Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nepal Death Fest Review

So we are a bit late this time to post the review of NDF a we all know that exams fever is all over the university level here in Nepal. OK back to the point  before we begin we will like to thank the E.U.M.S.N and Brutal Pokhara for such a marvelous experience. Was an pretty awesome time working with you guys. Was a wonderful experience seeing and analyzing the gig this closely way lot of memory. I hope like usual we can give our view without being biased.

       11th January 2014 time 1100 hrs everyone was waiting this moment from quite a long time for the inauguration of NDF . Every extreme metal fans eyes was here in Nepal to see bands from Nepal , India and Bangladesh performing together sharing one stage.
Nude Terror (Nepal)
Aakrosh (Nepal)
Dying out Flame (Nepal)
Homicide (Bangladesh)
Creature of Judgement (Bangladesh)
Fragarak (India)
Ugrakarma (Nepal)

Two bands Old castle massacre from Sri lanka and the other band from India  cancelled to play in the gig due to some unavoidable circumstance. But we hope to see and hear them live in the near future. Most probably in a matter of few days we will even be posting an exclusive interview of Sailendra (Front man of  OCM) and know the reason.

So now coming to the point. We all are aware with what happened in the last moment due tp the lack of communication later it was found that another band had booked the particular bar for there E.P launch and due to the time clash the venue of NDF was shifted to Universal Cafe situated to other part of the town. A big round of applaud to the NDF team for managing the gig in such instance. We must even thank the cafe to provide there venue in short notice.
          Since situation had changed in a short moment it took a bit time to adjust the sound system which caused to delay of the show by 2 hours. The program started as soon as every thing was adjusted. The lineup as per the slot is listed above. We will go through each bands one by one

Nude Terror:- 

They are an aspiring grindcore act from Kathmandu. They were the opening act of the gig. Their slot was for around 30 minutes. This was my first time that i witnessed them and trust me they were promising immense moshpit. Personally i really liked them and even their music forced me to join the pit . Their last song was a cover song of Cattle Decapitation  " The Product Alive". No one were able to track the errors made which was only  known when their vocalist admitted  it at last. What i felt was that it was a true sign of showman ship by Bishal their Vocalist.

An aspiring Technical Death metal Band. I've no words to say they were much tighter then then there last gig. If i am asked to say about the scenes future of Nepal Death Metal scene then the name will constitute of Aakrosh as well. We could all figure it out from the pit massive respond.

Dying Out Flame :-
 An aspiring Death Metal Band from Kathmandu. I guess i should not speak about them .I just want to say they were awesome. take a glimpse of the video which is soon to be posted . You will for sure understand what i mean.Get ready cause this year they will be launching there album.


Man i must say those who missed the gig missed the ultimate Hades chaos. Killer numbers from there Ep Annihilation Pit and some unreleased material surely made us all blow our head off. Must thank them for the Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse cover. They added some more flavor  and made the crowd much sick. Those Who Missed the gig Must say You missed The Opportunity of lifetime. I juat cant express what to say cause they forced me to go on stage and bang like anything and this is the second time i did in past 11 years. If i have to say any thing to Bangladeshi metal followers "YOU GOT A KILLER GEM IN YOUR COUNTRY, THIS BAND IS GONNA RIP OFF IN THE DEATH METAL SCENE IF PROVIDED PROPER EXPOSURE"

During the COJ Fragrak and  i got involved in other activities as i was involved in some activities as i was also co ordinating on some aspects of NDF.  During Creature of Judgement i was out for lunch so was not able to hear them properly. But i had bought there album and it was terrific. But as far as i had heard them they were terrific and what i saw was that the crowds were really supporting and banging their head. Fragrak was above my expectation as they were much high above my expectation. the lights went off and in the dark Fragrak was playing . Strange lights was not there but the generated supplied power to the sound. Later when i had talked with Fragrak crews they had thought that the lights were switched off .
Creature of Judgement


Ugrakarma was not able to Perform due to the lack of time and pressure from the local people the show had to be stopped at 7pm.They were just able to play one song.

 Lastly what i want to say is that it was a well managed gig as every obstacles were handled with an ease and one thing is for sure i was amazed to see that the governmet official was much cooperative compared to previous experience. As the venue was is hall sounds reverb problem was a bit annoying. Still with such Obstacles the show was well managed and systematic kudos to Zivon and Vishal.
                              Now rating the event.

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  1. words: '' If i have to say any thing to Bangladeshi metal followers "YOU GOT A KILLER GEM IN YOUR COUNTRY, THIS BAND IS GONNA RIP OFF IN THE DEATH METAL SCENE IF PROVIDED PROPER EXPOSURE'' \m/ homicide \m/