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Interview with PUTERAEON (Swedish Death Metal Band) Guitarist Rune Foss

PUTERAEON is an Old School Death Metal From Sweden
To know much about Puteraeon you can follow them
Before we begin can you say us something about PUTERAEON?
PUTERAEON started out 2008 by vocalist/guitarist Jonas Lindblood in Alingsås, Sweden. He recorded three demos on his own and got hooked up by the German record label Cyclone Empire. He then made the decision that PUTERAEON should be a "real" band and started to recruit members. 2010 the line-was complete with Daniel Vandija on bass, Anders GS Malmström on drums and last man in was me on guitar and backup vocals. The first album, "The Esoteric Order" was recorded during 2010 and released 2011 and the second album "Cult Cthulhu" 2012. Our ambition is to create solid death metal with focus on writing good songs and skip all bullshit technical guitar masturbation and so on. Like we did back in the early 90's.

So how has the journey been so far?
It's been great. People seem to like what we do and about every show since the first one have been really great with pretty much people coming to the shows. We're really happy that so many share our taste in music.

PUTERAEON what does the name mean?

So can we say that PUTERAEON as an old school death metal band?
Yes, I guess. We're not aiming to sound old school, we just create the type of death metal we like the most and it's the late 80's and early 90's kind of death metal we like and we listen to.

So can you tell us something about the SWEDISH METAL scene although guys from Gehennah, Turbocharged and Vomitory has said us stuffs can you guys say us about your countries scene in your perspective?
The Swedish metal scene is turning pretty old. It has been going on for 30 something years now and metal is pretty much accepted all over Sweden. There are of course many types of metal being written and some are doing it for the money and fame and others are doing it all wrong and some are doing it the way metal was done from the beginning and with the same reasons: Fuck commercial crap and stay true to good songwriting.

Rune can you say us apart from PUTERAEON what other bands are or were involved?
A: We've all been playing in different bands before this. Jonas has been in TAETRE, DELETION, THORIUM. Rune has been in EXEMPT, AGGRO, RECLUSION among others. Daniel played with 13ITCH, ABSINTH & Anders played with ABSINTH, NOMINON, PROPHANITY, IMMEMOREAL among others.
I also played in One Man Army And The Undead Quartet and KILLAMAN

So guys we are sure that you guys have checked our NEPALESE DEATH METAL ACT how did you find them?
Fuck me; I didn't follow that page haha. We've seen through you guys. You seem to be very ambitious and on the correct side of the death metal business. Keep up the good work!

Thanks guys By the way me would like to know about the split album PUTERAEON / REVEL IN FLESH - Imperial Anthems Vol.13 - Split 7" EP..
We are about to release the split through Cyclone Empire. We are sharing vinyl with our fellow friends in death metal, our German brothers Revel In Flesh. We did a tour with them last summer and we had a blast. We recorded two new songs live at rehearsals with RZA Mobile Recordings and this is the result. Both songs "Rotten Aeon" and "To Steal The Flesh" will also be featured on our upcoming album but re-recorded.

Ok guys say us which band influence PUTERAEON?
There's not just one band. We're heavily influenced by the late 80's and early 90's scene with bands suchlike Napalm Death, Carcass, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Death, Obituary, Sodom, Entombed, S.O.D, Pestilence and many more. All the bands that made a great impact on the whole metal scene.

"The Esoteric Order" in 2011 and "Cult Cthulhu" in 2012 i guess it was under Cyclone Empire how was the respond for the 2 albums?
Yes, CE released both albums. We've gotten really good reviews for both albums and we're obviously really thankful for them. The thirst for "old school" death metal seems endless these days.

2 songs are my favorites of PUTERAEON THE COMA and INTO THE DEEP . At least once a day i listen these tracks
Oh, thank you! They're both good songs from "The Esoteric Order", I agree. We never played Into The Deep live actually but maybe we should... Who knows! Coma is always on our setlist, we love that song and it is the most played Puteraeon song on Youtube. Coma was our first official video and it's a really special song to us.

