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Interview of Hem Kumar Pun of Kaal

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Hem how did your journey of metal music start?
I always liked loud and heavy so I just listened heavy metal thrash from 90's and from 2000 . I got deep listening to slayer and cannibal corpse then my journey started of metal music.

So we can say that you are in metal music from past 20 years so talking about this long which band has been your all time favorable?
I got 3 bands always Devourment, slayer and cannibal corpse

Recently which band are you tuning?
I just talked to NARSAMHAAR member to continue it and again KAAL it's like break!

It means you may be joining Narsamhaar after the Sudden splitting of Kaal?

So can you tell us about your journey in Nepali underground scene?
From my side until/till my death I will do continue cause people they really like and love me and they always want to see me and listen to my voice. Haha I really appreciate to all for that warmth.

Can I get the story of your band and biography? What is the meaning of Kaal (although the band is on break) exactly means to the band?
KAAL- It’s the first death metal band from Pokhara-who made their first Death metal original song demo and video too. We went to band battle 2008 and we won title of Audience vote winner, we got highest vote in battle though we didn't win battle but we were proud that if audience are giving their vote to us we fell like yes we are the winner . After that because of my personal/addiction the band dismantled in 2010 and again in 2012 we reformed and recently on 19th august we went on break again . Haha ,Kaal means death!

So many people say Kaal as slam band do you admit KAAL as a pure slam band?
NO! we are not pure-slam but we do 5/6 sub genres part so we called it Vayankar Death metal

Can you say the genres that you guys used to play?

What were the lyrical themes you use in your song? Gore, horror, politics, anti religion etc..
Philosophy/anti religious-god/life's reality parts

How do you feel about the classifications of genres in metal do you think it is affecting the evolving of scene here in Nepal?
Inside metal there's a lot of genres and it's about their own choices so it doesn't effect to scene but what effect is people who act like it's their property or like they invent it-poseurs\f/

Since you have been observing the scene closely from many years what is your view regarding that time and now?
Before we can't choose like instrument or cd's album etc but now it's awesome people can choose a dam things a lots and do it betterment or contribution to metal from nepal

In current moment which band do you think will rise?


We usually find that the artist and the crowd usually get intoxicated while they perform . They take it as a necessity to perform and to look more aggressive do you think it is a mere excuse or a reality. Can you give us your views?
Oh shit it's like excuse to their own addiction so i don't do it and i can perform well-those who use they can't continue it and one reason always to break bands is DRUGS so please don't do it.

How would you define the ups and down an artist has to face especially trying to bring out a genre like metal which our society considers a pain to the ears?
At first all says like this but slowly they like it-those people they gonna like it those who got like pain etc or expose internal feeling freedom ways

Like we see society saying wrong things about a guy having long hair tattoo and involving in metal bands stuff what do you want to say to the senior generations who are not aware about it?
Haha no need to say anything cause within 5 years there going to be 1 metal head from 1 home then people will know it, so keep patience

Haha lets hope for that . Hem we usually see conflict among bands and sound crews and in some cases abusing each after what do you want to say regarding that?
It's about personal attitude-how you behave to other obviously they will behave same to you so-I didn't face such things. Everybody respect to me so I do first to them

Do you believe that artists must know there gadgets?
Yap they should-they have too know well

Since you were involved in many projects can you say us some funny incident or some incident which inspired you to write some songs?
I just feel up with my internal feelings-which I can't share or explain about it to others

So currently we are seeing a lot of cops intervention on gigs what do you want to say to them?
It's about lacking of lobbing to them-if you do good lobbing to them. Then no problem

OK, what do you want to tell those peoples who rips off the band hard work and illegally downloads their music?
What we can do? we can't stop it yaar-but we have to collect as collection

That’s for sure is hard to control piracy .. Dai(big brother) I want to ask you what do you want to say to the organizers and do you admit that upcoming bands should be given more chances by the organizers which in fact they are not giving in this case what do you want to say to the organizers?
New comer as well they should always be highly respect to them cause in every part of this world without new comer they can't survive

So any message to the metal heads out here ?
Go to gig/buy merchandise/cd's/albums/do volunteer work/and please don't do drugs

So this is going to be a rapid last question Your dream Nepali metal fest line up. Quick top 10 albums we must have in our collection both Nepali Metal and abroad?
Slayer-God hates us all
Cannibal corpse-kill
Infant bile-
Blotted Science-
Waking the cadaver
Suffocation-pierce within

Lastly, a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

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