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Obliterating Vortex from Darjeeling, India

Obliterating Vortex
 an aspiring Technical Death Metal from the lands of Hills (Darjeeling) India. To know much about them you can check there band page :-!/ObliteratingVortex

You can Stream them in

So tell us about Obliterating Vortex?
Obliterating Vortex was started in mid-2012 by me Sailu Rasaily on guitars /vocals and Abhishek Tamang on bass . Then Prashant Hingmang joined also on guitars and vocals . Sharing a common likeness for bands like Martyr(Canada), Quo Vadis (Canada), Necrophagist, Obscura, Nile, Dyscarnate, Augury(Canada), Origin, Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, The Faceless, Viraemia, Cerebral Bore, Decapitated, and others, we decided to start a project which could reflect these influences from time to time in our originals . The last one to be found/ join was the drummer, who came in the person of Rupen Portel . Then we started jamming out to create our own style in the music we were playing . After two months of jamming together, we came out with the demo "The Protestant" which can be found in our "reverbnation" web-page for free download . After that, we decided to go live, and that happened at the end of the year at the musical contest leg of the annual "Tea And Tourism " fest here at Chowrasta, Darjeeling . Then we featured at the Darjeeling Meta-legion Jampad III, opening for black metal nightmares "Kalodin" from Nepal along with other bands in June of 2013 . This time Vivek Rai replaced Rupen on the drums . A month later, we opened for "Plague Throat" at the "New World Order" (NWO II) along with other fellow metal bands from different parts of India . This time, Rupen again joined @Obliterating Vortex at the drums . By this time, we were also featured in many compilation albums . Then we co-headlined the "Extreme Tour Nepal" , 2013, Pokhara Edition with Wakk-Thhu ... then due to unavoidable circumstances Prashant had to leave the band, and very recently, we played at Hetauda, sharing the stage with the likes of awesome bands like Bidroha, Undefined Human, Dying Out Flame, Malevolent Bloodshed, Imperial Cult, Forensic Torture, Strangle, and a host of other bands at the "Slaughter House Death Fest" as of now ...

Can you explain us the meaning of your bands name "Obliterating Vortex"?

Well, visually, we could say "Obliterating Vortex" could be like a huge tornado/ whirlwind that sucks up everything in it's path to total annihilation ! And aurally, we try to create such music as the name suggests !!
You guys were formed in 2012 how far has your journey been in this peroid of almost a year?
Obliterating Vortex
As started earlier, it has been gigs, and composing new songs, though they have not been recorded, but played live, like "Butcherfest" and "Fatalist Nihilist", and getting to know and meet awesome new friends !
It's been more than a year of these activities ...

So we wanna ask you recently in a matter of 2 months you guys toured Nepal (Hetauda and Pokhara) 2 times how was your experience in the two visits?
Absolutely fantastic ! Getting to meet like-minded musicians and music-lovers, and learning from each other is always a thrilling experience !

Yeah, it sure is like minds haha by the way we wanna ask you guys are a technical death metal band and some people (including myself) say you guys playing pattern and flavor reminds of Necrophagist what do you wanna say regarding that?
We would like to leave that to the listener, as he or she may think fit to define us . In our own minds, we play death metal, and incorporate whatever we feel and think is valid to the music . Our aim purpose to go home happily is to have people appreciate us. If we can do that, our aim is fulfilled .
*Our aim purpose to go home happily and have people appreciate us. If we can do that, our aim is fulfilled *

Thats a spirit of true musician by the way sailu i wanna ask you as we all know prashant left the band now will there be a replacement or we can hope he will be back in the mere future?
Prashant was having some personal problems due to which he could not continue with the band . Yes, a new member will be there to replace him in the very near future .

Well thats a good news so any project in the pipeline?
We are planning to do an EP which should be out by next year . And then, the usual rehearsals are there, as well as upcoming gigs ... maybe we will also be coming up with some merch !

Well best wishes for your future project. So can you tell us about the Djs metal scene?