Yeah for sure by the way guys any recent tours or gig updates?
We will do some shorter tours and single shows during 2014. Both in Sweden and around Europe but nothing outside Europe confirmed yet.

If we are not wrong then you guys will be hitting the road with TURBOCHARGED?
We don't have a tour scheduled with Turbocharged but they will join us and play at our release party this spring. It will be a blast!

So apart from the EP split any project in pipeline?
We will be featured on a compilation album released by Criticalmass.se. Our contribution is an unreleased live recording of the song "The Plague". Besides that we've just finished the mixing & mastering of our upcoming full-length album entitled "The Crawling Chaos". To be released in the end of April by Cyclone Empire.

Can you say something about the upcoming album?
We recorded this album ourselves actually. It consists of 11 songs in typical Puteraeon style but I think we really nailed the songwriting on this album. A lot of variety throughout the songs and cool arrangements. The album was mixed and mastered by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque, and everything is packaged in a booklet with awesome paintings made by the same guy who did our previous artworks, Christoffer Fredriksson. H.P. Lovecraft is back again, of course!

Well seems interesting will be waiting for the album. By the way any message to the upcoming bands?
Be true to your self and never try to understand the music business. Nobody understand the business and those who think they do and creates music with focus on selling many albums will kill the business. Focus on your own creations and create music that make you smile. Don't give a fuck if people tell you that you music is shit, if you like your own music it's the right music for you to play. That will benefit you in a longer term.

True words guys we will like to know that does the incident in life affects the music that you guys create?
Hmm, not much in Puteraeon. We just focus on writing disgusting death metal that makes us smile.

Haha for the first time talking with many bands you guys only said that DEATH METAL makes you guys smile. Guys we would like to know apart from Puteraeon which band do you think will rise in long run.
I really don't know but music created by people being true to their music will prevail all bullshit music in the end.

Rune we will like to ask you how did your journey in Death Metal begin?
I heard Kiss on the radio and it was the song "Warmachine". From that moment I knew that heavy metal is the shit. Further on I listened to Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Accept and so on. 1986 I heard Metallica for the first time and to me that was an equal great moment as when I heard Kiss on. The radio. Metallica showed me the way to bayarea thrash and I quickly discovered bands like Slayer, Exodus and S.O.D. When Sepultura released "Beneath the remains" it became the first bridge between thrash and death for me and then I discovered Pestilence and Morbid Angel. I guess that's how my death metal journey was settled.
In Gothenburg we had the band Grotesque and they were awesome. I guess they helped me to find the path to death metal too.

Must check em out as well. Ok guys we are almost at the end. Can you guys say us 10 albums one must have?
This is impossible but I'll recommend you to listen to these albums, in no specific order:
Morbid Angel "Altars of madness" –
Pestilence "Consuming Impulse" –
Death "Spiritual Healing" –
Cannibal Corpse "Eaten Back To Life" –
Sepultura "Beneath the Remains" –
Entombed "Left hand path" –
At The Gates "With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness" –
Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption" –
Metallica "Ride the Lighting" –
Slayer "Reign In Blood"

Ok we will like to know your dream line-up with whom you guys want to share stage with?
Autopsy , S.O.D and Entombed. Can you arrange that please!! Entombed would be cool to tour with too. All four of us! Oh no, I want to tour with Terrorizer too.

Haha I wish I could brother any message to Nepalese bands?
Yes: Keep it up and feed the Nepalese metal scene and it will grow stronger and stronger for every effort you make. I really hope we can come visit you guys one day and tear some serious shit down in the name of metal. So to all you metal sisters and metal brothers: CHEERS!

Any messages to the fans?
Thank you all for your wonderful support. We really appreciate it. Please feel free to contact us or/and follow us at
"There's no bad weather, only bad leather".

So this is the last question. A space for you anything we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can tell us here?
I must think for a while

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