Monday, December 16, 2013

Sacrilege an Aspiring Thrash Metal Act From Bangladesh

Sacrilege an aspiring thrash metal act from Bangladesh. For details check there fan page
So say us something about Sacrilege?
Sacrilege: Well, Sacrilege is a young Thrash Metal band from Bangladesh. Sacrilege is just a few shows old. As a band we are still trying to explore our music and trying to create our own sound.

Can we say Sacrilege as a Thrash Metal Band?
Sacrilege: Yes, of course.

Which band influences Sacrilege’s music?
Sacrilege: Every member of this band comes from different musical background and has their own influences. As a band, we are inspired by Exodus, Sodom, Slayer,Havok, Warbringer, Evile, Powersurge, Black Sabbath etc

Can we know about the line up?
Vocals- Arif Islam
Guitars- Tajrianul Islam
Guitars- Arif Sadab Khan
Bass- Turzo Hasan
Drums- Saquib Ahmad

So any project in the pipeline?
Sacrilege: None at the moment. We are focusing on making songs now. But when it will appear to us that we are ready and mature enough for an EP, we will hit the studio.

As we all know scene is also evolving there like that of Nepal what obstacles does the band has to face there to put up a metal band which society considers pain in ear?
Sacrilege: Yes it is growing slowly. The year 2013 has been quite significant and fruitful for Bangladeshi Metal scene. More bands are touring abroad now. There is nothing major that we face from the society. Metal music is not something that big in Bangladesh as yet. So there is not much that we face from the society except for the stares hahah!

You guys are aware of Nepali scene as well say us one band from here as well as Bangladesh who are sure to rise in future?
Sacrilege: Its really tough to name just one. From Bangladesh, Jahiliyyah. From Nepal, Dying Out Flame.

So we are almost at our end of interview any message to the fans as well as fellow bands from RAKTAPYAS?
Sacrilege: Keep supporting and making good music. Lets take the South-Asian scene to a different level.

Message to fans?
Sacrilege: If you love Metal, you should go to the local shows and support the local bands.

Dream fest line up and 10 albums?
Sacrilege: Dream Metal fest line up would be Exodus, Sodom,Evile, Nile,Metallica, Opeth, Necrophagist and our very own Severe Dementia.
Albums: (in random order)
Epitaph of Plassey- Severe Dementia
Aiyyame Jahiliyyah- Jahiliyyah
Kapalgnosis- Orator
Aprastut Juddha- Powersurge
Bonded By Blood- Exodus
Master Of Puppets/ And Justice For All- Metallica
Sound Of Perseverance- Death
Enter The Grave- Evile
Rest In Peace- Megadeth
Reign In Blood- Slayer

Lastly, anything left to ask that we SNRMB team has forgotten to ask?
Sacrilege: nope, thanks for the interview brother!

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