Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview of band Amokkshan

Many bands came and went but this band was in our observation from its day one so Here is a small chit with the bands Front man Aditya...


How did the band start?

-   Our
vocalist Aditya and lead guitarist creezen were looking for musicians to form a
band. Creezen invited  Sashim to play as
rhythm guitarist. Sashim then invited  his cousin Amit as the bassist. Amit and
Drummer Arjun were then jamming together. After Amit  joined he then introduced Arjun to the band.
It was on feb 2012, Amokkshan was complete and started making music.

Taking about the band name how did the name Amokkshan came?

the band the most difficult thing to do…… harder than making music haha.. It
took us around a month to name our band. We were so frustrated that we started
naming our band with the hindi series making fun of it…… and one day Creezen
suggests us Amok and then we all agreed. Later that night Aditya researched
about the name and then finds out that many bands exists with the name Amok, so
we decided to add something to Amok. Frustrated again we start suggesting stupid
words and then Arjun (data  kottaudai)
haawa ko taal ma suggests Amokkshan  where kshan means moment whick ofcourse is a
nepali word. And then everyone was “alright..this is the one”.

From LA fest until now how was the band’s journey?

first time as a band on stage was on LA fest. Just like any band we had
equipment problem, timing problem and loadshedding problem. But still we
managed to be together. But due to lack of network we are not able to reach to
the organizers. Due to this we haven’t performed much gigs yet. But we never
stopped practicing and composing. Sashim quit as it was difficult to manage his
college, work and band. And Sohail replaced Sashim.  Right now Aditya and Amit is also working full
time but still we manage to practice.

  We have 5 originals till date. Bhram, Forsaken,
Hope In Vault, Alter Thy Ambience, Faithless.
We are not the best but we help each other and in time everyone has improved
individually. We may not have much to share but we definitely have long way to
go and we together we prepare ourselves for ups and downs.

So is there current changes in the lineup?

Amit – 4 strings/supporting vocal
Arjun- Drums/ supporting vocal
Creezen- 6 strings
Sohail- 6 strings
Aditya- lead vocal
Shashim-  ex-guitarist

Since you guyz are metalcore band who are your influences?

are not exactly a metalcore band. We started as a metal band and  we don’t limit ourselves to any specific sub
genre. We just do what we love, make music. Amit the bassist comes up with the
riffs and Arjun guides him and everyone together completes the song. And it
might sound like anything with in the genre metal.

member’s influence in music differ.

- Som
pluijmers(cerebral bore), iron maiden, pantera, lamb of god, death, august
burns red, system of a down, necrophagist, RATM, radio head.

– Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourn, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Slipknot, and any music
regardless of genre, he is still experimenting with bands that he haven’t heard

August burns red, Lamb of god, megadeath, pantera, ac/dc, jimi Hendrix ..

 Sohail -   Dave Mustaine,Yngwie
Mamlsteen,John Pretucci,Steve Vai,Necrophagist,Dimebag Darell,Gothrie
Govan,Hari Maharjan,Steve Vai

Arjun –  matt greiner(ABR), chad smith(rhcp), Nikhil
tuladhar, Thomas lang, macro minnemann, danny carey(tool), Mike

We play
anything that falls under heavymetal.

So any project in the pipeline?

we came
up with demo of alter thy ambience.. For now as we don’t have much gig to play
we will b recording our demos probably all the 5 originals we have.The Song entitled
FORSAKEN is out already. And we are planning to record another one named HOPE

Since recently you guyz were on a tour outside ktm what was the
response from the crowds at Pokhara?

was a local gig organized by some of Aditya’s friends in Pokhara so they invited
us to play. It was ok..we had fun they had fun . J

What do you think of Nepali organizers?

are doing good job keeping faith in metal, Keeping the underground alive. They
need to promote new bands too. But few are here to make money.

Does incident and experience in life reflect
on music you make?

of our lyrics are about the society we live in. We write what we feel so we
don’t know what our next lyrics will be about, it may be a love song too…

 How would you define the ups and down an
artist has to face espically trying to bring out a gerne like metal which our
society considers a pain to the ears?

sometimes police tries to
mess with some metalheads coz of their looks, some say metal listeners are
aggressive and brutal in nature. Some say we are bad guys in society. Some say
its noise pollution. Let them keep blabbering…. Lets do our thing. 

Apart from amokkshan which band do you think will come up on the rock

we see many bands in the band competition and gigs and we feel all are good in
their own ways…. There are so many good bands.. Nepal is rich in metal we must say.

Sometime we see clash among musicians and sound crew so what’s your
view on that??

This can be avoided by sound
crew communicating well with the performing bands. We see this clash as its
easier to blame the sound crew for their mistakes… we are not saying that the
sound crew never make mistakes , but they are our daddy… we have to follow them
or they can screw up the whole gig. We’ve always been guided well by the sound
crew, so we’ve not been into such clash and we hope never to b a part of it. We
need to b good at your part first(the gadgets and all). Technical errors are
out of their hand too.

Any message to the fans organizers and the field related people?

Without listeners a bands is
incomplete.  So we would like to thank everyone
for their support and hatred.

Organizers thank you for
supporting the underground scene or some even pretending to support.

And yes we will b playing in
Bhaktapur in a gig called Rock mission phase II  on shrawan 12. So please b there J.


               Lastly what we want to say
            Keep metal alive in this dead

You can like them In there Band page