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Interview of Pritush Munankarmi "Nepal Underground"

NU aka  Nepal Undergorund. All of us metal heads and bands from Nepal are aware of them. They are some youngsters here from Nepal who have been promoting Nepali Underground Scene from 2010.
Here is the link if you haven't liked there official page.:-
You can go through there website as well and know much about there work :-
When was NU started?
To be exact , December 31 , 2010. Bikram Kawan (founder) used to put videos, mp3 in his personal blog and I used to provide few mp3 & videos back them, later on Dec 31, 2010. We started separate site as NepalUnderground. I guess the name NepalUnderground was suggested by Umesh Shrestha (Ktmrocks).

So what exactly is the work pattern of NU?
Generally I or Bikram do technical parts such as maintenance of site, writing, etc. Nurbin is our photographer and I capture videos. Actually there is no strict work pattern , we do stuff that we are comfortable with.

Since you guys are promoting scene from 2010 any ups and down that you guys have seen so far?
I haven't seen much downs but I feel like NU's readership are growing and the scene is growing as well. The quality of concerts are getting better and number of metal gig that takes place are also increasing. I guess number of "metal " / "underground" concerts that happens in Kathmandu is more than number of "mainstream" concerts. There are lots of new bands with new sound. I guess every thing is progressing slowly.. tara ahile ktmrocks active nabhaey ko ali kasto kasto lagi rahey ko cha.
                                                               (Pritush Munankarmi man behind NU)
Definitely khallo huncha ktmrocks begar . By the way how do you guys feel promoting local bands?
We are satisfied with what we do. but we feel like we are not been able to fully cover the bands and scene and something is missing. And we are doing new stuff like video interview and there are some plans for future as well. KtmRocks were better on promoting the scene.

So we wanna ask how many events have NU done so far?
Till date NU hasn't done any event fully on it's, the event we are closely associated with is Khwopa Fest II that happened last year in Bhaktapur. If everything goes right there might be Khwopa Fest III this year.

So we see ups and down in scene being a promoter how does it feel seeing the bands whom you promote get dismantled?
Definitely seeing a promising band dismantled is a sad thing. Band members going abroad for studies seem to be one of the common reason for bands getting disbanded.

Its will seem a bit biased if we ask this question but we wanna ask you which band is promising and a little more boost and sure to rise?
There are lots of bands with potentials, bands like Jindabaad, Ugrakarma, Underside have potentials to go global. Bands like Wakk thuu have cult followers, I think with proper release and international record label Dying out Flames have huge changes of rising. In Nepal I don't see band being on top by playing Metal.

Yeah for sure . Being a promoter being fair do you admit the scene here is biased free?( NO DIPLOMACY)
I don't know about others but we are biased free. If the band is good we share about them. I don't know what other do.

What do you want to say regarding the split in scene that we face sometimes?
Generally there is split on the basis of genre here. The scene is small is audience is limited I don't see any benefit on further dividing the scene. I think still there are people who regard black metal as tr00  metal core as faggot / poser metal. Death metal as only true metal etc.

Since being a promoter sometimes its seems really hard to work due to scene polarization give us your view regarding that?
There are some genre bashing but it hasn't effected much. It isn't possible to please all the people. Every one have some likes and dislike.
                                                    Bikram Kawan (Founder NU. Currently in Norway)
So any message to bands and the organizers from NU?
If band is good we will support them no matter what genre it is. Till date we have promoted several gig without expecting any return. If organizers are doing something good then we will gladly help them in all possible way. Not much to say besides these.

So what do you wanna say to your followers both here and overseas who may or may not be reading your views?
We would like to thank all those who have been following us. Growing readership is the only thing that has keep us motivated and this has motivated us to try new things as well.

Lastly, a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
I guess everything is covered... But here are few things I want to tell.
As you know NU has been putting up band biographies of Nepali band on it's site. There are limited contents, so anyone interested on putting up band bio or writing some posts for NU are heartily welcome.
Our followers who want to ask us can do so by going to

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