Sunday, August 25, 2013

Views of bands and people regarding Exreme Tour Unedited version


Extreme tour was very good........htd was awesome and crowd was awesome too...and a great time there ....pkr was good ...pkr dint have a crowd like htd ..but it was good too ..we loved this tour.and tours like this should be organized very often....thanks to extreme tour for this opprotunity ...and all the genre should be respected eqaully not only death metal ......

Bibek Bhattrai :-

 It was awesome Pokhara Hetauda You guys for sure digged a way deep pit

Undefined Human:-

It was a great and a wild experience ever. It was an prevelige for us to Play with the bands from EUMSN and it was in fact a memorial one. Death Metal scene is growing Slowly in Nepal and the crowds are also getting
 aware of Metal gigs. crowds and bands are growing day by day seeing people mosh in the tour, we fel good and felt we had a good interaction. Lastly we wanna wish best wishes for ktm league to happen in 28th of September

In Hetauda The Bands and the Gig hall was Outstanding ...... Raging Into SLut Did the opening Undefined human Made Everyone Wild n digged da pit Strangle Digged the pit aakrosh made all Go wild Dying out flame also made everyone wild wakk thuu they are forever outstanding Even though the sound system was not Foreign Every band did there best to make Output sound good n they were sucessful In Hetauda Even though the Sponser Betrayed Undrfined human.... even in that condition Undifined human Organize and Gave the facilities of fooding n Lodging in their own expenses
In Pokhara It was Really Fun outside on the gig day The sound System Had Some problem.... in output ... Wires n Amps... 7 Deadly sins did the opening Strangle Came and Digged the pit Even The sound system wasn't Good They gave there best..... kaal Couldn't perform Of Some problems... Aakrosh They are outstanding No words Just \m/ Dying out flame Were outstanding but no crowds for them Obliterating Vortex All the way from Darjeeling they are Also outstanding bt no crowds Supporting them at first only me , visal da , n sabin bro were They covered raining blood in technical death metal...... and played 2 times wakk thuu there was sound system problem bt Unfortunatly visal da Vocal got Off.....
The Crowd In Pokhar Was Not Supportive Than Hetauda....


Extreme tour was fucking extreme and brutal we enjoyed a lot, mosh circle pit and banging was fucking sick and all bands were sick and yeah, we eagerly waiting for the ktm league to happen its gonna be sick \m/

Dying Out Flame:-

 A few days have passed and we’re back home after a VERY successful Extreme Tour Nepal 2013... We had a great experience and awesome time both on stage and also when traveling plus everything was truly fucking extremely amazing to meet all supporters and watch the crowd during our hetauda league and EXTREME TOUR. POKHARA EDITION shows how well recieved we was and also to see so many deathheads moshing along in our songs...we would like to thank all the guys,crews involved in this epic tour for their dedication and also our very own Eumsn Bones, Brutal Pokhara Nepal, Sabin Lama , Vishal Vof , Hem Kumar Pun, Zivon Gurung for inviting us to this tour and for making this tour its time to prepare for last edition Extreme Tour 2013 (Ktm League) last huge thanks to each and every extreme bands of extreme tour and really deep appreciation for killer technical death metal band Obliterating Vortex (Darjeeling) ..extremely awesome music and very good and intellectually humble peoples..check them out guys...

 Obliterating Vortex

Yeah sure bro we had an awesome experience at POKHARA LEAGUE. As you all know that this was our first out of station experience, we didn't even thought that the support and the response from the crowd would be that big. And also we would like to thank all the performing bands and all the members of EUMSN and BRUTAL POKHARA who supported us in each and every way and also gave a chance to perform.

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