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EUMSN/ Wakk Thuu's Frontman Vishal Rais Interview

Every one knows about wakk thuu and EUMSN if you are a Metalhead from Nepal. We don't think we have to talk much about them. We had a short talk with Vishal. If you don't know about E.U.M.S.N and Wakk Thuu you can check there page.
Wakk Thuu :-https://www.facebook.com/WakkThuu?ref=br_tf
E.U.M.S.N :-https://www.facebook.com/EUMSN?ref=br_tf

Since many people have only read about WAKK THUU in your interview we will come with as minimum as possible regarding wakk thuu. Firstly how was the bands India tour?
India Tour was awesome, it was a huge experience. Before also we went to Darjeeling in 2012 but this time travelling bottom of India was another big and huge experience. Also, Undergrind was one of the dream fest that Wakk Thuu ever wanted to play. We really had a hard times traveling but, playing in New Place in front of new people was such a huge experience along with foreign bands in line up.In short, the tour was highly successful because, after every show we got a positive response from the people and lots of hugs and drinks. Ha Ha Ha. After seeing us there, we were called up again to do shows in Bangalore and Calcutta in 2014.

We hope for that. Dai you have gone up with way lots of ups and down in life. You even set up an extreme society so as all extreme bands get opportunity. Do you think that your vision has been projected perfectly?
Talking about EUMSN, It’s slowly working, see we cannot expect everything to change in blink of an eye. We need to have patience for this because most of the minds are set with trendy stuffs. So unless this trend doesn’t dies within their mind Extreme Metal is not safe. Though, in last one year I have seen lots of changes, how people leaving trendy stuffs and started to listen brutal stuffs, they are coming to gigs and paying for tickets and also funding the bands in tour. They are buying local bands merchs, cds and also doing fan signs for local bands. Now there are group of boys in Pokhara, Hetauda, Baglung, Darjeeling, Calcutta and here in Ktm who is working hard to spread extreme metal and under their guidance lots of new death metal and grind core bands are coming up. Also, they are putting up gigs and sharing bands with each others, and also they are helping young ones to pick up instruments. And i call this is change because, when you get into extreme metal there is no turning back because, this is life style. Not a one season fashion walk that you do to impress someone. If we are not wrong then due to these boys the extreme tour was a success.

Doing a tour without any sponsors is a thing to respect. The final league is merged with sick fest how is the respond from fellow metal crowds?
Yes,a lots of extreme metal heads joined us in the tour, they toured with band and experienced the whole band thing. Then they exactly knew touring is not a cup of tea, it really needs lots of support from fellow metal heads and cash too. The crowd was supportive and we really feel bad because, we have to merge the two gigs Sick Fest and Extreme Tour but, we know that those who know the bands in bill and are part of Extreme Tour are aware with the facts. We really don't want this but, we have to. Sometimes we just have to pull ourselves for our own good and for others good too. Looking forward for Sick Fest because, there are 4 bands from the Extreme Tour Line up.

Pretty excited about that. I just heard that your other band KROADH which was hibernating from a quite long time is coming back on the kill rampage is it just a rumor or a true news?
It’s a rumor only because, Kroadh is dead already with Drummer becoming Sadhu and Guitarist leaving Australia to pursue his grade in Jazz. But, Canibal Forest will come back soon with killer line up and already some songs are in making process. Lets see how fast I can bring this to you all.

We see a way lot of instability in the scene nowadays especially on those bands members which who have made almost near to an international benchmark. Can you share us your view?
I guess, lack of patience and in rush of fame people decides roughly for them. When you are playing in a extreme band you really need lots of patience and passion because, you know that you are playing for a bunch of die hard fans not for a huge amount of crowd, like in rock shows. And i really have no hard feelings when people calls it quit because, it’s their choice and you cannot stop them. So, everyone who left the extreme metal must have thought of something else. I wish them good luck and hope to cross each others path in next few years. For me, extreme metal is passion and I don’t intend to make money from this. If I want to make money for myself then I will be cleaning dish at some hotel.

