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Interview of Anil Dhital frontman of the band Lakhey taken 26th July

Before starting the interview we will like to thank Anil Dhital Frontman of the Band Lakhey who gave us his valueable time in a short notice. Due to the delay in formation of team we were unable to post the interview as per schedule.We will like to thank Sagyan Dhakal Snrmb( M.D of Support Nepalese Rock Aand Metal Bands) and our Editor Manav Pradhan who tried to bring the interview as similar as taken with Anil. We were thinking of posting the interview without any edits as there were some serious topic Anil Dhital had brought.

LAkhey is an Ethinic Metal Band formed in 2012. Formed By the former E.QUALS , Vhumis, Whites guitarist Anil Dhital.

Anil Dhital (Guitarist, Lakhey band)

Before we commence with your questions I would like to ask you one; Many people take our interview day in and day out but what do they do with our interviews? Is it just for filling pages? Does it have any significance(question asked by Anil)?

That is exactly why we are here. We are just a bunch of young people who, like you, love this genre of music. It speaks to us like to does to you and to all the others that love this form of music.  We are planning to create a documentary about the inception of Nepalese Metal Bands and the current scene of Metal and rock music.

Cool Bro. I just wanted to insure that you truly want to somehow bring revolution all that is happening to the Rock music right now(Anil)

"Bro" as I said, currently we are just a few people trying to make a difference. “Bring a Revolution’ is a very strong term. We are trying to play our part here. One man with courage makes a majority, haina ra(Sagyan)?

You know Bro I am tired these days by watching these metal locality. These f****** bands, band members, organizers sit together and foul mouth others. For God sake we are walking the same road here, So why the hatred towards others(Anil )?

What do you think about Nepali Organizer?

"Sano fuche bharkhar ko band lai" they make them play without any incentive. If you play on free for them you are very nice otherwise f*** you that's the attitude of Nepali Organisers. Not every organizer’s are bad some are good but no need to mention their names.

What do you dislike about Nepali Organizer’s?

Some f****** viruses are here in our scene like if you play on their concert you won’t get to play on ours. What the f*** is this. "Band bhaneko m*** haruko servant ho ra"? These things really get on my nerves.

Anil- let me ask you one more. What will you do after making documentary about all these things?

"Bro" we will try to send it to world music forum so as to expose Nepalese talent worldwide. Why always to hear outlanders metal songs, let them listen our too, plus our initiation is against piracy…(Sagyan)

Don’t you think "Bro” that taking interviews with different bands, band members help?

In one way or the other it creates feud among the band members, rarely have I seen doing the healing bit for the band.

We have planned to put this interview on social media so, that every body would discuss about it, spread awareness and so, that other aspiring performers’ won’t have to think twice before pursuing music as a career. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?

I think we need one forum. What “samasya”. NOTHING IS A “SAMASYA”. They will study. Play nicely that’s all. At least they don’t need to beg to others.

“Euta album nikalna katti chakari garnu parcha?”  And does company make artist buy 600 copy of CDs so, that they would not go on loss? This is one of a very famous rumor mill in the music industry.

“Khsai chakari garnu parrdaina”. If you have money then its’ not a big deal. If company tells you to buy CDs don’t give your creation to them, Sell it yourself.

Who inspired you to play guitar?

Metallica is my God.

You have been playing guitars for almost 7-8 yrs. How has the journey been?

In fact, it has been 7 years and I had been bassist on my initial days and about my journey, I pretty enjoyed it.

How do you describe the band "Lakhey"?

Everyone know these day that I am tired with f****** western metal sound. Everyone copy the riff and sound similar so, I just want to make it different. I want to represent Nepal with my own instrument.

Apart from "Lakhey" which band do you think will come up as a metal deity?

-          There are many good bands but I don’t want to take any band name because they all are good and they are improving a lot.

Can you share one of your incident for all next generation aspiring “Lakhey”?

1st ma we didn't have any instrument we use to borrow from others, ‘tehi pani indian guitar 20 watt ko stranger n then futeko cymbals n gojima 20- 30 Rs” walk to Asan by carrying all those instrument while returning same as it is after that its became to hard we managed practice room in Anamnagar club in morning 7 we use to practice there use to be a lots of complain and its really hard to get the gig at that time. I think there was only KTMROCKS who use to look after. I think KTMROCKS is the father of metal scene in Nepal. If  it hadn’t been for KTMROCKS i think u guys would never get to see this scene which is happening now. We all r popular due to KTMROCKS you guys know us due to KTMROCKS many of organiser doing gig due to ktmrocks because they have done and we have support KTMROCKS a lot to change the scene. Question k thiyo ansr ta arkai aauna thalyo …haha….."struggle is my experience"

Ethnic metal means Death Metal or Thrash there has been a controversy in describing Lakheys genre?

(Laughing) Man, Ethnic Metal is not Death Metal, nor Black or Thrash it is completely different part of metal. Its like folk. It is a new genre using your own traditional instrument.

We usually find that the artist and the crowd usually get intoxicated while they perform. They take it as a necessity to perform and to look more aggressive do you think it is a mere excuse or a reality?

Metal music generally has an aggressive vibes. Metal music differs from the “jolly good” kind of music.

What do you want to say to the upcoming Metal Bands in Nepal and to those, organizers and other bands? 

These days there are lots of good organizers for them we always support and give us respect and love but thing is that please be positive don't be aggressive like metal music we all are in brotherhood so we should be together need to respect each other just give every band opportunity . I mean show them the way how to sustain don't make them frustrated just always push them to create their music that's all for the band i just want to say that please brothers don't go abroad if u think its not necessary just do here something give your contribution to our scene.

We see that there is always a clash between the sound engineer and the bands regarding sound adjustment what do you wanna say about it???

I have high appreciation for sound engineer, Me myself as band member i want to say that the sound engineer should be qualified in hearing power not in academic power it is compulsory that what kind of sound does band need n the respect is needed to both band n the sound engineer n sound cures everyone we need to respect everyone n about bandi I need to tell something, band need good equipment like minor thing like jack should be nice n the processor  should be set according to amp (guitar amp) that’s ALL.

Do you think there has been a good response in gigs in terms of crowds in comparison to previous years???

Ya i think these day there r lots of good listener than the posers they all respect everyone n we respect them a lot and audience are my god without them there wont be any creation whatever we create, is for them only not for us.

Do you think that Nepalese metal bands have set there level so that they can play in International Metal festivals?

Ya there are 5-6 band who can play in international music scenario but to play in International they  just need to be tight as a band and stick to their original roots.

Do you believe a bit of exposure is required for uplifting our local metal scenario??

 Yeah every field there needs to be exposure to uplift anything.

Anything you wanna say to the fans ???

 Yeah sure I just want to tell that u guys r my god n u guys made me a good guitarist due to u guys i create my music. The music, its not for me whatever I create its all for u its like that the body is mine but soul is yours so i have lots of respect to them who respect me n lots of respect even to those who criticize me.

Lastly I wanna ask any new stuffs of Lakhey on the pipeline ????

  That’s it, love everyone. Right now Our new album is in recording phase , we will include 5 tracks all of which are very scary . An advice don’t let a under 16 guys listen to our album.

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