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Interview with Jakub Regulski from Poland Based Blackened Death Band Morthus

Its awesome feeling that we get to know much about the new bands from different part of the world and to be quite honest RAKTAPYAS compilation album has helped us to go beyond Nepal and get to know many bands who are not yet known. As per this seek we got a chance to talk with one young killer Blackened Death Metal band Morthus from Poland. We had a short talk with there drummer Jakub Regulski. So without any delay here we go. Do check out their E.P while going through their interview. Here is the link.

Greetings Jakub. How are you guys doing back there in Poland?
Hey, actually it's great here, lot of gigs ahead for Morthus.

Tell us how the journey of Morthus begun?
It all began in July 2012. When we met for the 1st time, we were complete strangers to each other. Having similar taste and passion for music, we thought of jamming together and started covering bands like Sepultura or Exodus. As time passed by our guitarist did not show up for rehearsals and we had to replace him. Then I thought about Paweł, who was poorly equipped with a guitar and vocals (as we all were with our instruments, haha, we all practiced like nuts). Then the day came for the first concert in Warsaw we opened for the band Wolf Spider one of the well known band in the country. After the gig, we decided to change the guitarist (Rafal Szymanski). Cardinal spoke to us which none of us knew, until we met him at one of our rehearsal in Warsaw, and after some jamming sessions took him on a permanent basis.

So Jakub, coming to the band named MORTHUS, what does it mean?
We say that this is own name like Pepsi or lays, but Mortem is death so we connect it somehow. Haha.

Poland is renowned for its extreme scene globally, has there been any influence on you guys in starting a blackened death metal band?
Sure, I think the biggest kick for us were bands like Morbid Angel, Destroyer 666, Dissection and Behemoth.

Killer bands. So you guys are having a gig with RAGEHAMMER, THUNDERWAR and RAGING DEATH this December how is the rehearsal going on?
So far so good, we'll inform you about our upcoming mini-tour very soon.

For sure. Before we proceed we will like to know much about the E.P The Abyss that was recently launched.
Ok, so first of all, the Abyss is our first official recording. We released that to have a promotional material, because our first demo "Legacy of Astaroth" was recorded by us in garage conditions and it wasn't so "fresh" (as you could hear we changed our style a little bit). Tracks which this EP contains are our new tracks ones, so we decided to record them. We want to say that they define our style and we want to continue with it. The E.P starts with song called "Torment" which was a spontaneous idea. We entered the studio and we met our friends from Bestiality totally wasted after concert with them. We didn't have any idea for intro to this EP so we recorded our screams and added some sound of burning city. Nothing sophisticated, but we are glad of results. First track  "Beast from the Abyss" was composed by Paweł, who combined our riffs. I added my drums parts and we finalized it during rehearsal. I composed solo day before recording and last bass part was added day before. It is the first song in our current style. Next song "In the White Wolf's Kingdom" is a little bit different. We treat it as a kind of ballad because it's our only slow track. It is also composed by Paweł and I added only my drum parts. Personally, it is my favorite record in terms of drums and guitar solo. Moreover, it is our last song about winter, paganism, wolfs and stuff like that.

Recorded in Mandragora Studio mixed by Maciej Radecki the EP The Abysss is no doubt 12.44 minutes of brutality. Have been blasting this E.P multiple times since Slawomir and Mateusz  made me aware about Morthus. You guys are one of my favorite bands whom i stream frequently.
We're really glad to hear that, and I can say that LP won't disappoint you either.

Well excited about it. I heard that this winter you guys are hitting studio for full length. Tell us about it?
Actually we are going to enter Mandragora Studio at Sumner/Season 2015. We're still working on fresh material, as we are planning not to repeat any previous songs, maybe one or two but that's all. Complete fresh tracks.

Will be waiting for it, By the way Jakub you guys belong to the country which having an healthy extreme metal scene. Tell us how hard it is for young bands like Morthus back there in Poland.
Well, it is quite difficult, let me share it with you. These two years I and Emil had to ride for rehearsals with the car stuffed to the brim with all equipment, 25 and even sometimes 35 km for the rehearsals, cause until now we do not have a permanent place for it, you've probably seen on my social media page and as well as in our previous talks. We slowly finish up our first official rehearsal room in Warka, now Paweł and Cardinal have to travel, but it's easier to pack guitar amp and guitar than whole drum set. In terms of recording, it is not too good because we are very young and it is difficult to get even for a seasonal job that will cover the cost. I can complain about myself for hours, but we are not a bunch of pussies to cry. We just wrap our sleeves and work far enough forces. We haven’t earned even a penny on this band and we even don’t expect to.

Yeah that’s for sure NO PAIN NO GAIN. So Jakub coming beyond MORTHUS what do you guys do beside MORTHUS?
I'm studying sociology, Paweł renewable energy technology, Dominik is writing secondary school certificate, and Emil is high school student, as you see, We're pretty young, I'm 21 and the oldest , haha.

Its good to see that youngsters are taking there music seriously. So far i have worked with Thunderwar, and soon with Christhole trust me it’s awesome to hear and explore young talented bands emerging from different part of the world.
It’s really great to know that there are some people around the world who don't care only about metal stars from 80's. Some day in the near future young bands like us must take their place, someone has to continue this legacy.

I am very happy that Thunderwar has taken that step and soon i hope the same for MORTHUS.
Actually they're our friends, We play together in time to time basis. Infact Vit (THUNDERWAR’s Skinner) borrowed me his drum set and helped a lot with my studio session.

So Jakub coming beyond Morthus tell us how your journey in Metal music begun?
First rock bands I've ever started to really get into were AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin - and all that classic stuff, I was about 14 back then. Then came the time for something heavier - I've got into bands like Metallica, Pantera and the band that pushed me more into this music was Slayer, and I mean when I attended there concert. Before Big 4’s concert I was something like pre-Thrasher, but when I witnessed these guys (luckily with Jeff Hanneman) they just blowed my mind. I thought "wooow this is it!". And then I started to look for some more Thrash bands heavier and heavier. The othre big step in my taste was Morbid Angel. The two people who really pushed me to start playing drums were Dave Lombardo and George Kollias (almost peed my pants after meeting him). I was 18 then so as you see my journey with drums is quite short.

For sure i too played drums back in time and understand that crave to play. By the way Jakub any message from MORTHUS to the metal community?
Sure – Like George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher from Cannibal Corpse said –
Keep the fuckinng support to metal! And I request you all to listen to Morthus, haha.

Lastly a space for you to ask if we SNRMB team has forgotten to ask, feel free to ask?
Yeah, you could send me track links of bands from Nepal, I'm pretty curious about it.

For sure Jakub we will. Thank you for your precious time.
I thank you and greetings to the whole SNRMB NEPAL team, cheers! And yeah you guys must check them out - - Bestiality - totally crazy and brutal stuff from our friends!

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