In this period of almost  years we even know each other personally quiet well and in our talk in initial days you said us metal is that form of music that must be kept raw and away from being commercialized . We have understood it pretty well. Dai can you share the reason why with our viewers as well?
What I really mean is, I have seen lots of school going boys who claims they are metal heads growing long hair and wearing rings, bracelets, bullet belts etc. Why is that? You are going to school, to learn something so you can have a bright future, so fucking respect the institution and teachers out there. You have your whole life to do it. So until you are in school be good to yourself and to your future. Don't give any people wrong impression about metal. And also these kids want to smoke and drink in gig, fuck you bachha. You are too stupid to be in metal. You are just a fucked up shit who is ruining yourself. You are not metal because, metal is not about destroying yourself. Ok i have seen many times, so called metal heads playing some metal songs in public transport from their phone. And this is really annoying to some people out there. Please behave yourself; you don't have to come in public to show yourself, you are a metal head. And also why do we are walking like a Norwegian with corpse paint in Holi? Why are we bringing up distorted guitars in deusi vailo? Such are the thing that really pisses me off. So stop being commercial metal because, you are really a fucked up shit in the name of metal. Death to such faggots, you are such a fashionable dick that even Rekha Thapa fucking hates you.

In name of musician some wolves costumed themselves as sheep have been attacking scene by jacking off fellow artists gags ,fraud, as well as playing with sentiments of people and recently the same case happened. Let’s not say the name but that guy was considered one of the futures of the scene here in Nepal. Feel free say your views regarding this issue?
You see, when a man is destined to do something like, if they makes up their mind to do certain thing, he will do it. He will not think which way to go, either the good way or bad way he wants to get there. The only thing matter to him is, his dream and what has he thought of himself. So, i suggest fellow people to be practical too because, this is real world and you are living in the world where one man death is another man life. So don't be a stupid fucking joke in your face, deal with the fucking reality. I hate people who cry and moans and talks behind, You either have to get opportunity or you have to bring opportunity to yourself. So, be calm because, you cannot stop this world from moving.

Coming back to wakk thuu again can we have the fixed new lineup?
There is no line up changes; Wakk Thuu is still Rozan on guitars, Sarbesh and Prachanda on drums, Bhufan and Aabeg on Bass Myself(Vishal) on vocals. Though, Jay has insisted us he will be back after two years and also he is writing new materials for Wakk Thuu.

The tees of ja mar kukur was indeed a success. Dai there is a question on everyone’s mind when will wakk thuu hit studio for an album?
Yes, the tees were sold out. Ha Ha Ha. Yeah sooner or later we will have an album. Like I said, when you have a beautiful wife you can fuck her anytime. So, there is no rush but, soon we are doing a live album for some foreign labels.

Can you say the top 5 albums that on your view once should have?

Well this is really tough because, there are no top 5ive always.... But, my playlist always contains Dismember, Unleashes, Vomitory, Napalm Death, Nasum, Anal Cunt, Extreme Noise Terror, Nausea, Death, Suffocation, Seed, Kreator, Exodus etc.

As per your view the 2 bands from Nepal who will be the Name of Nepali metal scene?
This is absolutely stupid question because; bands here are just another brick on the wall. A band comes and they give a bit to local scene and when time comes, they move with their personal life. So, it’s not about face of Nepali Metal Scene, it’s about how much you give to this scene to keep it alive. Bands should focus more on giving to local scene rather than trying to become the face of Nepali Metal Scene. As long you are in band and in this scene, give your best and play real and help the young bands around you, give them your thoughts about metal and support them.

Message to all extreme metal bands followers?
Come to local bands shows, buy tickets and merchs, cds. Talk about them, share them and keep it real, sick and brutal.

There is a saying in the scene that you don’t prefer light metal and even many people say they don’t have guts to talk with you regarding that. What do you want to say to them? What does light metal means to you?
 I am not against some old school rock and blues, jazz stuffs. I like lots of old school music but, I only don't like trendy stuffs like Metalcore, Deathcore etc. because, this is not metal. Its just a trend that few faggots brought to light with the help of some big corporate house. So, fuck all these trendy bands and their ass pricking guitar riffs and shitty vocals. See, Glam metal died, Nu Metal died and eventually this two trends will die too because, its not real. They are fake, started by just a bunch of kids who wanted to sound brutal and really have shitty and awful (trying to sound like death) metal vocals.

Lastly, a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here? Come to local gigs and know your local bands, and talk about them and share them. And don't you fucking dare to hurt metal. And don't be a pretentious douche, if you cannot handle real metal then go find your music through radio and tv, anyway, they are always looking for stupid people to like them and follow them. Cheers to all those fucked up media and bands out there for giving their dicks to kinds. I know, you all enjoy when kids sucks your numb cock.
Lastly we will like to inform all the people out there that in 11th Jan 2014 they are doing a gig NEPAL DEATH FEST. Here is the link of the event

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