Thursday, April 17, 2014

East Bangladesh Onslaught

In this journey of 21 months have gone through way lot of up and downs got way lot of support and love from both our home crowds (Nepal) and surprisingly from our fellow Bangladeshi bands and people as well. Before I proceed I will like to thank all the Bangladeshi brothers and sisters for providing me such love and respect. To convey my love gratitude must thank guys from BMA as well as the entire East Bangladesh Onslaught team for providing me this opportunity to say my thanks to all you guys from Bangladesh. In my previous as well as upcoming projects I am and as well as in future will be working and helping bands from their as well. Currently I am managing one Band from Bangladesh as well and I feel that I am also the part of the Bangladeshi metal family.  Thank you all of you for providing me and my entire SNRMB crew love care and respect. Must thank Dip and Banxai for introducing me in depth of the Bangladeshi metal scene. Thank you Nabil for providing me this opportunity to convey my gratitude towards Bangladeshi metal heads. Along with this thank you all for cheering our national cricket team and also for providing awesome hospitality to NCT.

So talking about the East Bangladesh Onslaught, we will be interviewing some bands as well and will be posted in the matter of week. Right now we have republished Sacrilege and Homicides. On 18th April will publish Psychotron interview on 21st April of  Burning Democracy 24th April of Enmachined. Stay tuned people..
Jay Metal

We urge all fellow metal heads from Bangladesh to participate in this event and show your love and support to your scene. Attend gigs , buy bands merch and please don’t expect these things on free.


  1. Thanks For Everything Man Never Seen Such A Dedicated Metal Promoter Through My Whole Life . . . . Respect

    1. you know how we work bruh.. its all for the love and support we got from your land :)
      Cheers long live metal

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