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Green Army Thrash/Death Metal Band From Bangladesh

An old school thrash metal/death metal band from Dhaka Bangladesh Green Army.they are one of the Best Bands from Bangladesh . To know much about them you can click the link below.

So say us something about Green Army?
Green Army is a Thrash/ Death Metal Band Hailing from Bangladesh! The Band was Formed at July 30th, 2010 by Melek Taus,Malach HaMavet and Gadreel. We Have released our EP "Reborn of The Blackened Phenomenon" From Tridroid Records USA and Nihil Interit Records Canada Both in Tape and CD's! Green Army gigged 46 gigs at different places of Bangladesh from 2010 till date.

46 that's a huge number.So can you say the meaning of Green Army?
The Army of Green!!! Actually we are hugely inspired by Poizon Green (Old) the pioneers of Thrash Metal of Bangladesh!!!! So the Name came from the influence!

Can we say Green Army as an thrash metal band?
Yeah; you can tell but we completely Old School Thrash and Death Metal!

Which band influences green armys music?
Green Army is Highly influenced by Sepultura (Old), Slayer (Old), Destruction, Exodus, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Behemoth internationally and locally Legendary Rockstrata, Inn Dhaka, Poizon Green (Old)

Can we know about the lineup of Green Army?
Ha Ha Ha, Yeah Why not!
Vocals, Bass  : Melek Taus: Malach HaMavet
Six Strings Shredder On Note Per Note: Loukas Notaras
The Southern Synthetic Beat-Machine : Gadreel
*The Warmachine of the Insane Pit, The Glow Sting : Melek Taus
The Axe Man, Brutal Scream Machine : Malach HaMavet
Six Strings Shredder On Note Per Note: Loukas Notaras
The Southern Synthetic Beat-Machine : Gadreel

So Any project on the pipeline?
Yeah We are going for some local and international compilation which will come in this year and we are also doing our Studio Full Length album which probably release on May or June, 2014!!!! We have already done some composition of our Full Length! instead of that we are regular in local gigs and preparing for some International Gigs!

So you guys may be on tour in 2014?

Can you tell us some possible places?
We have already been invited from Thailand, Malaysia, India and also my favorite place Nepal!!! Hail Nepal!

So there is a possibility of Green Army playing in Nepal?
Yeah in 2014 i guess!!! We don't know the date but i guess it will be on January or February !

Thats good to know that you guys are performing here in Nepal. As we all know scene is also evolving there like that of Nepal what obstacles does the band has to face there to put up a metal band which society considers pain in ear?
Ha Ha Ha, The fucken shits which consider as noise, they are really illiterate, they don't know it is an Art!

You guys are aware of Nepali scene as well say us one band from here as well as Bangladesh who are sure to rise in future?
Yeah and undoubtedly Broken Hymn, We love this Band and they will rise once !!! and From Bangladesh We are i meant Green Army as we know we are awesome !

So we are almost at our end of interview any message to the fans as well as fellow bands from RAKTAPYAS?
Do listen this Brutal Compilation, We guess it would be the most brutal and heaviest compilation ever form Asia!

Haha lets hope so. So this is going to be a rapid last question Your dream metal fest line up and top 10 albums we must have in our collection both Bangladeshi Metal and abroad?
Ok Our Dream Metal Fest Lineup :
Death, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Broken Hymn, Green Army
Both International and local releases of our local act !
Reign in Blood- Slayer,
 Morbid Visions- Sepultura,
 Demigod- Behemoth,
 Scream Bloody Gore- Death,
 Leprosy- Death,
 The Bleeding- Cannibal Corpse,
 The Antichrist- Destruction,
Alters of Madness- Morbid Angel,
Domination- Morbid Angel
Satanica- Behemoth

Lastly, a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
You Dint ask about our EP !

Ah yes Regarding the Ep can you tell us something regarding it?
Our EP "Reborn of the Blackened Phenomenon" was released at 25th June, 2013 from Tridroid Records, USA and 28th June, 2013 and also we have self released in Bangladesh on 1st August, 2013!!! The EP is released on Both Tapes and CD's!!! The EP also released at 10 country's of the World!!! Reborn of the Blackened phenomenon is also available in amazon, I tunes and Google Play!!!

We wish you success for your EP..Can you provide us the link as well?

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