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CHUD canadian Horror grind band


You can check them out in Reverbnation as well :-

So firstly we want to ask you all about how did you all got in metal music?
 Dez: I got into heavy music at a very young age. My dad was into Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper and KISS... so I started from there! Things just got heavier and heavier....
Jon: The first heavy metal album I heard was St. Anger by Metallica in 2003-04... I know this album is pure crap but for the 13 years old boy that I was at the time it was pretty awesome. And later I discover thrash metal with bands like Sodom and Tankard, and it was appreciatively 5 years ago that I discover Death Metal like Disgorge, Mortician and Malignancy... Still my favorite kind of metal today.
Gey: ... Still no answer

Talking about the band name how did C.H.U.D came and what does it mean?
 C.H.U.D. Is actually an acronym form C.annibalistic H.umanoid U.nderground D.wellers. It's a B-rated horror movie from the 80's. And since we all likes horror movies and that's the main "spirit" of the band, it's a pretty good name!

And can you guys say something about horror grind?
Jon: Horror Grind is probably the most extreme type of music on earth. It combine two of my biggest passion: Grind and horror movies! Most of us in that kind of grind are in the scene since the 90's and still not everybody knows them. I find it awesome in a way, it's like a classic film from the 80's in the B-rated section!
Dez answer: GORE FOREVER!!!

Like how and when did C.H.U.D formed?
Jon: I had the idea to form C.H.U.D. in march/April 2013... A guy that I know who live in Nepal propose to help me to start the project. He's the one doing the musical part on our song ZOMBIE. I'm from Canada so everything was done over internet. He later quit the band because of all his other musical project, so that's when Dez from CROQUE-MORT suggest to help me with the band, along with Gey from HUMAN JERKY. That's why our sound is very different now.

I want to ask one question. To Jon you have been include in other Nepalese act as well via EUMSN so we are pretty much sure you are aware of the bands out here in Nepal what do you want to say regarding that and how did you met Sanju for C.H.U.D?
Jon: I've met Sanju via Facebook, first I did a review for his project DRIVING THE ILLUSIONS for the Blog. I think it was one of the first I wrote. Regarding C.H.U.D., I was searching and asking friends for a band project, and Sanju was available so he helped me. Really cool guy, very talented. For the scene in Nepal, I like most of the band there, and I really hope that one day I will be able to meet them and tour with them. The scene is growing and fest are taking place, it's really awesome!

Yeah that's for sure bruh.. So guys we want to ask you how many gigs have you played back home in Canada?
None... Hahaha! I hope we will one day, but we are focusing on the album now, and we'll see what's going to happen in the future.

We wish you a best wish for that and im keen to hear more from you guys..Btw can you describe us the scene there in Canada?
 Well the scene here exist from a long time... It's not the biggest one, but in Montreal there's shows mostly everyday, and some if the biggest bands are from here, like Anvil, Razor, Blasphemy, Exciter...

So can you tell us what inspired you all to start horror grind?
Jon: I freaking' love horror and Grind core, so I just mixed them both!
Dez: Horror movies and grind core. I've always been into horror, grind, death metal... It came naturally really. In horror grind, Ive been doing Croque-Mort officially since 2008... Played in a bunch of grind, punk, metal bands before and after too

Ok so until now your 4 songs are out if im not wrong then your new song Facebook Player is launched today(10th sep) can you say about this song?
Yeah we have 4 songs released, and we released a new one today (sept 10th). It will probably be the last one before our album came out, just one last tease! Personally its one of my favorite, but we have more cool stuff coming up, and Bob from the Canadian band CUFF will do guest vocals on one of our song.

Sounds cool so can you say us how often you practice?
Jon: As a band, never. Except for recording session. We live too far from Gey to practice, so we just do what we have to do on our side. I practice my vocals at least once a week.

So any projects or gigs schedule?
No gigs for the moment, probably in the future, we'll see. We've got some idea for some splits, but we are focusing on releasing our demo tape the best way we can!

We hope the best of you come out? So any message to the fans..
 Jon: First thanks to you for the interest and the interview. I wish all the best to your blog and your plans in the future. And of course, thanks to all of you out there who like our gory noise and support us since the beginning! Our songs are available on our ReverbNation and our Facebook page for free download! Cheers... and GORE FOREVER, EH!
Dez: First and foremost, thank you all for your interest in our music! Check out Croque-Mort, the original one man Canadian Horror Death Grind! And check out my other projects too, such as Vomit Breath, a Nepal-Canada brutal gore grind collaboration. Hope you enjoy! Stay sick and brutal! GORE FOREVER!!

For sure Jon i want to ask what are you guys tuning recently?
Jon: I listen to a shit load of music everyday, I discover new bands, some that I forgot as soon the song is over and some that I really find interesting. Mostly metal (Grind core, Death, Thrash, Black, Stoner...) but I also like classical music, Jazz, some blues... I'm not picky... If you have talent and doesn't waste my time with some stupid pop shit, I might like you! But hey, metal always come first!

So Lastly we want to ask you if you have to say anything that SNRMB didn't ask?
Jon: Nopes i hope we have told almost everything we need to tell..

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