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Interview Of The Band UNDERSIDE taken at SILENCE ENTERTAINMENT as on 15th june 2012

December 2010, just before the first ever Silence Festival 2010, Guitarist of the Geneva, Switzerland based band Law of silence met up with Avishek K.C the frontman for E.Quals/Lost Oblivion during a recording session at Silence studios, sharing the same passion and drive for music they came up with a plan,and with Bikash Bhujel, Manil Shakya, Bbek Tamang, the plan turned up as UNDERSIDE.Formed in 2011 UNDERSIDE is a metal band with influences from retro rock to old school trash influences delivered in a completely modern way.
Band Interests
Gadgets use-ESP Guitars, Caparison Guitars, EVH 5150III, Peavey 6505+, Krank amps and many more.

Bbek- Drums
Manil- Bass
Bikash- guitars
Bkrant- Guitars
Record LabelSilence Records
General ManagerSalim Akthar
Current LocationKathmandu

Contact Info
Booking AgentSilence Entertainment P.Ltd 9803998405

When it comes to serious metal music talks, Underside has been the icebreaker to all headbangers conversation. Only some months since there formation, the band already has had hands on numerous gigs and has made a remarkable impression on the underground metal scene. The band has recently toured to Switzerland for a month and performed in various pubsand gig there. Recently they are about to be on the headline representing Nepal as the headline in Nepfest3 with the polish Death Metal Band DECAPITATED which is occuring in September 8


How did the band form?

Bikrant: I was in Nepal and i saw Avishek performing in SILENCE FEST -I . At that time he was the frontman of the band E.QUALS . He had caught my attention already. I was involved with a SWISS based band "Law Of Silence" . On my next visit to NEPAl i came to know that they were not performing as a band together. This is when I and Avishek started working together and gradually started appearing at gigs. Manil, Bikash & bibek completed the band and thus Underside was formed. The band got its name casually and the name has not given a name with an intense thinking nor did it come with some serious theme. Avishek was the one who came with the name. He came with the name from the movie that he had watched years ago..

Apart from Underside which band do you think will come up as a metal deily?

There are lots of good band in NEPAL. All that stands as a problem in there inconsistancy. Once a good band is formed it can never be said if they are going to continue tommorow. However i really adore Rage Hybrid (Avishek). That is because i have personally known their dedication and love for music since they came to our gigs and were inspired and came with Rage Hybrid. They have been consistent with there members, which is vital for bands survival. They have been acclaimed band these days and have there own reputation already among metal heads...

How would you define the ups and down an artist has to face espically trying to bring out a gerne like metal which our society considers a pain to the ears?

Metal has to struggle in every society. Even in Switzerland people don't take metal as a welcomed gerne even though it has been widely understood and accepted there.. When its metal people at least people at least give a thought rathe than give a ear to it. There are time when artist has to choose between his career even i (Avishek) had such phases and every artist does. Sacrifice and Struggles are mandatory, "No pain no gain i Beleive."

Do you agree with the facts (as people say) that underside is a Thrash Metal Band?

We are more of a mixed type. Not only Thrash, Death or one specific group. We are always experimenting with the music and we listen and play anything that catches our attention. We are much like the combination of minds and we are always on the process of developing something new. We listen to all type of music and our composition has a taste to each input into our ears. If it grabs our our attention we listen to it, after all its music , a language for all. We are metal heads, but saying we offer only taste of metal makes our effort go unseen.

Does incident and experience in life reflect on music you make?

Yes,it very much does . In every moment of artist's life there are struggles, may it be with society family or even some personal matters. Everything spills on the music we develop. The word to music reveal our pain and memories of times when we were brutually beaten from within. This makes metal or any music powerful. Our experiences and our memories of how we struggled have always been a critical input to our compositions.

We usually find that the artist and the crowd usually get intoxicated while they perform . They take it as a necessity to perform and to look more agressive do you think it is a mere excuse or a reality?

When it comes to getting drunk and intoxicated , we agree that the metal maniacs are such inclined to getting intoxicated. However the feel of the music is such that we cannot help it. I myself am not into drinking or smoking stuffs but i don't need to do that (Bikrant). The music brings in the agression that i need and and it give me the thumps, so i beleivein the case with the metal heads. When it its about agression i would say its good if people do that when music is around (Avishek). Everyone has frustation about one thing or the other. If they drink and pour it during the concerts like everyone gets involved in the music beatthe aanger dies there and does not spread around which is safe to do. Once you are in the concerts you are full of rage and get real high with the music and once you are out you are just very normal. There is a lot better than getting agressive outside and doing unsocial things.

What do you wanna say to the upcoming metal bands in Nepal along with this question i wanna ask what do you wanna say to the organizers who may be reading this chat?

(A bit of laughter goes for a minute)
First of all i wanna say to the upcoming bands "know your gadgets before shouting at the sound crews on programs". Along with this i wanna say to all the upcoming bands that try to bring your originals as much of possible rather than cover song.(Bikrant). (Again a bit of laughter) Please learn to respect artist and please pay them as per the capacity by the organizers. Its a kind of respect to the artist because they too have expenses.(Avishek).

Anything you would like to say to the fans out there?

We always are working on promoting music . We would like to ask all to "support the local scene and bands". Support the bands and help music develop more. What music today needs today is devotion and belief. Nepal does not lack behind in anything today. She has good musicians from all fields of life and the industry has been fuul in potentials. What we lack is the consistancy and the beleif to pursue in the line of career. Struggle is inevitable, but the end is fruitful to those who take pain to challange

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