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Mass Defect Death Metal Act from Philippines

Mass Defect is one of the respected Death Metal/ Thrash/ Grind core act from Philippines. We had a short talk with their front-man Alessandro Queri. To know much about Mass Defect you can go through their Facebook page.

You can go through their track as well

Mass Defect how did the bands journey begin?
We began in 2005 as a three piece band. We cut one demo with 4 songs. Our drummer and bassist left and soon, I found a new drummer and a new guitarist. We had another demo and we continued as a four piece unit ever since. Our lineup stabilized around 2009 with James Jebulan on Drums, Paolo Amutan on Guitars, Gelo Peren on Bass and me on Guitars and Vocals. We came from different bands in the local scene.We released our first full-length album in 2011 entitled Covert Eradicators.

Talking about  Dying Fetus and Decapitated tour in Philippines how was Mass Defect's experience playing with these two giants?
Oh Yes, we played with Dying Fetus and Decapitated. Anyway, the Dying Fetus gig was insane. Dying Fetus were cool guys! Really easy to talk to and are fucking professional as fuck. They played flawlessly for one hour going through their new tracks and classics. Even if it was a weekday, fans came out strong for them. We played alongside local heroes Pathogen and Loss of Control, and we were the youngest and the noobs in the bill. But it was so much fun! There's something rewarding when we saw John Gallagher banging his head to our music on the side of the stage while we were playing. With Decapitated, that too was a great show. Decapitated was on tour for their Carnival is Forever album with their new lineup. Vogg is a cool dude. Even he shared some guitar tips and gear stuff with me. The guys were Polish, but they tried real good to speak English to connect to the fans. I was a fan of their older stuff like Nihility and The Negation. But I enjoyed their new stuff because of their performance that night. As for my band, it was a special day because my drummer and guitarist were big Decapitated fans. It was great to learn about how touring bands rip it up everyday.

Well Decapitated played here in Nepal as the part of that tour and was co headlined by Nervecell. It was fucking Insane. Talking about Dying fetus they are killer band this June they are touring our neighbor country India. Through the intensity and power of their music i am pretty much sure you guys had some killer time during those 2 gigs back there?
Oh yeah, you bet man. We seldom get good metal bands touring around Manila, so we just enjoyed the show first and foremost. Playing alongside them was just a great bonus. I mean, these people have influenced us at one point and it was just epic seeing them in action.

Yeah can feel that excitement and thrill its like a dream come true playing with the bands who have influenced your music..

Mass Defect how did you guys strike the name for the band?
I came across the term Mass Defect when I was reading about the Manhattan Project. It was all about making the first Nuclear Bomb. You need to find the Mass Defect of an atom before you can successfully create a nuke. It is like the god code, DNA, or the e=mc2 of destruction. Nerdy, I know. But when I came across Y, a German Power Violence band's LP Global Player, it had a track called Massendefekt . I thought to myself, hey that sounds like a good band name. It's simple but it can mean so many things. It can mean like what I said as a Physics term. But it could also mean, Mass Defection, when people abandon ideologies, states or armies en masse.

Ok so keeping aside mass defect can you say us about your journey in Metal scene? Can you say how your journeys begin?
It all began when one of my cousins got me Slayer's Divine Intervention cassette. I was still young to appreciate it fully. I revisited the tape when I was in 6th grade and that was it for me. Then I bought the Solstice tape, some Sepultura and I totally enjoyed it. I grew around 90's Death and Thrash metal. It was fun discovering Malevolent Creation, Sacred Reich, Utopia era Napalm Death, Resurrection, Obituary, Brutal Truth etc. I was specifically drawn towards the Florida Morrisound "sound"!

Alessandro currently you are in California is it that the band is going on hibernation as rest of the members are back their in Philippines and we are even hearing that by the end of July you guys are releasing your second album (E.P)?
 The band is still active in the sense that I am still writing songs. I can still collaborate with my drummer, send him tracks and he can still write drum riffs over it. Technology makes it far easier to record even across continents. All of us are busy with our lives too but Mass Defect as an entity is still active. And yes we are putting out an E.P. soon. The mixing has been so delayed that it is frustrating though. Distance is not an excuse to slack off. Too many bands have too many excuses why they can't record. I don't really care if you have 10 kids, if you really are into it with passion you are going to make it happen. Jeff Becerra can't walk and he is still at it. Jason Becker has a disease but he still creates stuff. A lot of bands in the Crust scene are homeless or bankrupt but they still manage to put out awesome material. There are no excuses for it, man.

Yeah that’s for sure. Its the Passion that drives in Metal music .A few month back while we were seeking bands for the upcoming compilation Sarifa (Bass- Marsia Pugita) and Phat(vocals -THANATOPSIA) referred to me your 2011 debut album Covert Eradicators and seriously it was awesome.
Thank you brother.
Going beyond Mass Defect we would like to know are you involved in any project their in states?
Yeah, maybe. I have been jamming around and I met cool musicians who can write with me. But right now, I'm still in vacation mode. I enjoy watching touring bands here in the states and buying records and merch.

So any message to all your fans back there in your homeland as well as globally?
Thank you for listening to this unknown band from the third world. Any support is much appreciated and keeps us strong. As well as horns up to you guys.

Thanks man but still more to go. Haha . Can you tell us the albums that you are going through recently?
Haha ok. Right now I am into Nails. Abandon All Life crushes. The new Hail of Bullets is also a top pick. I've been trying to get into the new Gorguts release. Locally, I've been listening to new Pus Vomit and Down from the Wound. Pathogen too. Since I watched Vader here in the States, I've been listening to their stuff on repeat.

So almost at the end of our talk cause I can’t find any more material to ask. So here is the last question a space for you to ask if we forgot to ask you guys anything.
Hmmm, nothing any more man. I'm good with your questions.

Thank You Alessandro for your time and best wishes for the upcoming EP
THANK YOU MAN! Keep in touch.

For sure cheers!!!

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