Sunday, December 8, 2013

Krepuskuls Frontman Alexandru Anches interview


--band info—


1) ALEXANDRU ANCHES – bass/vocals

2) ALEX TAROCCO - drums

3) MARCEL RUSU – lead guitar

4) IOAN TAUTAN - rhythm guitar

Tel.number: +40 742 225 771


Official site:

Tell us something about krepuskul?

Well, we just came back from a tour in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and we are working for the new album to be launched next year. We will promote it with a European tour, but also one tour outside Europe meanwhile we are also touring in our own country now.

So can you tell about the scene there in ROMANIA?
Well, the underground scene i think is still better than in western Europe, the public is more into the show, but still quite weak... But I hope that one day more people will understand that everything comes from the underground and will support more this movement

But we had a talk with one fellow mate from there and he talked about lack  of opportunity to upcoming bands with us what do you say regarding it?
It's true... i was saying from the point of view of the crowd at concerts

So whom do you think is one upcoming band from there?
Well, i think that Negura Bunget is already known worldwide... they made it 

Have you heard any Nepali bands?
I heard from you I also watched some videos from some Nepali festivals and i liked it! I hope that one day we'll get there and have a few gigs!

We wish for that bruh. By the way any message to the fans out there ?
There was still the message to the fans. So :
For the fans everywhere! Support underground! Support good music! Support your favourite local bands! Go to concerts as much as you can! Because without your energy, without your enthusiasm, everything will slowly fade away...

Any message to the fellow band mates of raktapyas?
Well, Keep doing what you do, never give up!!! that is the message

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