Thursday, September 25, 2014

Metal Dashara - I

Its good to see that gigs are happening beyond the 3 cities Kathmandu, Pokhara and Hetauda, A week back Devdaha fest occurred in Khairaeni, Bhairawa featuring bands like Narsamhaar, Wakk Thuu which was a success. This Saturday i.e in 26th Sept 2 gigs are happening one in Hetauda i.e SLAUGHTER HOUSE DEATH FEST -II and the other one in Biratnagar i.e Metal Dashara -I. We will be talking about the gig in Biratnagar.

First of all a big round of applaud to  Metal freaks Of BRT-\m/ team for coming up with a gig in a place where the entire place is influence by Bhojpuri and Bollywood music. Personally i feel very good to know that youngsters from there are working hard to create a scene back there in Biratnagar as i have some personal relation with that city as well.  We are already aware of the situation there in east as many things were expressed to us by Agyat and Sin Without Cease during there interview.  

As per the information we got Dying Out Flame will not be able to play in the gig due to some unavoidable conditions. Resulting Agyat, Crude Fixation and Sin without Cease will only be playing in the gig. There is a chance of including one local hard Rock band on the opening slot. As per the my talk with their representative it is hard for me to say that it is going to be there last gig of Agyat as they are officially splitting. 

We had a short talk with Agyat and Sin Without Cease a few months do check them out and know much about them as well as the scene back there in East Nepal.

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