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Interview of Albatross a Rock Band From Kathmandu Nepal

Albatross was born in the year 1998 and has made a landmark in the current Nepali music scene. It all began when a couple of guys joined hands came together with their rusted guitars and other old instruments to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music, each of which has significantly influenced the music which the band creates. Evolved from a three-man school band and now currently consisting of four members, Albatross has made their presence known nationally and internationally. With a huge influence among the current generation, Albatross is also popular among anyone who likes Nepali Contemporary Music.

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Before we begin, we will like to ask you Dai how has the 16 years of journey been?
It’s been a mix of everything.

Can you share with us?
Well there was definitely a lot of struggle in it all but it was a pleasure doing all of that struggle coz we love music so much the whole bunch of albatross and yeah we didn’t do music for sometime in the middle too. But we never gave it up, it was just a short break and we all came back and did it all over again. So when i look back i only see good memories in this 16 years.

16 years is a way long time especially in a country like Nepal where the scene is now in an initial point of evolvement. What do you feel remembering those days in past?
Well there’s been so much we have been through. In the beginning we were young and very hot blooded and used to be wild on stage. Back in 2000 we used to play bamboos Thamel a bar previously owned by Robin Dai. We used to do a lot of RATM covers and i think we were the first ever band to cover them in Nepal people used to be amazed coz we covered them.

Talking about Albatross can we say Albatross as a pure rock band?
Yes we have experimented a lot in music. But mostly under rock when we recorded hi fly we were metal but yeah we fall under rock.

Until now you guys have launched 2 albums Aati Bhayo , Jo Jas Sanga Sambhandhit Cha, and recently a demo Ma Ra Malai from your upcoming album . How has the respond been so far?
Which one are you referring?

The demo ma ra mali
We just uploaded it today. So till now people are loving it. What did you think of it?

Well it’s awesome
Thank you

By the way Dai on 24th their was a Pre album gig how was the gig. Unfortunately was not able to attend due to some personal stuff (exams)?
It was just a basic gig where we played our new songs not a biggy.

Dai you guys have seen the scene both metal and rock scene closely can you give us your views regarding the scene now and then?
Well yeah we were in the underground scene. Back then the underground scene was so innocent and so raw and full of power, Even if we had 50 people come to gigs we would be awed (Happy). But now the underground scene different and huge it’s growing.
A few moments back a friend of mine mailed me that their are two more band name Albatross in India and US as well. Have you encountered such misunderstanding by fans?

Yeah just today some of the people tagged listening to Albatross but it was tagged as the Indian band.

Haha such incident happened with AAKROSH as well when a interview of another band with same name was published in a local paper. By the way Dai can you say us one band either from rock or metal scene that will rise in the future?
Hands down UNDERSIDE they are going to make it huge.

Yeah for sure. So what obstacles does a band has to face coming up with a genre like rock and metal which our society considers pain in the ears?
Well you just follow what you love and keep doing it a lot don’t let them get to your head there are people who will love your work

Does real incident in life influence your music?
Yeah our lyrics are mostly based on our experiences.

So we will like to ask you What’s Albatross dream lineup with whom you guys dream to share stage with?
Well each of us will have our own say on that. We grew up listening to a lot of bands i could write all of them bands name

Any message to the fans?
Well all i want to say is respect all and be true to you . Coz karma is a bitch

Dai what do you want to say to the organizers as we can see bands are not paid for their work
Well its not only the organizers its the sponsor too. I would like to say please respect the artist without them you can do a fucking show right!!!

Dai their has always been a lack of co-ordination among sound crew and bands who is to be blamed in such cases?
Its the bands fault . I think every band should have a sound guy who is equal as a band member.

That’s a must least they must have a person for sound as well. So we are almost near to the end of our talk. What are the 10 albums one must have as per your view?
first vulgur display of power by pantera
rage against the machine self titled album
appetite for destruction guns n roses
superunknown by soundgarden
dirt by alice in chains
far beyond driven by pantera
morning view by incubus
kalanki ko jam by mukti n revival
kill em all by metallica
evil empire by rage against the machine
those are from the top of my head
they might change to time and situation

So this is the second last question before we end. Any message to upcoming bands?
Play hard and never quit music, be aggressive on what you want to accomplish don’t be up there to show off be pure and be passionate about it.

We hope they take your saying seriously and implement it as well. Lastly, a space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
Well i think you guys have asked me all the things that are necessary. Thanks for doing this with us. We appreciate your efforts of portraying us in your platform. Thanks loved it

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