the pioneer in many areas. I’m still at it the scene it has changed a lot but I guess it would, that’s evolution.

Ok Pete coming beyond Hobbs, how did your journey in Metal music began?
I’m the devil hahaha I have always been listening to metal since I was a kid.  It’s been my way of life loud music loud cars extreme everything nothing like excess. I’m very lucky to have grown up from the 60’s to have had the pleasure of the old school way.

In a matter of a week’s time you guys are on tour, can you tell us about it in a little detail?
I am looking forward to re-unite with my gladiator brothers, the lineup is now full European members I have had great people over the years but at the last tour I felt something very different, I felt choirs of demons coming from on the stage and the fans heard it to we have much more to do this year USA and South America is after Europe we are and will deliver it at our best!!!!!

As far as i have heard Hobbs Angel of Death is playing with Venom in Italy is that true?
Another long overdue event, Alessio an
d I have worked hard this last year to make things happen I’m proud to say that yes Hobbs and Venom will meet in the arena , also with many other great other bands that have been around for a long time at that fest in Italy.

Man that’s awesome playing with Venom it is like a dream come to many bands how excited are you guys.
It’s awesome, In 2014 there aren’t many bands that are all original and people passing away but its just fantastic that I have had these times I have played with some great bands over the years and met some great people in oz and os.

That’s for sure. By the way heard about you guys recording of an album during the tour. Tell us something about the new album our Readers will like to know about the upcoming album?
Yeah I’m recording again, it will have many tracks to choose.

While talking with Alessio he told that they have started the session back there in Italy. By when can we expect the album to be launched?
I would like to say x-mas 2014, I have had many offers and want it to go to the right Company I have a lot of experience in this field and want to make sure it becomes cult also as the first LP. I want to be happy with it and I know that it’s a good recording, no rushing.

Being in the global scene for around 34 years that’s a way long time Peter tell us how your journey was from 1980 till present date?
Lots of rocket fuel many jumps and slides deep waters tall mountains some good times some bad but I am still here trying!!!!!

Alright Peter rapid question tell us in your view for the following time frame 80’s 90’s 00’s and present time?
Loved every minute.

What are you hearing nowadays?
I am not listening to a great deal trying to keep focused on my own stuff and writing.

Well that’s for sure when working for an album. So apart from music what do you do?
I build fast cars, the more power the better, i like to drive things that are uncontrollable

That’s awesome man. So, any tips or message to all the young thrashers you for sure are an encyclopedia for them. So, any useful tips to the young bands I am sure you will like to share some stuffs from your experience?
Stay strong, you can’t please everyone but those that you do treasure it and respect it I have always said in my career that the Hobbs fans come first, without them there would be nothing and I would of course not had the opportunity to do what i have done over the years and my sincere and deepest gratitude goes out to them

I was supposed to ask you this before and now I remember it, any dates in Asia?
We are working on Japan as we are chatting.

Cool best wishes for it so, any message to fans?
Cheers to all Hobbs Angel Of Death fans around the world, You guys and girls rule, love you all can’t wait to see you over the next coming months thank you very much for giving me the time for this interview, stay safe take good care of your souls I’m gathering healthy ones.

Lastly a space for you to ask if we SNRMB team has forgotten to ask. Feel free to ask. Space all yours.
Awesome talking to you let the Hobbs Angel Of Death unit say it all on tour cheers

Thank you Peter for your time
Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Regards

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