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Divine Influence Groove metal act from Kathmandu

Formed in the early 2009 Divine influence is one of the best upcoming groove act from Nepal. In this period of 5 years the band has made a remarkable print in minds of the metal heads of Nepalese underground scene. In matter of a week they are launching their Debut EP SCARECROW. We had a short talk with their frontman Aman . To know more about Divine Influence you can check them out in their official Facebook account.

Hey guys how you are all doing nowadays. I am pretty sure that the Ep scarecrow is at its final production process
Well, it’s been a roller coaster ride on recording and producing the album. Right now we're working on a hectic schedule to make the EP launch gig a memorable gig for everyone!!

2009 until now how has the journey been?
2009-2014 has been good so far, seriously we didn't start Divine Influence with a thought to reach this far, we just had in mind to play a gig organized by some of our friends at those times later on we got into various exposures, people stared knowing us well, we were invited to play various gigs and we never came to realize when playing for people, playing metal became our passion, yet we have faced various ups and downs in the band with the changes in the lineups and all. Our drummer and guitarist left for US for their further studies and we currently are with new lineup ready to fuck things up again and we hope this continues!

We hope for that, coming to the bands name how did you guys land in the bands name as divine influence?
Thank you for that. Talking about the bands name there’s no specific thing to how we landed to this name we were sitting and chilling as usual trying to decide the name then Rishav got out with this name to which we all decided to settle down with that, to get influenced, to make people influenced.

Yeah, you guys mentioned us about it in our previous meet in Silence studio as well as we hope for a killer lineup as before. Coming to Scarecrow Divine Influence’s debut E.P, tell us something about it…
Yeah we had good time :D . About our Ep , it consists of 5 tracks namely Subtle which is the intro track then comes Interculture , from your lips to gods ears, Breakthrough and finally scarecrow. 
We have tried to base the whole album with a story line!!! As all the songs are mostly related how a person faces various circumstances where he has to face various problems, hatred, pain, agony: Interculture tells about how a man self destruct himself, as he doesn't have anyone on his side he’s all alone then comes From your lips to gods ears as he ask for the answer about how he has been living and how he’s been suffering as the victim of the whole world around himself. Breakthrough comes to a point where he comes to realize that’s its not the end but its just the beginning to what he can do or what has then comes a scarecrow when he lives up to a situation to die or kill to live.

Man its way interesting then I thought it would be. Now I am pretty excited to have one. The date is approaching nearby as the clock ticks every moment tell us how are you feeling?
Yeah, as the days are growing are shorter we are getting much excited but at the same time its getting fucking hard for any local bands to organize a gig as you know the venue charges has gone up very high, we've been working our ass off to make this gig a memorable one so lets hope for the best!!!

Well that’s for sure, venue charges are soaring up every time almost after every gig. I pray that these unusual charges growth rates don’t make a band bankrupt. Coming to the EP you guys took a way long time, almost a year back you guys told us in our talk that you had entered studio. What I want to know is what took you guys so long.
We pray for that too haha and yes we are completely bankrupt. Yeah it was mid June or July i guess that we started but then we had to go through various ups and downs. Its a long story but then talking about it shortly sometimes the studio as packed, one of the problem was load shedding, due the festival the studio was closed down for at least 2 months then another major problem was our drummer Sankalpa left for US so Rasu had to start it from the beginning then again Rishav left for US but we had almost completed the album in that time, it was just due to lack of time we guess!!

This stroked on my mind as many people were talking about it. Aman can we know about your recent lineup?
Hmm!! Bjs and Sahaj from And We came is handling the guitars Animesh on bass Rasu on drums and i my self on vocals

As far as i know Animesh is from Gothia you guys do have a dam good lineup.
Yeah !! he is from Gothica

So in your initial day you guys were considered as Nepal’s Lamb of God. As we all know you guys cover their tracks usually. Can you tell us your influence?
Haha even we didn't know about it but we didn't want anything or anyone to call that either, we played Lamb of god not because we wanted people to call us that but we enjoyed playing lamb of god that was all and talking about influence yes it has to be LOG

Interculture, From your lips to Gods ear are some of the tracks that i prefer of divine influence and honestly was expecting these 2 tracks in the Ep before you mentioned.
These tracks are in the EP bro

Honestly waiting to grab one with tees as well. So can you tell us what are you hearing nowadays (any genre)
Indeed you must haha tees chai alikati pachi aaumla.. Now a days i guess nothing new.. I’ve got my same playlist ON! But I’m looking forward to hear some new things

Haha for sure man you can be assured of it.

So Aman any message to the fans?
Message?? Ahh! you've got the dates 17th may mark it on your calendar be there to enjoy, and and one freaking thing to all the people who say they listen to metal or are meatheads, STOP COMPARING AND START APPRECIATING !!! Between bands and genres!

Aman i think you are reading my mind cause you just brought the part of question which i am about to ask. We can see the polarization of metal in 2 parts extreme and non extreme. Such split in underground gigs do affect what do you want to say to the fellow extreme bands and crowds?
Seriously man some play extreme and hardcore music and they say its metal and others are posers seriously fuck those people who say this or follow this!! Its been almost 5 years in the scene and i have seen various bands well i want to see it grow more bigger and greater not by splitting but being one!! There are people supporting the genre they like calling the only genre they support and calling it metal that’s fine to whatever you want to call it. People are different according to their own choices but com on that means u disrespects the other bands playing some other stuffs?? Hell no. It only results to fragmenting the scene and make it look cheap at least a good support to each and every band whether they are good, bad or anything, any kind of music they play. Just some support

Exactly so Aman we are almost at the end now. Before we conclude we wish for the success of the EP. Lastly a space for you to ask, if we SNRMB crews have forgotten to ask you feel free to ask?
I guess there’s nothing more. You guys are doing great. Thank you for the session i had a great time talking to you!! Cheers \m/

Thank you for your time

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