Saturday, August 10, 2013

Biography of Dying out Flame

                                            dhyaye panchamukho..
                                            sfati kamal kantimana..


Band Name:  -           Dying Out Flame
Genre: -                      Hindu/Vedic Death Metal
Formed: -                   24th October 2011
Location: -                  Katmandu, Nepal
Official site:-   

Current Lineup: -       Aabeg Gautam (Bass/Vocals)
                                    Bikalpa (Guitars)
                                    Saujanya Pahadi (Guitars)
                                    Prachanda Amatya (Drums)
                                    Nakchu Gurung (Vocals)

Previous Lineup: -      Rakesh Lama (Guitars)
                                     Shubash Siwa (Guitars)
                                     Rajiv Chakradhari (Guitars)

                                                                        (Previous Lineup)

Band Influences: -       Nile, Krisiun, Morbid Angel, Kartikeya, Rudra, Unleashed, Vomitory, Immolation, Decrepit Birth, Origin and many more.

The name Dying out Flame comes from the Hindu tradition. It is the last phase of the burning of a corpse. In short it can be said as the last spark of  flame of the burning dead. Talking about the band, Dying out Flame is the First and the only Hindu/Vedic Death Metal Band from Nepal

The band was formed in 2011 in Katmandu by their vocalist/bassist Aabeg Gautam and drummer Prachanda Amatya. As per them it is the reform of their previous band Mashaan which was dismantled in 2007 as their guitarist Saurav Khanal had to go India for further education. After 2007 Aabeg and Prachanda joined the Nepal music center where Aabeg took vocal/bass classes and Prachanda started his drums classes so as they can learn more about their instruments and sharpen them. Still unsatisfied with individual practice Aabeg and Prachanda decided to start a band and they started to seek two guitarists in the school itself and met with Rakesh and Rajiv and they started to jam together. Having similar taste and passion on Death Metal the four of then decided to start a Death Metal Band. Since at that time death metal was like a trend and they wanted to try something new that represents both our Hindu culture as well as Death Metal. As Aabeg had some concepts of Veda as well as taken eastern vocals they all decided to start a Vedic Death Metal. Thus in 24th Oct 2011 Dying out Flame was formed.

Eastern classical elements, Hindu Vedic mantras, clean vocals mixed with death growls, complex time changes, lead and rhythm guitar acrobatics and consistent eastern classical breakdowns are also the style of the band. The band’s music is highly influenced by the Hindus Vedas and myths of the Hindu traditions. The bands like Rudra and Kartikeya influences Dying out Flame´s music.
Talking about the journey of the band, there first gig was beginning of the end and intro concert for the pre welcome of the mighty Decapitated tour to Nepal held on 8th September 2012. This was the first official gig of the band performing live in front of crowd held at Neon pub. But Rajiv had to leave the band as he was going Australia for further studies. A few weeks later Shubash took the duty of guitars thus the band started to sink smoothly on their music. Their second gig was Brutal lunch box Vol1 which was held in Jams than headlined by Blasphemous Stigmata (Darjeeling) with bands like Bidroha, Fall , Homicidal Bleed, Broken Hymen, Diablo X and Calamitian. As per their vocalist Aabeg Rudra Gurung (Drummer for Homicidal Bleed/Psychic tower) urged him to play on this event. Unwillingly they played but they didn't realize that this gig added fuel for their publicity which showed result in their third gig. Their 3rd gig was on  

Nepfest3 road to decapitated competition on which they became 2nd out of 28 bands performing, which is a massive vote for an upcoming band. After nepfest3 there was no Touring back for Dying out Flame. We all know with good bad too happens due to some argument, Rakesh was sacked from the band and another disaster fell upon them as well Shubash decided to leave the band due to his further musical studies as well as focusing on his other Jazz project. But before he left he introduced them to his fellow mate Saujanya Pahadi whose 1st audition impressed both Prachanda and Aabeg thus he started to serve his duty on guitars. Now with only three members they started playing and they seemed even much tighter and stronger which could be seen in there 4th gig was we Protest Vol 1 held in house of music in December 2012. After that Valentine Massacre held at SanoGaucharan (14th Feb. 2013) with bands like Narsamhar from Pokhara and Abominable carnivore (Bangladesh).  That event gave such an exposure to the band that the wave of Dying out Flame expanded not just on the valley of woods. Organizers outside Katmandu also started calling them (Pokhara). After Valentine Massacre they had to drop a gig Butcher the values due to some problems. There 6th gig was Show No Mercy which happened in Purple Haze bar. Consequently a month later, after the 6th of April , they played in Brutal Lunch box Vol 2 tributes to Ugrakarma with bands like Aakrosh, Serpent Gaze, Broken Hymen and Raging into Slut, Narsamhar and so on as there 7th gig. Things were going smoothly among the three in no time good news came that their previous band Mashaan Guitarist Saurav Khanal is returning Nepal and as soon as he came Nepal, he joined Dying Out Flame. A few days later they decided to add lady vocals on band which would bring much uniqueness in band. Thus Nakchu Gurung (lady vocals from AantimGrahan) joined the band. Thus the band came with a new lineup consisting of Aabeg, Prachanda, Saurav, Saujanya and Nakchu which is the current lineup of the band.

The wave of Dying Out Flame grew in such a massive way that could be seen in there 8th gig Summer Fest 2070 held on Saturday 15th of June 2013. Thus from that gig the band has a consistent lineup and very few upcoming bands get such respond from crowds which show that they have won the heart of all metal heads in and out of Nepal.  The fans who were upset of the band not playing in Butcher the values got to hear good news of Dying out Flame playing live in Pokhara. Recently again in 6th of July 2013 they played in DISHARMONY 4 in Pokhara as  their 9th gig. In this gig the Italian Hardcore band TRACES OF YOU had to do the headlining but 3 days before the event they dropped out saying they are not able to tour Nepal. The bands like Dying Out Flame Kaal Shannon scam saved the gig and was a massive success.

Currently they are working on their full length album which is going to be released by the end of this fall. The album consists of 8 songs Annihilation of Jallandhara, Trinetra Dhari Rudra Pralaye, Maishashura Maridini, Shiva Rudrastakaam, Mahabharata and other 3 songs that are not yet revealed. The band will be on tour from 17th of August 2013 to 24th August for Extreme Tour 2013 in Hetauda (17th august), Pokhara (19th august) and Katmandu (24th august). With bands like Wakk Thuu, Nude Terror, Aakrosh, Kaal, Obliterating Vortex (Technical Death Metal band from Darjeeling).