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Agyat an aspiring Blackned Death act from Biratnagar.

Formed in the late Nov of 2012 Agyat means the unknown . They are one of the aspiring Blackened Death Metal band from Morang (Biratnagar). To know much about them you can go through their band page. 
Here is a short talk that we had with them a few days back..
Before we begin we will like to know how your experience was sharing a slot in Genocide tour supporting Narsamhaar.
Well, it was an awesome experience sharing the same stage with the Nepalese Death Metal Giants Narsamhaar. We have to learn so many things in this scene and genre. Along with Calamitian, obliterating vortex, error played their part well. Infact it was our first gig with them.

Agyat how did the journey begin?
Firstly, we faced a way lot of problems socially, especially from the local scene. Despite the thought of working out in the death Metal bands Rajan dai  ,me and Ranav had an interest towards black metal at the time we met him. So, we discussed what the genre is going to be. We stated listening Cannibal Corpse, Death, Morbid Angel.. The old school types while trying to understand each others common taste blackened death was a common interest and thus Agyat was formed.

Can we know about the scene there in Biratnagar?
Biratnagar.. Well frankly there is infact no scene at all, if we carry guitar here and walk along the road the people look at us like they have never seen it before. Frankly speaking, we are the only metal band here in Biratnagar.

Yeah i have seen that when we guys met back their few weeks back. By the way we will like to know the current lineup of the band?
Suraj (bass),
Ranav (vocals)

Agyat the Nepali word for 'unknown' while making a bit of studying we found out that you guys are the only metal band in Biratnagar and people over there have not yet understood this particular genre. How hard is it to keep up with a metal band where the scene is null infact no metal bands are active there. And you guys have to go neighbor district (sunsari) for the gigs right?

As far as I felt during my recent trip what I found was that maximum bands are the Metal core bands and from all the bands I met there you guys were the only Death(Blackened) metal band. And I must say that you guys deserved a slot in the GENOCIDE TOUR DHARAN LEG. Along with that how was the response from fellow bands. You guys played just 2 tracks and to mention opening act in DHARAN Leg how was the overall experience?
Yeah! it was our first extreme gig...& Thanks to you, Nikhil & Narsamhaar. We have learned a way lot from them & we came to know that our Nepalese Underground scene has become more complex & competitive. Overall it was a lesson to be learned. Guys from Narsamhaar are awesome extreme musicians and totally down to earth. They came to us approached & talked with us and shared a way lot of stuffs. They even helped us in sound setup & connection specially Hem dai & Sumon dai. We were totally speechless at that time No words… We will be supporting them in every possible way.

Well currently you guys are in studio working on a demo 'GLORY OF DEATH' which matches our upcoming production as well. So how far has the recording progressed?
Yeah the drum track has almost been finished.

So any updates of the band like upcoming gigs and stuffs?
Yeah there is one but we are dropping the show due to some issues.

Now keeping aside Agyat Saurajya we want to know your view regarding one thing. The scene started here in NEPAL around 2 decades back even though band tour outside valley. But don't you think the scene is just isolated within 3 cities (KATHMANDU, POKHARA and recently HETAUDA) of Nepal. ?
Yeah it’s a bitter truth. We are really helpless regarding these issues, But the matter of fact is the musician are responsible for these scenario..

That’s for sure but don’t you think the scene is bit centrical like gigs happen in many cities example Butwal, Bhairawha, Itahari, Dharan, even Birtamod, Damak have some activities don’t you think these cities having some good rock and metal bands are neglected and are not exposed? Cause personally until few months even we were not aware of activates happening in the eastern part.
Well actually we need a organization or firm to show that bands are active, what we felt is a serious matter .We think that bands are not ready enough to come out or to be exposed since we have been growing up listening about ktmrocks, their magazine & they were solely responsible to spread the roots over the corner of Nepal. But there are couple of things that soaked up the scene here in eastern Nepal especially in Biratnagar .The people who played extreme metal in Kathmandu never thought these places are the right station .Had they come least once ,things would have been different. Apart from Narsamhaar Binaash and UgraKarma toured here once and there was black tour a way long time ago done by the guys from NEPFEST and the evolving tour by Underside. Last August the EXTREME TOUR Dharan League was cancelled. What i want to say is “Scene ramro chaina bhndaima eta ko league cancel garera k artha bho! atleast some bands would have been exposed a bit ahead than it happened at GENOCIDE TOUR”  Anyways my saying may sound like  couple kids fighting for candy but it is truth they choose Pokhara, Kathmandu and Hetauda and then some people comments 'why is your scene not doing anything?’, but the good news is that recently they have placed the sick drummer workshop in Biratnagar which shows some hope of scene evolution and Finally at Biratnagar the metal heads will be blessed. Shortly what we mean to say is that we need some activities with bands from Kathmandu to play here so as activities can happen so things go systematic.

So apart from Agyat what do you guys do?
Ranav and I are finishing our +2 and Anuj he still in +2 and Rajan dai works in designing and Arjun at bank.

So we are almost at the end any message to fellow band ?
We have learned so many things from Genocide tour Nepal death metal scene is getting more brutal & complex day by day but still in the scene we can figure out that riff, that bar , and that sweep, is totally a copy of XYZ bands, everyone nowadays wants to go technical but they forget to remain raw, crunchy natural & stick to their original stuffs

Any message to the fans especially any message to the bands outside eastern Nepal (Kathmandu , Pokhara, Hetauda and other cities)?
Yup all of these major cities of Nepal are doing really going extreme & brutal. We are proud to be a part of this, Even though some haters's & poser's don't like us

Lastly a space for you to ask if we SNRMB team have forgotten to askyou can ask us here?
Nothing much

Thank you for your time

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