Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review of Survivor of Storms

Before i begin, i want to make everyone clear that i am not talking on behalf of Neither Our Official Band Dying Out Flame Nor on Behalf of Independent Entertainment. Yes i am bit offended by what happened to Dying Out Flame as they are SNRMB official band on the other hand it was the good initiation by the guys who Started 2014 with a gig (mentioning that it was on workday i.e Wednesday.)

                Before i start, i will like to congratulate Undefined Human for winning Storm Blast . This event Survivor Of The storm is the sequel of Storm Blast as we all know that due to the lack of time guest bands were not able to perform that day. A big round of applaud for the Organizers for doing the event for the Guest Bands who were not able to Perform that particular day. This is showing some sign of ethics among the organizers which is sure to be a good vibe in the year 2014. But as we can see during the event there were some stuffs that really impressed me as well as some errors did happened which was avoidable in my view.

                The thing that made me salute to the organizers is that they gave opportunities to the Upcoming New Bands. There were some bands whom i heard for the first time. Apart from Undefined Human & Confuzone the 3  bands that caught our eyes were Disorder, Human Persecution, Garbage Inc. . They were pretty impressive. Our entire crew had heard them for the first time as we found them a bit unique and made up our expectation. Must thank Avinash and Bibek for exploring some really good upcoming Bands.

The Some of the key aspects of this Gigs Were  :-
  • Opportunities to new bands which is what we think was awesome.
  • Starting a year with a Metal gig which is a good sign for the scene which is evolving.
  • Doing a gigs sequel of the competition Storm Blast as Guest bands were not able to perform that day.

Drawbacks :-
  • Too many bands having around 11-12 bands was not something that we could digest.
  • 3 hours Delay.
  • Bands consuming way lot of time than required .
  • Inadequate monitors . Use of  Amps instead of Monitors . A least of 5 monitors were required but we found out only 3.
  • Weak Management.
  • Lack of co-operation and understanding between the people from the venue and the management company.

Talking in details now. Firstly i will like to ask some bands a question is it always Necessary to come bit late then the time you were ask to come. The thing that happened in the end i don't think blame should be made in one direction only. I will like to ask guys from Garbage Inc. you guys were awesome but knowing that the gig was on 1100hrs your responsibility was to come at 1030 and you guys came around 1230 do you think you guys did justice yet you guys stunned me by your music. 
           I want to ask the organizers even if the band didn't showed up until 1130 you guys could have started the gig with other bands. 
             Coming to Art Effects the statement they made was unrelevent . When the Band was asked to do the opening as Garbage inc. were not at the venue until then saying "The show is getting late we have a football match at this time can you put our slot bit behind" . Guys i have one thing to say you guys ONE THING AT A TIME EITHER YOUR FOOTBALL MATCH OR YOUR SHOW. 
                     Coming to Raven i didn't get for sometime weather they were on there jamming room or on concert. What took too long for you guys to adjust guys you took around 45 minutes it was a way long time in such crisis of time. Our entire crew liked your originals and personally i was expecting a way lot form you guys. 
       Disorder you guys made my day. What impressed me was your showmanship and communication with the crowds. Emmense mosh and even Walls Of Death . I was really impressed when you guys tributed Bidroha with Raining Blood. You Guys for sure made me break my neck and forced me to join the mosh.
                 Undefined Human i guess i should not speak about you guys the pit spoke what i had to say. The only error that i found was of sound it was not as good as that of Storm Blast competition . You guys even made me break my neck. 

             Human Persecution honestly i was not expecting this much from you guys. I am not much in death core but mark my word i am really impressed by you guys and i wish you guys will be the name that will be remembered in long run in Bengal and North east India.
            Coming to Confuzone a groove metal act from Darjeeling. I will not speak anything about them because i was behind there sound and i expect you guys who came to the show judge them as well as me for the sound and if any errors were there in there slot it would be my responsibility. 

                 Strangle these guys were terrific everyone on the venue came in the pit in there slot and even i was stunned by the response that i saw for there new track. What i like about these guys is that they join the pit and thus there appearance in the stage shows there true genre HARDCORE. Do check the video.
Here is the link of the video

Coming to Wakk Thuu i dont think i have to speak about them . There music reflect what they are. 

     Now coming to the point. After Dying Out Flame entered the stage and did all there sound checks the line went of which was quite unusual because line went out as soon as they were about to start . The representative of the venue were saying that the fuse of the restaurant got damaged. One thing that i found strange no matter how big or small is the restaurants or venue they have backup for fuse and a generators. In my view it was obvious for the venue as i heard the contract was till 1900hrs and by the time Dying Out Flame was about to play it was almost 1900hrs. So i hope we all can understand but in this case we cant only blame the organizers because they too were helpless. What i want to convey to Red Devils Management is that if they care about there reputation then they too must think of the bands reputation as well. Had if the bands as well as the organizers understood the Value of time, such  delay had not occur and both BIDROHA and Dying Out Flame could have performed.

One last thing i will like to convey to the organizers 
"Event managed way ma alik bhaena hijo. You guys did as best as you could but  if you could have acted a bit professional and if time limit was given it could have been a win win situation to everyone. Go for quality rather than quality. Let the lineup consist of 5 to 6 bands that will be enough" 

One last thing to the bands 
"Afule bajaune bhanne matra nasocha , timiharu le consume gareko extra time lae pachadi ko band lai ashar nagaros bhanne kura ni buja."

We cannot say anything to the venue because they just followed there contract and the main thing they gave the venue so Cheers to them as well. But i just want to say them one thing they must also be aware of the bands reputation as well at least euta geet garna deko bhae hunthyo it would had taken just 5 more minutes.

I hope in upcoming days my word shall be considered by everyone

Now rating the Gig.


  1. the review is really good...i'd like to know more about the project..if u guys have your website...can send
    me the link!

    1. Unfortunately, we don't have a web site but you can catch us in twitter facebook and youtube by typing snrmbnepal.
      Regarding page you can follow us in our fan page