Thanks for the wishes ! We may not be really knowing what is out there a hundred per cent, but the scene is a bit stagnant with very less gigs being done here due to various constraints . This does not mean there are no metalheads or bands here ... except maybe everyone is dong it around their own periphery of existence due various limiting factors ...

We usually find that the artist and the crowd usually get intoxicated while they perform . They take it as a necessity to perform and to look more aggressive do you think it is a mere excuse or a reality. Can you give us your views?
Everyone is free to their own opinion(s) on the use of intoxicants at a show we feel, but personally speaking we do not support such things at all to sync in the crowd, music or environment . For us, music itself is a "high", so why need something else for the purpose ? Also we can get high on life itself, or, maybe meditation right ?
*maybe through meditation*

How do you feel about the classifications of genres in metal do you think it is affecting the evolving of scene there in North east India?
With a lay man's common, we feel that the different genres are deviations from the common platform of heavy metal, each highlighting and working upon the features of the "Mother" genre ... so this way, each genre does affect and mold another genre(s) ... so logically, it should affect the scene as well as evolve it ...
In current moment which band do you think will rise there in India and from Nepal?
Hell there are so many good bands out there, both in India and Nepal ... I don't think anyone is a step above the other as each are uniquely good in their own way ! Anyway, the ones we could mention are Sycorax, Plague Throat, Grimmortal, Pisacas, Grossty, Gutslit, etc., and Dying Out Flame, Aakrosh, Bidroha, Strangle, Nude Terror, Undefined Human, Wakk Thuu etc. ... we know there are a lot of very good more bands out there, but these come to mind right now !

How would you define the ups and down an artist has to face especially trying to bring out a genre like metal which our society in Nepal as well in India considers a pain to the ears?
Like every one else we have our own share of ups and downs ... hostile environments , lack of finance, oppositions, direct or indirect ! And then maybe the hostility itself is what keeps us playing - if it was accessible and an "easy thing", maybe it wouldn't be worth doing anyway probably !

Does any incident in life reflect on your lyrics and music?

Not directly in particular, but yes, definitely we are affected by things happening around us which reflects in how or what we write ...
*or play* ...

So any message to the metal heads out there as well as for fellow band mates on RAKTAPYAS ?
For all the metalheads, we would urge them to support the music, band(s) and each other ! We wish Raktapyas good luck, kudos for what they are doing, and definitely look forward to play with them ...

So this is going to be a rapid last question Your dream metal fest line up. Quick top 10 albums we must have in our collection both Indian Metal and abroad?

For a dream metal fest, it would be : Spastic Ink, The Faceless, To-Mera, Antediluvian, Impetuous Ritual, Mitochondrion, Ulcerate, Origin, Spawn Of Possession, and Augury(Canada) .
1) WATCHTOWER – Control And Resistance.
2) MARTYR – Warp-Zone .
3) QUO VADIS – Defiant Imagination .
4) CORONER – Mental Vortex .
5) ENTOMBED – Clandestine .
6) CEPAHLIC CARNAGE – Xenosapien .
7) CELTIC FROST – To Megatherian .
8) SEPTIC FLESH – A Fallen Temple .
9) UGRA-KARMA – Blood Metal Initiation .
12) BLUT AUS NORD – Memoria Vetusta II : A Dialogue With The Stars .
13) GHOST (B.C.) – Opus Eponymous/ Infestissumam .
14) CEREBRAL BORE – Maniacal Miscreations .
15) MASSACRA – Enjoy The Violence .
16) IMMOLATION – Dawn Of Possession .
17) AMOGH SYMPHONY –The Quantum Hack Code .
… oops ! sorry for exceeding the “top ten “ mark !

Haha its ok. Lastly, a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?

Thanks a ton for giving us this opportunity to express ourselves ... we really appreciate your supporting the scene to help it go forward with all the activities that you undertake ! You rool !! \m/ ... thanks again !!!

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