Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review Valentine Massacre

14th Feb many people were either spending love times with their loved ones. Some were enjoying in S.W.A.G parties. In this day their were activity in the underground scene as well. As far as I know 2 gigs happened in the valley of woods one in Lalitpur Red Devils Pub whereas the other one in Fluid Bar Kathmandu. We were only able to cover one event. We attended Valentine Massacre II which happened in Fluid Bar Thamel.
So let’s begin with the lineup. It was as follows
·         Nihility
·         Raven
·         Zombie X Incest
·         Calamitian
·         Nude Terror
·         Aakrosh
·         Undefined Human
·         Vomiting Snakes

The show Started at 1430hrs. Opening was done by Nihility Technical/Brutal Death Metal Act all way from Banepa.  Then it was followed by Raven then followed by Zombie X Incest then Calamitian , Nude Terror, Aakrosh , Undefined Human and finally Vomiting Snakes. Must say it was a well managed gig. So let us go in detail.

So talking about the gig, it started at 1430 2 and half hour’s delay. It seems Delay has to become a culture in the scene. Even though it was delayed by 2 and half hours the entire event was well managed. Must applaud Aabeg and the entire Dying Out Flame crew for backing out being the organizer as well as the co headlining bands. Thanks to their backout that entire bands were able to play their slots. This is a sign of true musician, organizing an event themselves and seeing that other bands cannot get time to perform, cancelled their own slot. I guess this is rarely done by any artist. Their act made them earn my more respect. In this gig two bands made my day I will come about those bands later. Now leaving my feelings haha coming to the gig .One thing I want to say to all drummers out their “Gig ma auda chai afno pedals lera au hai. Its better you bring your own gadgets and things you need apart from the drum kit.”

          Coming to Nihility they are a Technical/Brutal Death Metal act from Banepa. This was my second time that I saw them live and trust me they were terrific must say the band made my day. Inner feeling “I had camera on my hand or else I would have joined the mosh” came to my nerve hearing them live. One message to the band keeps up your work don’t worry about getting gigs just practice and be more devoted to your music . I hope for the best of this band and I see this band has a bright future if they remain consistent.

               Then comes Raven a Death Metal Act from Kathmandu. Guys I guess you didn’t take my words seriously. Stop wasting time on stage. I guess you guys should be well prepared while entering stage. Comeon guys “Stage ma chire pachi zoom ko battery change garne atti nai bhayo hai.” You guys were terrific but still be well prepared and check your equipments before entering the stage.
            Zombie X Incest an aspiring Hardcore/grind act from Kathmandu. If I am not wrong this is their 2nd gig and probably their drummer Anish second last gig. Guys your set was awesome yet some mistake did happen. Their bassist was not able to perform due to some reason but still the 3 piece played quite well and I saw many people banging and moshing. Some errors were their but I am quite sure it will be eradicated in coming gigs.

             Then Calamitian a Slamming Brutal Death Metal act from Lalitpur. I want to ask them “Man what did you guys ate before you guys entered the stage. Fucking sick and Brutal.” I have seen these guys playing from quite a long time and I had heard you guys created chaos in Pokhara during BURIED ALIVE but in this gig trust me people I must say this was your best performance WAS THE BEST . You guys made my day. Everyone was moshing and headbanging on these zombies slot. If I am asked to name the best slam band from Nepal then now the 1st name that comes on my mind and mouth will be CALAMITIAN for sure.

                       Hunger started to roll of so I was not able to witness NUDE TERROR’s slot. I am not going to speak anything regarding them cause I was not present during their slot. I arrived when they were playing their last song.
                   Aakrosh I guess I don’t have to speak about them. Every gig that I witness them playing they are sounding much intense and brutal. This band will be the dark horse in NEPALESE DEATH METAL SCENE. Awesome set.

         Undefined Human an aspiring Death Metal Band from Hetauda. Seeing their face one could say that they were not happy with their slot. Drummer was not able to hear anything and I could see Sabin trying to communicate with Rajat through eye to eye contact. They refused to play after playing 2 songs as they were not able to hear properly.

             Lastly Vomiting Snake. A Post Thrash Metal Band from Kathmandu. This was the first time I saw this band performing and trust me seeing their face we could make it out that the entire members were enjoying. Especially the Bassist. They were terrific and were enjoying themselves which is a main thing intense mosh . I liked their song Kranti the most. Awesome set. I wish this bands best wishes for their future events.

Now coming to the main point.
·         2 and half hour of delay that doesn’t make sense. Bands coming without their drum pedals. I guess bands should come well prepared and well equipped.
·         Even in such delay of 2 and half hours bands all bands were able to complete their slot as per the contract time i.e. 1800hrs,
·         Again the same problem of sound system Inadequate monitors. I have a message to guys from PATHSHALA Bijay , Rajiv sound was awesome but monitors ample bhena.
·         Awesome sound on output. Happy to see that the sound engineer comes from a metal background.
·         Maximum crowd’s participation if I am not wrong then the crowd was around 150.
·         Message to the bands YOU ARE THEIR TO PERFORM SO COME WELL EQUIPPED.

Well now time to rate the gig seeing all factor and talking with the bands. It will be appropriate to rate the gig


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  1. nice review.. hardly anyone takes into account the mess ups at a gig.. keep it up.. its good to see the level of enthu..