Wednesday, December 30, 2015


"There are no limits, you are only limited how far you wanted to be limited                                                                        - Chuck Schuldiner (May 13 1967- December 13 2001)

A tribute to almighty DEATH all the way from Bangladesh!!!
"14 years have passed by since one of the greatest philosophers of music history has departed from this world. But his legacy still lives on. The torch that he lit up with his band 31 years ago, has been passing through generations, one after another.
Its about time that we paid our homage to that innovator, his band and their ageless creations."
This is what the Bangladesh Metal Alliance‎ representatives told us when we ask them about SCREAM BLOODY DEATH-A Tribute To Death From Bangladesh.
After the successful East Bengal Onslaught, Bangladesh Metal Alliance proudly announces its next gig, "SCREAM BLOODY DEATH", a gig where 21 musicians will come together to celebrate and preach Death, the whole Death and nothing but Death!! .
There are 21 musicians who are divided into 4 super groups who will stage 17 songs of Death (Official) and pay their respect to the band. The gig will take place on 8th of January 2016 at National Library Auditorium, Agargaon.
On Behalf of entire S N R M B family we convey our best wishes for the the success of the event...

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