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Biography Grimorium Verum

Name: Grimorium Verum

The dominating emergence of Grimorium Verum (GV) in 8 August 2009 was more of a heavy duty shred in the underground metal music scene. Since then it is playing its role as a forge in metal arenas of Bangladesh by organizing and performing numerous metal gigs and concerts especially out of Dhaka where metal music is still struggling for its ground.

 All its members are well renowned for their heavy and dexterous performances; their organized and collaborated gigs especially with Noise Factory (The musician and listeners forum of Khulna University, Khulna and Bangladesh), Music Feast Club and other organizers have iconized them as one of the pioneer organizers outside Dhaka. Even from before the formation of the band was each of their members had received ample admiration as the most skilled metal artists due their extensive musical backgrounds.

In the period of 2004-2008, Niaz and Imtiaz formed ‘Artemis’ - a thrash metal band along with Priyotosh (Wild Station), Sezan (Worship Ceremony) and Uzzal. In 2007 Niaz and Imtiaz got admitted in Khulna University and along with Uzzal they brace on their voyage with Artemis. Artemis took part in scores of underground concerts in RCC (Dhaka), Nazrul Institute (Dhaka) and other well-known venues.

The other guitarist Shupto used to work in Rude Talkers’ in 2005 with some of the accredited musicians of Dhaka. The band Rude Talkers participated in ‘IAC’ (Independent Artist Club) organized by Nokia. After admission in Khulna University, he started to jam with Rip String. The vocalist Emon and the drummer Nibir had a band named ‘Death Rattle’. Then in 2009, they all started jamming together in ‘Noise factory’ after Emon and Nibir joined them.

 Then in august 2009, they felt to create music in heavier mode and the band Grimorium Verum was formed and the band first emerged in a concert named ‘Virtual Speaker’ in Khulna. The band turned more and more belligerent as the time rolled. Rocky and Pritum were the two who looked after everything else to make it possible for the band members to cope up with the swelling BPM. Right now Rocky is also working as the manager and sound Engineer for the band.

 The compositions and songs of GV are mostly influenced by neo classical, blues and extreme melodic death metal genre. While the symphonic harmonizes pronounced the melody of their music, the heavy riffs, bass lines, grinds and brutal vocals exaggerated the power. The momentous lyrics by Shupto, Imtiaz and Emon expressed the depth of their works and provided the basis for the heavy music.

Grimorium Verum promises to make their music heavy, symphonic, brutal with thematic lyrics. Its motivation is to make metal as a weapon which will rise against the dark side of society, politics and religion. Grimorium Verum has the intention to make Bangladeshi metal practice as a globally recognized figure along with all the metal brotherhood around the world.

GRIMORIUM VERUM was one of the participating acts of "METAL ASIA COMPILATION" which produced and released online by Vengeance Music (Pakistan) and The Flaming Skull Podcast (India) on 2010. Both records has come together to put out a first ever full Asian Extreme compilation (80 bands) in which some amazing bands from this continent have been featured with leading Acts from Middle East, Pakistan , Singapore, India, Thailand and Bangladesh. The Compilation has been a digital download and has been streamed On Myspace for long period. This whole digital compilation was featured through numerous website, zines and Radio worldwide and internally within Asian Underground Metal Network.

And the state line was, And get as many people from Asia and the world to join in, as we make a statement by showcasing the quality metal bands from this side of the world.

Metal Asia Compilation:

GRIMORIUM VERUM Released their maiden single track through The heaviest underground band compilation till date named " Metal Domination Vol-1", coordinated by Dip Demodulated( Abominable Carnivore). This album was produced and released by the national label ‘G-Series’ and it's released as the first ever English Extreme metal album of Bangladesh. All those crushing monstrous riffs, intense drum-works, thriving bass lines and punishing vocals will make your ears bleed.

This compilation consists of underground bands of different genres from Bangladesh.
"Metal Domination" was released on August 18, 2011 along with SATANIK, CHROMATIC MASSACRE, JAHILIYYAH, CYNOSURE, TRAINWRECK etc. renowned metal acts.

Band Interests
War, Religion, Art, Myth, History, Politics, Crippled society........

Artists We Also Like
Death, Deicide, Vital Remains, Behemoth, Decapitated, Yngwie Malmsteen, Megadeth, Pantera, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carcass, Dissection
Founded 2009

Genre Death Metal / Experimental Brutal Death Metal

Members Fahim Shahriar
 Ashraf Emon - Vocals/ Keys
Niaz Shuvo - Guitars
Ruslan Verum Shupto- Guitars
Imtiaz Ahmed- Bass
Tasbiule Islam Nibir- Drums

Former Member :
Rocky Little - Manager/sound engineer

Hometown Bangladesh

Record Label G- Series(Bangladesh),Flamming skull podcuct(India), Vegeance Music(Pakistan)

Deicide, Behemoth, Nile, Megadeth, Slayer, Malmsteen, Cacophony, Symphony X, Death, Black Sabbath, Decapitated, Vader, Testament, Carcass, Immortal, Dissection, Necrophagist, Obscura, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Exodus, Spawn of possession, Insomnium , Cryptopsy, ............

Current Location Dhaka

Contact Info

Contacts: Niaz Shuvo : 01717-877658,Ruslan Shupto : 01676-500369, Imtiaz Ahmed : 01719-115617

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