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Near Death Condition Death Metal Act from Switzerland

I guess I should not talk much about this band. Nepal you have already experienced this death Chaos!!!
To know much about NEAR DEATH CONDITION you can follow them in their Facebook page and know much more about them..

Before we begin we will like to ask you guys regarding your NEPAL tour in 2012 at SILENCE FESTIVAL. How was your experience back then?

It was an awesome experience. We've played in front of an amazing crowd and met lots of fans, very cool people. It was a real honor to be part of the third edition of the Silence Festival!!

From 2010 i have been following NEAR DEATH CONDITION and during the festival and personally i am die hard fan of you guys and was in the festival just to witness you guys. It’s an honor that i am able to talk with you guys. 2001 until now how has this 13years of journey been?

Thanks a lot for having been such a loyal fan all that time! During these 13 years there have been ups and downs, but since the release of our previous record “the disembodied - in spiritual spheres" and the line up stabilization we are very excited by what's happening to the band. Worldwide distribution of our records, shows, Silence Festival which was one of our most amazing experiences until now!

The avatar, Prayer to the universal one , trinity, expecting putrefaction , in the name of the destructive god storm are some of my favorite tracks from NDC. These are some of the track i listen almost everyday. Especially Guido's blast drumming and gravity blast/roll it takes Near Death Condition's music to that extreme edge.

Glad to read that some of our songs are blasting almost every day in your home

As far as i know you guys are under UNIQUE LEADERS ALBUM and have signed 3 album contract with them and recently a week back ago i.e. 24th march you guys launched your 2nd album ''EVOLVING TOWARDS EXTENTION'' recorded in non other than the renowned Hertz studio Poland how is the respond so far. I am unable to grab them as it’s not available here. Was going through one album review it was 8/10. I am eager to grab a copy as well as grab the previous album as well as i lost the CD. And if i am correct Wieslawscy Brothers did the production.

Yeah that's right, we've signed for 3 albums with Unique Leader Records and "Evolving Towards Extinction" is our second album released by Unique Leader. Actually we've done 3 albums: "Delusional Perception of Reality" in 2005 that we've released ourselves, "the disembodied in spiritual spheres" in 2011 and now "evolving towards extinction" both released by Unique Leader. For the recording process of our new record, actually we've recorded all tracks in Switzerland in our home studio and we've sent the tracks to the Hertz Studio in Poland for the mix. And Wieslawsky brothers did the job. Then we've sent the mixed tracks to the Iguana Studio in Germany for the mastering, which is also an important part of the sound of the new album. For your lost cds, maybe Guido could bring them to you next time he goes to Nepal...

That will be an honor. Wieslawsky Bros, they are known for their work with giants like Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated and many more elite bands. Guys we will like to know about the scene back there in SWITZERLAND?

About the feedback for the new album, it's really encouraging and exiting to see how positive it is so far. We received a way lot of positive review from different countries throughout the world. Have to say that there is a pretty active rock/metal scene in Switzerland, but not really focused on brutal death-metal. Yes Hertz Studio is famous for having worked with some of the elite bands in extreme metal scene. This is why we decided to work with them for "disembodied" first, and now for the new record

Talking about the scene about Switzerland, a few month's back i had talk with guys from Derrick and they told me about (Pro - helvetia) what actually is it?

Pro helvetia is a foundation that promotes Swiss culture and artistic creation within Switzerland...basically

As far as i googled it told that bands are funded by the country to represent their country in the European region as a means of Swiss culture promotion?

Yeah!!! For sure. NDC currently don't profit from their help

So apart from NDC what do you guys do?

PAT :Teacher in secondary school

Simone : I'm sorry ! I’m not always connected. I work as mechanic -electrician

Stephane : Hi ! I m a computer scientist

Step Seriously

I don't know if there is a confusion. I manage data servers and networks for companies.

So guys we will like to know that recently (a few months back) had a tour how was it. Along with it we will like to know the recent updates of you tours?

The last time we played live before the release of our new records was in2012. It was cool, we’ done some date in Switzerland and in Nepal as well. We were supposed to play at 3 venues in Nepal, but we finally played twice: at the Silence fest and the following day at the house of music with some great Nepalese bands. We've started our promotional gigs for "evolving towards extinction" in March in Switzerland with Mercyless (French old school cult band) and we are getting ready for our next shows, one in France with Sinister, another with Nader Sadek in Switzerland and we have pending plans for other cool gigs and are waiting for confirmation to play at some festival

Well excited to know about the dates. So Pat tell us how your journeys in this genre begin. I mean who was your influence?

Our influences are the old-school death-metal scene of the 80's and early 90's, because some of us have grown up with records that came out at that time such as albums of Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Deicide

So we are almost at the end . Any message to the fans who will be going through our talk?

Thanks for your support, check out our new record and we hope to see you soon ! I'd like to add that our new record is brutal, kind of modern and rather technical, but it has tons of feelings and atmospheres and sincerity!

I don’t want to end but what is started must come to an end. Lastly a space for NDC to ask us if we SNRMB crew have forgotten to ask. You can ask us here?

Yes unfortunately! I think you have highlighted what seems important! Many thanks to SNRMB crew for time and support !

Thank you Pat Stephane Guido and Simon for your time

You're welcome, it was a pleasure

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