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Interview with Supratim Sen from Fragarak

I am pretty sure that many of you Nepalese Metal heads out there have heard about Fragarak and if you guys had witnessed them in Nepal Death Fest i don't think i have to explain or say anything about them. We had a small talk with there frontman Supratim a month back. Recently they toured China and as well as played in the Transcending Obscurity Fest. To know much about them you can check there official page
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Before we begin can you say us something about Fragarak?
Five piece outfit from Delhi, India.. Creating death metal with a sound you wouldn't associate with most other! Non-generic Death metal fresh with progressive intent, that is all Fragarak is about

Talking about the band name Fragarak what does it mean?
Goes by the concept we abide by: Fragarach is a sword from Celtic mythology that is empowered to break shields and yields answers from its target. Fragarak derives its origin from the sword, as breaking the shield of suppression and yielding liberation is what our music signifies centrally

Talking about your tour here in Nepal during NEPAL DEATH FEST we had coordinated and have some stories during the travel duration as well. But honestly you guys earned my respect during NDF reaching Kathmandu almost around 4 am in morning and giving phenomenal performances. Respect to you guys
Haha! Yeah the journey kicked us hard!! But yes then we are glad that we gave you all good reason to enjoy our set! At the end of the day that is what matters, and thank you for the appreciation!

Coming back to Fragarak Crypts of Dissimulation was launched in early 2013 and out of the six tracks the 1st track Savor the Defiance is my favorite from the album. Supratim tell us does incident in life affects Fragarak’s music?
Well the music isn't essentially based out of real life incidents, if you put it that way. But yes, the expression of our music revolves around the feeling of salvation from the things which suppresses yourself, that can be anything which goes on around you... Limits you! Fragarak's music is thus liberation from whatever constrains you and holds you down!

Yeah. By the way can you say us about the lineup of the band? Is it as it is the original lineup as per the day one of Fragarak?
Yes, the five of us have been there since the band's inception! Ruben, Sagar and Kartikeya were band mates in their previous projects which had a different sound of course. But Fragarak came into being when Arpit and I joined them about 2 years ago, and wished to write music which we're now doing! That's how Fragarak was born..

So can you say us about the scene their in India and especially we would love to know about the scene back their in Delhi?
The scene back here is weak and hugely biased, to say the least. New bands have to work a lot, with huge amounts of patience and as low an expectation as possible. That's the truth for you, no fairy tale telling of how 'the scene is good and improving' - that's not, if it has to improve it would require whole lot of unity and unbiased systematic development. And thankfully, there are people helping in their own way to contribute selflessly to the scene, I can name Kunal (Transcending Obscurity label) and Simon from Bangalore who are amongst those very few struggling to put the scene together. Also, Delhi has a new initiative by the name of Delhi Underground Legion, they're new.. I would hope for its retention and survival..

Yeah that problem is everywhere. So coming to NEPAL DEATH FEST how was you experience here in Nepal?
It was a memorable experience! It was great to come across, meet and share stages with such power packed acts! The crowd of Nepal needs a special mention; it's rare to see such passionate and enthusiastic audience! The arrangements were satisfactory despite the last moment venue shifting ruckus! Kudos to Zivon and Vishal for pulling things together! And it would have been just more perfect if we could have witnessed UgraKarma share the stage with us! But there's always a next time to look forward to, we hope to be back!

Yeah waiting for that time as well by the way what are the albums you are hearing recently. (Any genres) along with this we will like to add what are the albums one must have on your perspective?
Personally I'm presently digging Ulcerate's Vermis, Deathspell Omega's Si monumentum.. And Mitochondrion's Parasignosis! Too many classics to list down here buddy

Yeah, so we are almost at the end. Any message to the fans who are going through this talk?
Well okay! If you consider a band's music appealing to yourself, go ahead and support it with all you can, it would mean a lot to the band and the music they make! Also, stop following trends and blindly copying what others deem as good, use your own ears, think for yourself and then decide! If you want your country / regional scene to prosper start working - pick up the album, buy merch, attend shows and spread the word! You are the start and end of the music scene you speak of!

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Lastly a space for you to ask if we SNRMB have forgotten to ask you can ask us here.
No nothing as such! Infact i would like to use this space to thank you guys for the work that you have been doing all this while! Keep supporting the underground, hails!

Thank You Supratim!! for your time.
You’re welcome man!

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