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Parasites an aspiring band from India

Before we began we will like to notify you all that The Parasites are an aspiring band from Kalimpong, India. To know more about them you can go through there page.

Tell me something about your band?
We are The Parasites, a band from Kalimpong, India formed in the late 2012 with four members:
1. Lendup Sherpa (Vocals) 
2. Sebastian Gurung (Drums) 
3. Bibek Rauth (Guitars) 
4. Saugat Mukhia (Bass)
Formed by our Drummer Sebastian a.k.a Angel Of Death, we do Black Metal Acts with a taste of Death Metal & Slamming Brutal Death Metal coz we love the three Genres. That's it!

So talking about the name how did the name The Parasites came?
About the name as you know what a Parasite is, those creatures who survives by being dependent on another creature and finally ruins that another creature. We too are just like them. Haha We are nothing without our Parents & Friends but still we act like a parasite with them. We the members are personally a Pain in the Neck to our Parents, Friends & those who know us! We are mostly unwanted coz we are irritating, our mentality doesn't resemble with others and our attitude. And we take away others happiness and turn it into sadness, make people feel shameful wherever possible, criticize others, etc And finally thinking about the band name "THE PARASITES" resembles to our personal lives so we decided to keep this as our name!

Haha for sure Ok tell us how far has been the journey of the Parasites?
The journey hasn't been that far. Coz our destiny is to create a metal scene out here in our Hometown Kalimpong and Promote Metal and encourage people to Listen & Play metal music without Drugs & Alcohol but things aren't going as planned. Those shitty stuffs called SWAG; Raw Bars is ruining the scene. But never mind, we will reach our destination someday. 

So can you tell us about the scene there in Kalimpong?
The scene out here is Zero! It’s sad but we the bands from Kalimpong are only to be blamed. No matter how much we try to unite as Brothers of metal, their Ego doesn't let them do that. We believe that everything has got a place and time and according to that we must behave. Band members from our place don't want to unite to promote the scene. They don't want to follow these slogans "I Can't, We Can" and "Together We Can" But we don't give a fuck! We will promote the scene, it may take a decade but we will do it! Regarding the promotion of Metal out here, we don't resemble with our name!

It’s pretty obvious that the scene is the process of evolvement there. Can you say us about your lineup?
Yeah the scene is in the process of evolvement. And about our lineup we have Lendup Sherpa on Vocals, Bibek Rauth on Guitars, Saugat Mukhia on Bass Guitar & Sebastian Gurung as our Drummer & the one who does the Song Writing Shit! We are not just a band; we are a Family, the Brothers of Metal. And we aren't just the four guys who complete the lineup; every Metal head that supports us, the local scene and is involved in the promotion of local metal scene and bands is a part of us! Coz we aren't just a band. We are a Family

So until now how many gigs have the parasites played so far?
So far we've played only three gigs.

Can you mention us ?
Ummm our first gig was in our own Hometown Kalimpong during the Winter Festival and played two more at Savin Kingdom, Siliguri.

How hard was to set a metal band like in gadget allocation and practice room?
It was hard allocating coz things don't go as planned and our gadgets, we being The Parasites in human form we are still dependent to our parents for most of the things. So we had to sacrifice a lot like listen to them, act like as if we are the best guys in our place, etc in order to get the gadgets and regarding our practice room, our drummer Sebastian has one extra room in his house and that's where the Music Making, Jamming, Abusing takes place though we sometimes get Scary Looks by the neighbors and we get to hear people talking shit behind our asses coz of the noise we create and disturb others from our Zero Sound Proof Room....haha. But who gives a Fuck to what others say when it comes to Metal

So can you tell us which band influences your music?
The bands that influence our music are Gorgoroth, Burzum, Satyricorn, Burzum, Dimmu Borgir, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb of God, Six Feet Under, Sinister Violence (Darjeeling) and yes us ourselves too!

Can you tell us something about your original?
Our first single titled "My Girlfriend's Sacrifice" was a dirty song. It’s a fantasy story based lyrics which is all about Blood, Sex, Lust & the Lucifer! And some new originals titled Devil In Wonderland, Laughing Tarts, Parasitic War which we will be recording in the mid of 2014 is based on Fantasies, Reality and Satan! And yeah we've got some new taste of Guttural, Screeches, Growls, Squeals and a lot more of variations on Vocals, We've got a Depressive Feel with some Old School Death Metal Riffs and Slamming Brutal Death Metal Riffs on the Guitars, Blast Beats, Breakdowns, etc on Drums and Some Melodic Music on the Bass with much of Coordination with the Drums.

So we are all aware of our society as it is almost the same their and here in Nepal. What obstacles do you guys have to face especially being in a metal band which society considers pain in ears?
Obstacles, haha it’s a part of life! But nothings there! We hear people talking shit about us, judge us by our Dress Up, Give us the title of Drug Addicts, etc Social Injustice to the Metal Bands, etc. But we don't give a fuck coz we know who we are and what we are! Society, we cannot change the mentality of the people. All we can do is accept them the way they are and keep on doing what we do. If they like what we do, then well its fucking good or else all we can do is show them our Longest Finger and Keep Playing & Living the life of Metal

So which band do you think are the dark horse in the long run?
Gorgoroth! The Black Metal Lord's hailing from Norway. They've been a great inspiration for us, their history and everything about them. Their Lifestyle, Music, Attitude, it’s really inspiring.

So can you tell us your dream lineup with whom you guys want to perform?
We are living our Dream. The current lineup is at its best and no one will be able to fill the gap. Our bonding, relationship with each other, we are a family. And it would be great to share the stage with every Nepali Metal Band

Any message to the fans?
Ummm keep fucking supporting us The Parasites & the Other Local Metal Bands. Stay Brutal, Stay Raw \m/ Kill THE SWAG! KILL THE D.J! KILL FAKE MUSIC! Don't give a fuck to the social discrimination & injustice to the Metal heads & Bands. Keep doing what you do! Support Metal and Local Metal Bands or else Fuck Off! Haha and you're not Fans; we are a Family Bonded by Brutality \m/ and thanks to SNRMB NEPAL & SAGYAN DA for bearing us. Keep up the good work Guys

So we want are almost at the end can you tell us the 10 albums one should have in their collection?
10 ALBUMS one should have in their Collection are: 
1. Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt (Gorgoroth) 
2. Evisceration Plague (Cannibal Corpse) 
3. Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Dimmu Borgir) 
4. Grotesque Impalement (Dying Fetus) 
5. Filosofem (Burzum) 
6. Evangelion (Behemoth) 
7. All Shall Fall (Immortal) 
8. The Secrets of the Black Arts (Dark Funeral) 
9. Commandment / Death Rituals (Six Feet Under) 
10. Singles, Albums released by Any Local Band. And it’s a Must Share with friends and other supporters too!

Any message to fellow bands from Raktapyas?
Guys we are a family. Keep promoting metal without drugs. Stay brutal \m/

Lastly a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

No you haven't missed anything. Thanks a lot for the Interview. Keep up the Good Work. Hail Metal \m/

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