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Psychotron Thrash metal act from Bangladesh

SNRMB: Psychotron(Bangladesh)

Psychotron is a Thrash Metal band from Sylhet, Bangladesh formed in mid 2011. Recently after signing with East Bengal Onslaught for their event ,we went through some of their live videos as well as there tracks and trust me people these are the young guns from Bangladesh who are sure to thrash em all. They are about to perform at East Bengal Onslaught in Dhaka along with Orator, Homicide,Enmachined .

We had a little chat with their vocalist Abeer. Let's have a look at it…

So tell us something about your band?
Hello there. Psychotron is a 6 piece old school/raw thrash metal band from the holy soil of Sylhet.

How did the band form and can you tell us about the line up?
Psychotron was formed by tearing apart the filthy womb of Prisonerz. Our band has Emon on drums, Arnob on bass and Muttaki, Dhrupo and our mighty riffer Rahat on guitars. Mainly Muttaki and Dhrpo both manage the solos duty. Our band is the result of years of practise and dedication for this genre.

Which bands influence your music?
We are hugely influenced by bands like Sepultura, Slayer, Pantera and other thrash pioneers, nothing but only true thrash metal.

How many shows have you done so far?
We've done around 11 shows till now with Rockstorm vol 4 and Metal Fest 2 being the most memorable. And yes Rebellion of Metal was an ass-kicking gig too.

Any project in the pipeline?
Psychotron will be releasing the debut EP this year hopefully and a few gigs. That's all in the pipeline for the metalheads this year.

How is the scene over there? What are the good bands and good gigs?
 Psychotron had to struggle since the time of its birth. As we don't live in the capital city there are always many drawbacks here. Still with bands like Metropolis, Syl X, Mask, Nordic Shadows, Sapnic, H2so4, Art Of Ruin, Metacornt and gigs like metal fest abd rock storm; the scene here is good to be proud of. And its metal, metal is here to stay.

As we all know scene is also evolving there like that of Nepal. what kind of obstacles you guys have to face there to put up a metal band which the society considers pain in the ears?
Well the metal scene is ever evolving and the scene won't be the same as it is in Sylhet now. We had to listen to people talking shit about our genre and not liking whatever we did and we really don't blame them. It was the scene at that time in Sylhet. But the only thing that matters is the devotion towards this genre and hours of practice. The metal scene here has to grow and I know it will.

You guys are aware of Nepali scene as well? Tell us one band from here as well as Bangladesh  who are sure to rise in the future?
Bidroha and Dying Out Flame, these are the two most ass kicking bands from Nepal. I mean I would literally bleed my brains dry listening to them. And to me, great bands come up only because of a good scene. And from our national scene there are lots of favorite band like Thrash, Homicide, Mirrorblaze, Dissector, Enmachined, Sacrilege.

Is there any good/funny memory during or after the show that you would like to share with our readers?
Performing as a guest vocals with Hell Raizers on Rebellion of Metal was surely a great memory. And yes all the fun the both bands had in the hangouts

How excited are you guys for East Bengal Onslaught? What do you have to say about the folks from Bangladesh Metal Alliance? How are they promoting your band?
We are really very excited for East Bangal Onslaught. It's our first show in Dhaka and sharing the stage with such extreme metal bands of Bangladesh is surely a great acheivement for us. Bangladesh Metal Alliance was very supportive and yes they're promoting us pretty well. Nabil bhai(manager of Sacrilege and Homicide), Mim bhai(Banxai Chaosmaster, the monster from Homicide) and Anzan bhai(Drummer of Dissector) gave the support to us. We want to give very special thanks to them.

You dream Metal fest line up and and 5 all time favourite albums and 5 favourite albums from Bangladesh?
Orator, Severe Dementia, Powersurge, Homicide, Thrash - yes thats enough for me to break some bones in the mosh pit. Albums like And Justice For All (Metallica), Rust In Peace (Megadeth), Cowboys from Hell (Pantera), Hell Awaits (Slayer) and Arise (Sepultura) has an everlasting spot on our hearts. And yes the Bangladesh albums like Auprostut Juddho (Powersurge), Kapalgnosis (Orator), Rockstrata (Rockstrata), Shottagroho (Gene Split) and yes Triumph of The Villain (Mirrorblaze) are our favourites.

So we are almost at the end of our interview. Any message to the supporters as well as the fellow bands?
We just want everyone to listen to real music and support the bands. It's not our occupation, it's our passion and would like everyone to listen to our stuff legally. Yes and please support your local scene, you might get the next big thing emerging from you neighbourhood, you never know. Life is all about struggling and making your own way and as for metal, as I said earlier, it's going to grow. Ave!

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