Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview of David Alexander Wassermann

Before we talk about the interview.. David is one of our friend who has also taken a small initiation on upliftmint of nepalese underground scene.. he has written a review of Silence fest III, and has helped us to promote the scene in a global prespective..

David, so you ready bruh?
So bruh, how did you heard about silence feast?
Textures updated their Facebook profile with the gig, saying they couldn´t wait to be in Nepal. That´s how it all started.
Regarding the press meet, how did you come to know about it?
When I visited the Silence Entertainment ground, I was invited to the press conference
Ok, so David, since you have been to international metal gigs in Germany, what similarities and differences did you find in between the events in these two places?
Similarity is the enthusiasm towards the music but I found huge differences between the two. In Nepal, people enjoy it a lot more. It´s crazier, more energetic, the moshpit is more violent. But Nepalese are also very kind, nice and generous people so even after hurting each other in the pit, people laugh about it and it’s cool. In Germany, there is simply less amount of enthusiasm in my opinion.
So did you attend the pre-gig of silence feast?
Unfortunately I could not.  As much as I love Nepal, being a foreigner, there is always a risk of becoming sick (belly) and unfortunately I was sick on that day.
Haha I get what you mean bruh...and regarding the workshop by Bart and Steff how did you find the Nepalese metal crowd in interaction in exchange of knowledge?
I was really amazed how the musicians sacrifice everything they have, for the sake of playing music. They go out there, make no excuses, look for information, learn how to play and overcome incredible odds. And yet, they remain humble, extremely friendly and kind although, often they are not supported by their families.

Yes it’s the main problem here. So regarding the silence fest, which band from Nepalese side did you find to be the most awesome one?
I would have to say Jindabad!!!

Yeah, they are a really amazing band. So David, you saw the overall gig so on your view how was the Nepalese lineup? Along with that, I want to ask if there is any sort of intervention that has happened in silence fest, I mean police intervention at the end?
The Nepalese bands are good. However, I would really like to see Nepalese embracing their culture and heritage more and let it drive their compositions. Because, to be honest, there is too much talent to just waste it on doing things that are already being done in Europe and the US. The guitarist of White has a project that goes in a good direction! The police intervention was crazy!!!! I already got hit by someone before so I stayed far away from the police. It was a fun part of the experience, but deep down, I felt like the police was behaving in a really stupid manner.

Regarding the sound, you were using plugs. How clear did you find the sound system???
The sound was brilliant! Near Death Condition´s blast beats blasted me away each time! I just use them because I have sensitive ears. And I love music too much to sacrifice them

Yeah you were enjoying we could see on the pit.. So David one last question what do you want to say to the crowd, bands and people on sound of Nepal metal legion??
 I would like to tell them that they are incredibly nice people that really are a lot of fun to mosh with! I would like to encourage them to find their own ways and individual interpretations of what metal should sound like and not just copy. And always strive for excellence as musicians, as performers and as fans! \m/

Thanks David, it was so generous of you to spare some time for us from your busy schedule...hornz up man \m/\m/\m/

You are very welcome, it is my pleasure!

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