Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview with the band Kalodin

Many bands come and go some only remains consistent and continue no matter what even if they were out or in Nepal. There are many examples but the one we are talking with today is Kalodin..
I am pretty sure all of you know them . If not just like there page...


Taking about the band name how did the name kalodin came?

"Kalo-Din", translates "Dark/Black Day/Age" in Nepali. We could relate to the vibe of the name. This only popped after many attempts of coming up with a band name that were mostly already taken.


From idles of march to silence fest II until now until now how was the band’s journey?

It has been spectacular! We have met many intriguing peope who have influenced us. We got to witness the drastic transition that led to Open Air concerts, bigger platforms and better light/sound output for both for local and international bands. We have learned the importance of "PUNCH" during live concert and tightness of it all. Not forgetting the actual show that we have to deliver flawlessly. Big platmorm means bigger responsibilities. There is so much more to learn and we are excited about it!

So is there current changes in the lineup?

Not after Bikash Rai, formal Basist left to further his studies in the US.

Since you guyz are Blackmetal band who are your influences?

We started being heavily influenced by BM before releasing "SARV". If you have listened to the first album, it is not a black metal album. It's a compilation of many sub-genres within Metal that every members were influenced by and a hint of Black Metal. After relocating and associating with new members, we found ourselves being deeply influenced by BM and its core vibe.

Burzum, Marduk, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir . Etc..

So any project in the pipeline after the previous album?

Yes. We are currently in the midst of writing for the next Full length album. We might end up releasing some singles too.

Since recently you guyz were on a tour Outside Nepal (DJ) what was the
response from the crowds at Darjeeling?

The crowd were amazing! It would be great to play at the Gorkhaland again.

 What do you think of Nepali organizers?

It is difficult pulling off a gig, that too of a large caliber. The  VENUE!, the permits, security, management, ticket sales to at-least break even so you don't have to worry about shooting yourself. It is more profittable to do a show with a pop artist that most audience enjoy and wouldn't mind paying a decent amount for the ticket - win/win. It is a huge risk to pull off a Metal show with limited crowd. As far as i see it, the organizers are not doing it for profits but to let the people experience an Open Air Metal show of international standards. And its awesome because we, the local bands are learning from it. Applying it to better our bands despite of any sub-genre it may be.

Does incident and experience in life reflect on music you make?

Of course.

How would you define the ups and down an artist has to face espically trying to bring out a gerne like metal which our society considers a pain to the ears?

At first, we care.Then we care too much. Eventually, we don't give a shit anymore. Metal and society doesn't go hand to hand. We're describing oil and water here. 'Metalheads' are not considered the most decent group in Society, stereotypically. I guess it depends on the individual. Some are greatly supported while others are dissed. Faltering is not an option.

Apart from Kalodin which band do you think will come up on the Metal

i don't understand.

Sometime we see clash among musicians and sound crew so what’s your view on that??

Discard of any ignorance and arrogance and fucking work together! That way, you'll deliver a kick ass show. I have seen bands blaming everything on the sound crew when they have little idea about their own sound. I have also seen a shitty "live engineer" who know jacks shit about basic routing on a mixer and always, ALWAYS itching to move the fader or fuck with the knob just for the kick of it.

There are good disciplined ones and the above mentioned should learn from them.

Any message to the fans organizers and the field related people?

Thank you for your support and do check out our space for new stuff! \m/.To those who are helping the Metal scene genuinely, we salute you.

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