Thursday, March 27, 2014

A brief talk with Hassan Dozakhi

Multinational Corporation is an aspiring Grindcore / Hardcore / Crust bands from Lahore Pakistan . We had talked with Hassan Dozakhi. here we go with what we has to say ... to know much about Multinational Corporation You can go through their band page
You can even go through their  EP
Before we begin can you say something about Multinational Corporation?
Multinational Corporations (MxCx for short) is a 2 piece grindcore/crust punk/hardcore band made by me and Sheraz Ahmed. We both also play for thrash band Foreskin but I guess this band is to express our grind side and to discuss the politics of Pakistan

Can you say us about the scene their in Pakistan?
I wouldn't call it a "scene" as such since it's pretty much a bunch of guys playing in a bunch of bands haha. In terms of the music, the quality is good and always improving. We have bands like Dionysus, Irritum, Tabahi, Myosis, Marg,Necktarium, etc who hold it down well but we don't have much gigs happening here. Maybe one gig once a year, where we have a lot of fun, but its far too less for people like me haha.

One gig a year that’s an unusual thing to hear.
Yeah. Unlike India, Nepal or even Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, we don't have many venues to do gigs at. The last concert that happened in my city was in a swimming pool last year. Lol. All the pubs, bars, and venues got banned in the 80s due to the Islamic leadership of General Zia so we have that motherfucker to blame.

That’s a bit unusual thing to hear. Honestly for the 1st time i am hearing such thing.
Yeah. But we're trying to make things better. Let's see what happens

Well the only thing we can say is best wishes. So Hassan before we Come to Multinational Corporations, we will like to know about yours and Sheraz's journey in this genre of music which still many society considers PAIN IN EARS?
When I and Sheraz met, he had just formed Dionysus and I had just formed Foreskin. We played a show together and we became good friends after that, forming Multinational Corporations with some other friends of ours. We later on kicked those useless kids out and went on our own route. In the meantime, Sheraz also joined Foreskin on guitar, while continuing to dazzle audiences with his high-powered doom metal band Dionysus along with other side projects such as Marwolaeth, Flaw, Ilhaam etc. I also have other side projects such as Nihilist Holiday and Kafir-E-Azam, both play different kinds of grind.

Coming back to Multinational Corporation how did the name came?
It was inspired by the Napalm Death song. We just randomly named the band, didn't think about it much lol.

Ahh Previously n 2013 July you guys had launched a promo can you say us something about it?
Yeah it featured 2 songs - Salaab and Advertisement Overdose in unmastered forms. Advertisement Overdose in fact had a different mix than the final EP version. Before the promo 2013 we also had a demo in 2011 called Equality with our original lineup.

Talking about the EP Jamat -al-Maut , must say its a 12.43 minutes of brain crushing 8 tracks . I really liked the entire tracks but if i had to choose one track Jamat -al-Maut will be on my 1st choice. Can you say us actually what does it means?
Jamat-al-Maut means Congregation of Death. It's actually a mix of the Urdu and Arabic language. If it was pure Urdu it would have been called Jamat-E-Maut, but we put an 'al' in the middle to mock the people who look at Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda as their heroes. The album was named by the artist, Aneeq Zaman, who also has a killer grind/hardcore band called Throttle Instinct that you should check out

For sure will check them . By the way Hassan Apart from being part of many bands you even conduct interviews and as well as you are contributing for the upliftment of scene in Pakistan as well as in Global scene through your writings which is infact a real good thing and must say i respect you personally for that...
Thanks bro. I'm flattered. No one earns anything from this metal/punk/grind/etc shit dude. We just do it for the fun of it, and my reason's the same. If people read my interviews and reviews and got to know about Pakistan's scene then I'm happy. Personally I don’t give a fuck about the country, I'm not patriotic at all, but I do care about wherever I live and I want things to be relevant to my interests.

Yeah but many people take it as a earning source which sometimes i face as well when i have talk with some people. They directly merge it with earning without understanding that its passion that drives us to write and play the music..
Yah exactly . We have other shit to earn money with. We don’t want to corrupt our art with money. We earn money through real jobs and shit haha

Yes whoever i meet and have discussion on this topic i say them that its our passion that drive us to work rather then any fringes and benefits. If we go in depth we can even see that how materialistic and money oriented people have become.. By the way i have portrayed this saying with White collar Communism while going through the track and lyrics..
Thanks man, that's a very personal track to me since I've always felt that the rich people and upper class in Pakistan always fuck the lower class. And in Pakistan a lot of them do it while using the communist and socialist rhetoric of Marx, Lenin, Mao etc. Absolute hypocrisy - talking about equality while drinking expensive coffee.

Exactly . By the way Hassan talking about Grind/Hardcore / Punk it is a kind of genre having sarcastic and double meaning lyrical themes . Awaring and talking about wrong aspects in society in a sarcastic way is the theme of grind but nowadays we see direct insult of people or things do you think that is fare enough or justic to GRINDCORE?
I think the lyrical themes of pure old school grindcore should always stay concerned with society, and politics. But as far as directly insulting people goes, it's not my sort of thing, and I don't know of any bands who do it (directly insulting politicians is another thing, I welcome it haha) but whatever floats people's boats. I'm not a preacher here to tell people what to do.

So Hassan can you say us which albums (any genres) are you tuning nowadays?
I'm listening to a lot of classic garage rock by Velvet Underground, Iggy and the Stooges, New York Dolls, as well as Gothic Rock like The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. Also some 80's punk bands like Husker Du, Naked Raygun, Black Flag.. even some electronic like Aphex Twin and Die Krupps. I have a very varied music taste! Haha.

Any gigs or any new demo launch from your projects as well?
Yeah. Kafir-E-Azam is working on a split with Matka Teresa, Nihilist Holiday is doing a split with Zombie X Incest and Snuffx, and some big news from Foreskin is incoming.. also, I'm looking to start some black or death metal projects when I have the time hehehe. Multinational Corporations has plans to do some splits, we have had some offers but let's see.

Can we expect gigs from Multinational Corporations?
YES we are looking into playing some brutal gigs. Foreskin guitarist Amar Ali will join on drums for our live set.

I am sure its going to be insane, and hoping to know about the dates of gigs soon as well..
Cheers bro. If there weren’t so many visa regulations in our region we'd already be touring Nepal and India haha

That’s for sure haha. By the in the talk i forgot to ask you regarding your articles as well So when can we get to read your upcoming article cause going through it once never quenches me?       
Soon! I’ve gotten free from recording so I'm going to interview and review some bands soon..

Will be waiting for it. By the way we are almost at the end now any thing you want to share with the upcoming bands. I am sure you have a way lot of resources which will help way lot of upcoming bands to grow?
Yeah. Don't wait around for people to help you. Do shit yourself. If you don't have money, save them and get better equipped. It may take years but it will be worth it - just compare our first 2011 demo with our latest EP. Also, always be honest with music and keep discovering all sorts of music. Don't limit yourself in anything!
Any message to your fans and followers? I am including myself in it as well because i really get to learn and implement some ideas from your writing?
Just work hard and enjoy yourself. Always improve yourself. I'm just a fucking lowlife so don't look up at someone like me haha

Haha for sure . Lastly a space for you to say if we SNRMB have forgotton to ask you or we forgot to mention?
Nope, this was quite an extensive interview! haha

Thank you Hassan for your time..