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Narsamhaar an Aspiring Old School Death Metal Band from Pokhara

A month back we had talk with Subash from Narsamhaar . They are about to launch their album tomorrow ie 29th March and are going on tour from 29th March  until 5th April (GENOCIDE TOUR) . To know much about the event
To know much about Narsamhaar here you go
While going through the interview you can go through the track Featuring Frank Calleja from the Malta Based Death Metal Giant BEHEADED
Can you say us something about Narsamhaar?
Narsamhaar is Nepali Death Metal band formed in 2010. We kept our genre as Nepali death metal band but we are also well known as old school death metal.

2010 to now how has been the journey so far?
So far we struggled so much to run our band continuously...We changed around 2 guitarists and 1 bassist till now. Talking about gigs we grabbed a lot of gigs till now inside the country and even outside. We are very much glad to share stage with grindcore king NAPLAM DEATH. Every things going on good till now hoping for positive result in coming days

So how did the name Narsamhaar came?
It’s a long story haha. Like i used to have my own band 5 years ago named AKELDAMA   . We guys used to play covers songs of pantera, sepultura etc. Then one day a guy came searching me outside of my home and asked me to play drums for the band KAAL and i met Dinesh, than we performed a lot of gigs in our hometown and once in kathmandu at original brutality 1st. After sometime KAAL broke up and we planned to form another band . Sagar and i used to work in same band AKELDAMA than i planned to keep Sagar in vocal and Dinesh on guitar and Dip in bass and me in drums.. Narsamhaar is like ashes of kaal and akeldama....

Talking about the line up Sagar went in military service and recently there was a saying that Hem from Kaal would be serving vocals for Narsamhaar but later it was officially announced Sumon from Aakrosh will be serving on vocals. Can we know about the exact recent lineup?
Currently Sumon Pun frontman of Aakrosh is handling on vocal and our guitarist Dinesh went abroad for study so Dipesh is going to handle guitars instead of Dinesh...

So it means Apart from Sagar and Dinesh the lineup is as it is?

A few hours back had a bit talk with your band manager he told me that the album is on the initial stage of mixing and mastering when will the album be launched? Can we know about the progress?
Our album is almost done and everything’s going on perfectly and all songs are in stage of mastering. We have not announced date officially but plans going on i think we start our tour from end of March. We will try to announce tour date officially very soon..

GENOCIDE EUPHORIA can we know much about the album?
We kept our album name GENOCIDE EUPHORIA. We have 6 songs and 1 instrumental altogether we have 7 tracks. We have 2 songs in Nepali lyrics...

Ma marchu talai is one of my favorite songs of Narsamhaar and last years Valentine massacre was the first time I witnessed you guys for the first time.
Thanks man...

We are all aware of the scene their in Pokhara. It’s a normal thing to ask but we will like to know about the scene their in Pokhara in your Perspective.
Well talking about present metal scene of Pokhara we can say a lot of people are giving interest in metal music. We can see so many new faces in every gig but there are so many mother fucking posers in name of metal rather than pure metal heads i don’t know why I am confused, but we don’t have much more bands so we can't organize gig very often..

Fags are everywhere in the metal scene. So we will like to know apart from Narsamhaar which band do you think will be the dark horse on the Nepalese Death Metal scene?
Talking about Nepalese death metal scene we like so many bands like legendry UGRAKARMA, BINAASH as well DYING OUT FLAME..Snrmb Nepal

Talking about Narsamhaar tell us something about your new album?
We have decided to keep GENOCIDE EUPHORIA as our album name. We have 6 songs and one instrumental track and we r felling so proud to say that front man of BEHEADED Frank Cardassia going to sing our one song called Stock in homicidal awe.

So how did you guys approach the Malta death metal giant's for a song. It’s really a good thing that the foreign act participating and supporting Nepalese Bands.
Everything’s managed by our salute goes to our manager Zivon.

Yeah for sure. So how far is the recording process?
Everything is clear and we are waiting for final mastering.....

So Sagar left the band for army how hard was it for you guys to seek new vocalist and how far has Sumon sinked on flow of Narsamhaar?
We thought like we can’t get good vocalist as soon as possible as Sagar. So we decided like just to release our album without any gig's but later Sumon vai came in contact with us and he is also one of best vocal in death metal scene in Nepal as far as i know i do appreciate Sumon vai so much. We did practice just once but Sumon vai he had finished around all songs of ours in short period of time we all are working hard to come out as before as we used to be........

He for sure he is one of the best vocalist in Nepalese Death Metal scene and is a perfect substitute of Sagar. So can we hear Sumon’s vocals in the album?
You will find only Sagar's vocals in our coming album. We all are so happy and we are felling proud because we are able to release our album finally even Sagar and Dinesh are not with us right now but both of them they were awesome so let's see what going to happen in coming days...

Best wishes for the album. By the way which band influenced Narsamhaar?
Thanks mate. There are a lot of death metal bands and even other technical bands who inspire us. We do listen different bands. We like bands like Soreption, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Suffocation, Beheaded and many others bands...

So can you tell us the possible date of the album launch?
We are in plan. As our plan we are going to start our tour from 29th of March.

So rapid rounds tell us 10 albums one must have?
Autopsy: Several Survival
Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Suffocation: Effigy Of The Forgotten
Cannibal Corpse: Torture
Asphyx: Last One On The Earth
Immolation: Dawn of Possesion
Beheaded: Recount Of Disembodiment
Soreption: Deterioration Of Minds
Dying Fetus: Desend Into Depravity
Deicide: Scars Of The Crucifix
Any message to fellow bands?
Just stick to your passion and practice hard! If you are into metal then you are in for lots of trouble and you should be ready for everything! If you are a cry baby or a poser than this genre is not for you. You should be ready to play in any shitty circumstances with very minimal or no return at all of the investments that you have made.
Lastly a space for you to ask if we SNRMB have forgotten to answer?

I think that’s all. Thank You for the interview!

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